Or Sanchez .I’d prefer Kaepernick or RG III, hell even Nick Foles. Whoever they get in free agency they’ll also need to draft a QB.

I’m hearing Brock signed for 18 million per year. Desperate teams–what a laugh riot.

You know what, really ain’t no ill will, but I don’t even think he’s gonna be that great for them.

Broncos 2016 Free Agency – PP’s Want List

Well Peyton Manning’s finally gone, we hardly knew ye. Wasn’t a fan of the Peyton Manning era except this year when the gung-ho pass happy offense was aborted.

So Brock Osweiler’s gonna test the open market? eh? I really don’t see a team shelling out a ton of money for him, we’ll see I guess, some of these teams are stupid and desperate. Let them pay if so.

Brock looked good at times, especially when the Broncos ran the football but he’s certainly no elite superstar. In my opinion Osweiler’s absolute ceiling is Joe Flacco. Not bad, not great either. I wouldn’t shell out a ton of money to keep him. If it’s true that he signs somewhere else –as Adam Schefter says is possible– then the Broncos should probably look at picking up a RGIII, or a Kaepernick and drafting a quarterback high this year.

I doubt some team is willing to shell out a ton of money for largely unproven Brock Osweiler, but if they do the Broncos would be OK without him.

Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan are gone, it sucks developing talent like Jackson and losing him but then again…

It was a contract year.

A year ago we were barely talking about Malik Jackson.

Will he be the same monster when he gets paid?

I’m optimistic on this loss, you never know who the Broncos could plug in there, they could draft somebody this year or pick up a cheaper veteran that may give us the same production.

Whoever they plug in there will be surrounded with talent, I say you can get by with cheaper. Same goes for Trevathan’s spot. Sometimes it can work out, Malik goes off to some crappy team who overpays (hopefully the Jaguars or Atlanta) and he plays ho-hum, while the Broncos draft a big-time player–or simply his equal to replace him. It can happen like that, let’s hope it does.

I believe the Denver Broncos should still have a top five defense this year. If the offense can get a little better then there you go: a potential contender. This offense needs to get better at running the football, imposing their will.

On the offensive side of the ball I want to see the Broncos address offensive line and running back most of all. I laugh when I think about reading opinions how Montae Ball, Juwan Thompson and Ronnie Hillman were some amazing stable of backs… I will say that Hillman surprised me a little this year as he didn’t get injured but a lot of the magic happened when C.J. Anderson was out there.

C.J. Anderson is a very good running back, but the Broncos need a player with C.J.’s toughness and Hillman’s speed. Wouldn’t mind it at all if the Broncos drafted a running back high–even in the first round–seeing how important it is to this offense. This team needs home-run hitting ability there when a hole opens up, there needs to be danger there that defenses must account for. If you want to help the new QB you bolster your defense, running back and offensive line. I would like to see the Broncos grab a proven running back in free agency, hell even if it’s a guy who is on his last legs like Arian Foster or a facsimile thereof–that type of aging player could fit well in the Broncos rotation. If they come cheap enough, get it done. Even if they grab a proven veteran I’d couple that with drafting a running back in the mid to late rounds.

To summarize my pontificates, I don’t mind losing Trevathan and Jackson. Osweiler too for that matter, don’t overpay. Replace them in the draft and with cheaper second and third tier free agents. I believe the defense is good enough overall that a veteran player may give us equal and cheaper production. I could see a Kaepernick or RGIII doing a decent job in this offense where they aren’t asked to do so much. Bolster the offensive line through the draft, but most of all I demand new talent at the running back position. It’s been years since Denver had a real threat at running back and I demand a running juggernaut capable of great destruction.

Broncos Win Super Bowl 50 – Thoughts

Newton Mugged

Didn’t you just love that mugging?

Gotta hand it to the Broncos defense, Newton and Co. ran into a buzzsaw out there and couldn’t handle it. Ain’t no way, no how. For once, I watched all the popular sports shows today just to watch them make excuses or have to admit the Broncos were the better team.

Now Peyton Manning can retire on top and the Manning experiment in Denver will be perceived as a success in the end.

John Elway deserves a lot of credit for building this defense through the draft and free agency.

You know the names of the major star players on D, but how about that Darian Stewart? Laying the wood all year long and making big plays out there. Another quiet star is that Sylvester Williams mauling fools out there, especially against the run.

