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Kung Fu guy

Thursday, June 4th, 2009
kane. I named rabbit after he once. was real cool I forget why but I think it was because he show new show was on

kane. I named rabbit after he once. was real cool I forget why but I think it was because he show new show was on

Hey guy, the king fu guy died. That is not cool. he did this to he self it look like. He was the guy who had to catch grasshopper not the guy that hole the grasshopper. That is corny guy that after all these wisdom he did this. he must have been all mess up. He had new show I watched after the old show and for guy that was old he was fast. I hope brain dawkin will be fast for all he years. Many years to come cause he light people up out there guy. we need this. Chanp baley too I hope he dont loose step for many year to come. Cause he shut down hole half you field guy. Nothing there. dopnt even try.

beat the charger guy. then you is ready

beat the charger guy. then you is ready

I dont knopw if I could catch grasshopper. But I know bronco albino crab could with he hand arm claw action. He say pow and that thing would be in two guy. two peices.not even catched.

Last year I say the grasshopper for bronco is the charger. Must beat the charger. They did once but not twice and that ruiner they playoff possible.

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Hey guy what Brandon Marshall should do

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Brandon marshal is not suspended. This is good. But come on guy no more corny ok. If I was he this is thing I would do if I was the brandon marshal yes.

I would not drink beer or rum or what ever guy. No alcohole. none. None of they. For as long as bronco. Come on guy you is bronco in NFL can make for to make so many touchdowns come on. Dont do this not even a littel I would say take off to alcohole and evry thing.

Drink cola guy. make you albino bronco crab in off seasonal waters proud by leave cola on doorstep night before game. This way you not fumble. Not ever with spirit of giant albino bronco crab.

Dont stay out late. Go home at like 10 at night and be with you lady. Make macaroni cheese what ever. WEhat was this corny thing in march at like 4 in morning 5 in morning come on. go home at regular hour of night.

Go home at like ten and play video game yes. There are so many good game now to get. So start to finish all of them. Or watch movie. Conan barbarain is good one to watch. or dark crystal. i havent seen that one in so long but it was weird when this little guy got juice took out of he. and he eyes pop out.  that was foul or watch beavis and butt head I will send dvd if you want. you can do this for as long as broncos.

Got to come correct. Come corrective. Supernatreal word of shanhan live on. Got to take proper step to get you job done. Must break down, must hone it guy. Got to hone. Become the bronco force yes. None of these corny thing.

You got to burn you bridges holmes. Got to burn they. If some corny fool is like come on guy be like guy take off, take off you is corny. go home at ten and play all the vid games.

I wonder where shanhan is now guy. I wonder if he still scrifting the plays. From magic hoar-farm bag. I still have not forgive the john lynch for giving new eggland the secret location of magic hoar-farm bag. I miss the scripted play. but ameoba offence seem cool too. It seem like it scrifted all the time.

what was I saying guy. Oh yes come on marshal no more corny. I would battened down all hatches guy. it would be corny to sit on side line because of drink then go crazy. No drink then go crazy. Not any more. Even grandmother say this is foul. You know you in trouble when grandmother say this. I mean she not even real bronco fan she just come in and ask queston some times like usual it a corny easy queston like what is a first down. Then grandfather get mad that she ask so many corny queston when game is like real close. so you know it bad when grandmother get down on you guy.

be the healthy. stay home guy I serious. make garden or some thing. find hobby cause stay out late is not cool guy not any more.

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