Too bad we can’t keep Malik Jackson, I appreciate his nasty attitude out there. You see him huck his TD ball way up into the stands? Normally a player hoards it away on the sideline, he just said the hell with it.

Some little kid surely caught it.

Don’t it feel good to silence all the rubes, goobers and cretins who talked up the Panthers and told you Cam Newton was Joe Montana with wheels coming into this game? I wasn’t buying their hype. Credit to the Panthers their defense did show up, but that offense ain’t all that. Not against this D.

Credit to Kubiak for calling a pretty damn good game, even though it was boring at times it was smart to rely on his defense especially late in the game. Of Course, Wade Phillips is a genius, maybe not as a head coach but he’s one hell of a defensive coordinator.

Special teams also really improved in the playoffs.

This team should be a contender for a few years, you all know we can get better on offense and we shouldn’t lose too much on the defensive side. I’d like to see a new running back to sub in with C.J. Anderson. C.J. is good enough and it was a good move by Kubiak to start him this game, but an even more dynamic runner to pair with him would be big. make the right moves and this team could be right back there next year or the next.


I give the Broncos a better shot to win this game than most of the garbage spewing pundits out there. I believe this defense plays to the level of its competition–as evidenced by the dearth of penalties committed in both playoff games and the absolute clinic they put on the Patriots.

Ever seen Brady look like that two weeks ago? Ever seen that look? Brady honestly looked like he ingested a whole raw sea cucumber during that shellacking.

I’m a believer in this defense and I believe they’ll play Cam Newton like they played Aaron Rodgers earlier this season. I noticed the front four formed a U shaped pocket around him, closing it in and at the same time the defensive backs took away his first read. I think the Panthers are going to have a tough time with this defense. I would imagine one of the linebackers will be left to spy on Cam Newton and we’ll rush four, sometimes three. I used to dread the three man rush, not with this team, they actually get decent pressure with it.

Are you afraid of Greg Olsen? He sure ain’t no Gronk. Ted Ginn Jr., Kevin Norwood, Jerricho Cotchery? I think the Broncos D should handle these boys, at least keep them to 20 points.

Which is what I believe the Broncos need to do, they need to score over 24 points and hold the Panthers to under 20.

I think we’ll know at the half which way this game is going, if it’s close, if the lead is within a touchdown then advantage Broncos. If Carolina gets out to a big lead–like they’ve been doing–then it doesn’t bode well at all.

Can Demaryius Thomas do something? Anything? Can he just have an average friggen game out there? What the hell was that 12 yard fart of a performance last game? Can this 70 million dollar man just have an average game out there? If he does that will be big, same for that Vernon Davis. These are two under-achieving Broncos who can right all their wrongs this year with some decent plays in the Super Bowl.

The rubes, goobers and stooges out there at ESPN question whether the Broncos offense can even mount any sort of comeback if the Panthers get a lead. The answer is yes, that is, if Peyton Manning gets time to throw and doesn’t have a pocket collapsing on him every two seconds. The Broncos offense isn’t a Super Bowl offense, but it ain’t pathetic either. Blocking has been pretty decent in the playoffs from our patchwork line.

As good as Cam Newton is, he still has a penchant for throwing head scratching picks. I think he’ll throw two in this game. One thing I noticed about the Panthers game two weeks ago was the Cardinals were able to run the ball at times on them. If the Broncos are able to get the run going then look out. Broncos offense can’t afford any turnovers of course and Manning has done a pretty good job of protecting the football in the playoffs. Sadly, we only get one half of football from our offense. Last game, there we were with a lead and the ball after the half. What did we get? Three and out. Quick too. Could we have one game where the offense just plays average throughout??

Before I give my prediction for this game I want to mention one Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan. Earth to Danny: Next time they ask you about free agency on the eve of the Super Bowl just say “No comment.” Are you kidding me? Dreaming of going off to the hapless Bears led by old Fuddy Duddy John Fox and that pick throwing mop-headed Jay Huckdort Cutler goober? Are you even serious? Better clock in a good performance today or I’m calling you out for conduct detrimental to the team.

We all should know the Broncos flaws on offense. They can get better at running back, their offensive line can get better and their third receiver can also be better. It bodes well for the future, even if they lose a linebacker and Malik Jackson the defense will still be very good. This team can actually be back in this position very soon if they draft smart.

Let’s hope this somewhat flawed Broncos offense can protect Manning well enough, run the football well enough and let’s hope the old chicken-parm Hall of Famer has one good show left in him. I saw him throwing the football this week and I agree he did look impressive. I’d imagine the 70 degree weather helps too. I say the Broncos defense holds these overconfident boys to under 20 points and the Broncos play an inspired football this time around instead of cutting a massive Bohemian Cluster Fart.

Broncos 27 Carolina 20

Broncos Underdogs At Home Against Pats

As you may know, I distanced myself from the Broncos once they acquired Peyton Manning and predicted that they would not win a Super Bowl within three years of his signing. I came back to the team this year, here is why: Peyton seems humbled and the offense no longer revolves around him.

In March of 2014 I wrote a missive directing John Elway to change the offensive scheme or else. It didn’t quite take until November of that year–which is nigh impossible to do–to change your scheme mid-way through the season rarely works. It needed an entire off season and Manning clearly struggled with it.

Manning struggled period, with everything and I think it finally humbled him. No more throwing the ball fifty times a game Colts offense crap.

So I’m on board, even though I realize this offense ain’t quite there yet. We could get much better on the offensive line, at running back and third receiver.

But here we are in the AFC championship game as the underdogs at home. I don’t quite understand it.

If the Broncos play reasonable offense in the first half and reasonable offense in the second half–they should win this game. Just like they did when they beat the Patriots earlier this year. I don’t care who was injured or what the refs said: if your team gives up 174 yards on the ground then they deserve to lose.

I don’t want to hear about Brady getting the ball to Edelman in 1.7 seconds… so what? How many yards downfield can he get in two seconds? Tackle him, which the Broncos defense is capable of doing.

Then again, I do know my team.

This team has failed to show up in entire halves, especially the offense. Blown coverage on defense left and right, not to mention stupid roughing penalties for hundreds of yards. You never know what you’re going to get with this team. One week it’s fumbles, the next it’s drops, the next it’s picks. Let’s just hope they put in a good effort tomorrow, if they show up and play–especially the offense–if they play reasonably well for both halves they should win this game.

Play defense, run the football and game manage instead of bombs away–that’s a recipe for beating the Patriots. I have a feeling after the last game the Patriots will focus on stopping the run so Peyton Manning better be serviceable.

Now that we’re done with the Peyton Manning offense, now that we’re doing things differently and running the football I wish him well out there. Just as long as he’s playing for another team next year (if he wants to come back)

Broncos 23 Patriots 19

Denver is better than the Chiefs, better defense and more dynamic offense. Hearing all the pundits, the goobers, the knowitalls, sea cucumbers and the charlatans like Mark Schlereth–you’d think the Patriots won 40 to 10 last week. Instead, the Chiefs were driving to tie the game and fumbled it away. Denver at home should be formidable, let’s hope they put in a good effort instead of these farts they’ve been cutting every other week.

John Fox Gone, Peyton Should Go Too

You know, the Broncos certainly lacked fire in that game yesterday, that embarrassment of a game.

So did the coaches.

Why? Because their “leader” Peyton Manning was stinking the joint up. Is he going to be all rah rah? Nope, don’t think so.

It’s up to the coaches to do that. I didn’t see any fire. I read Elway let the entire coaching staff know they could look elsewhere.


It’s like they were all ho-hum. Ho-hum, we’ll eventually catch up and win this game. Yeah right.

I noticed the crowd sucked too. Way to reaffirm you’re not the Mile High of old. Bunch of latte sipping, weed smoking, hooka worshiping gooned out hipsters in the stands. They know how to smoke, boo and are at least bright enough to leave early to beat traffic.

I say let Manning walk even if he’s going to play next season. People think that means this team needs to rebuild and we’re done chasing a championship for a while. I would say they were probably the same fools who thought this defense and running game was great when Manning took over.

Like I outlined in my previous post, the Broncos can get much better in one year this time around. Address offensive tackle early in the draft, draft another running back, acquire middle linebacker and safety. Acquire someone who can rush from the middle of the defense.¬† I would say goodbye to Wes Welker and I would even let Julius Thomas go. Thomas can’t run block for squat, I say let him walk, we can get somebody else to catch and block at TE for less money.

I’ve been impressed with the little we’ve seen of Brock Osweiler. Let him lead this offense, he’s got freakish height and he’s shown athleticism out there. He can move well for a big guy and protects the football for the most part when he’s been out there.

Maybe, just maybe I can finally be on board with the “new” Broncos.

Aren’t You Glad You’re Not A Broncos Fan?

The usual suspects...

The usual suspects…

I am.

When are you sea cucumbers gonna realize I am reality?

This is a worse upset than the Ravens game two years ago. The Colts will get squashed next week, the NFC will probably win the Super Bowl but at least the Pats should make a game of it.

The Broncos sure as hell wouldn’t of.

Last March I told Broncos GM John Elway I wanted him to do a few things. He did all of them except the most important one: Draft a running back and change the offense to run around twenty times a game.

Once the draft passed by and we didn’t grab a running back in the 2nd to 4th rounds I said the hell with it. I didn’t update the site. I knew the Broncos wouldn’t change from their “Omaha” pass-happy ways and this season would end badly.

I sure as hell wouldn’t be a part of it.

Fail to do what P.P. Dublinski wants and you’ll get whacked. Every time.

Now I do give John Elway some credit for changing the Broncos offense after the disastrous Rams game this year. They finally changed to the type of offense I wanted. He finally listened to P.P.

Too little, too late.

You can’t really do that mid-season, this kind of change requires an entire offseason and preseason.

I told you people I didn’t like this Peyton Manning to the Broncos deal from day one. Day &%&ing one. I said it would not result in a Super Bowl win and it hasn’t. Baltimore embarrassment, Super Bowl embarrassment, now this embarrassing¬† loss. Isn’t it wonderful?

John Fox: Perennial Playoff Loser

John Fox: Perennial Playoff Loser

John Fox should go and so should Peyton Manning. That old fuddy-duddy Fox doesn’t do jack squat, he’s uninspiring and they should make him the fall guy for these terrible post-season losses.

They should tell Manning to move on, maybe retire, better yet trade him to some desperate team.

None of this will probably happen. Quite honestly I’d rather see Brock Osweiler get the nod at QB.

I said that three years ago. We could have fielded a different team by now. But I digress…

Quite possibly, there is a silver lining to all this.

First, the Broncos defensive acquisitions in 2014 panned out pretty well. Demarcus Ware returned to form, the safety T.J. Ward was good and Talib was decent. All three were good pickups and the fact that the Broncos defense still isn’t that great after acquiring them buttresses my position all along: No, the Broncos defense isn’t great and hasn’t been for years. Sorry. The Broncos need help at the other safety position opposite Ward, middle linebacker and they need someone who can rush the passer from the inside. The “Colts style” bookends of Ware and Miller aren’t enough, people should get that by now, they need someone in the middle, either a linebacker or lineman who can rush the passer.

The Broncos need an offensive tackle opposite Clady and they need a big-time running back. CJ Anderson proved he is a good player this year, he’s not great though. He’s no LeVeon Bell. The Broncos need a Bell type who can take the ball to the house when a hole appears and also catch some. Someone big and fast. CJ Anderson is fine, I’d honestly give up on Montae Ball, never seen any moves or power from him. Keep Hillman for occasional third down duty.

All this could be accomplished in one offseason. The Broncos could actually be formidable next year, but that also hinges on one thing: Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning Forehead

Something ain’t quite right in Denver…

My God, can this guy even function in a run heavy offense?

He may not be able to. I say cue Brock Osweiler if that’s the case.

Manning’s greatness may hinge on the pass heavy offense he’s relied on over the years. The Dan Fouts, Dan Marino pass, pass, pass offense. You know, the kind that doesn’t really win Super Bowls. He may need to constantly pass to get in a rhythm. This could be very bad.

Or he could adapt over an entire offseason, the Broncos could draft a great running back and P.P. may even root for them since I have someone on the offense to watch besides “Omaha.”

Anyone else sick of the commercials?

Somewhere, Peter Tebow is raising a Mojito and laughing.

Karma Elway, Karma…



Tom Brady Jumped the Shark


What do you call that hairstyle? A ploof? A floof?

A Sea Cucumber?

She’s the one dressing him, that’s for damn sure.

Hard to root for this guy anymore. I think New England’s on a path to the beautiful letdown, after all those Super Bowl runs… You people up in New England can blame the Giselle-ification of Brady.¬† Holy hell.

In other news, the Broncos must draft a running back in the 3rd to 4th rounds at the latest. Otherwise, they ain’t even serious about revamping the running game. It doesn’t just need tweaking, it needs revamping. Wouldn’t bother me to see them take an offensive lineman in the first round neither.

C’mon Elway and company, surprise me… Otherwise I’ll start calling for Gary Busey to replace you.

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