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Game Analyzer Bronco Verse Cincinatti

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I out of breath. emotional drained guy. I so worry cincinatti win when not deserve because bronco defense deserve even if offence was corny.

Grandfather cant take too many more of these close game guy.

The offence was corny guy. Come on. Even if win you have to score touchdown guy. This crazy.

This good omen to win so lucky guy. Good thing happen to lucky team. No fumbles guy, they make they albino bronco crab proud with this.

Defence was so good until last drive guy but what can you ask guy I know other team was gon get one touchdown at least come on.

Hotyon was foul. Lucky but foul. Come on guy hit you wide open recieves who go down feild. He miss open guy. it like he shell shock. Maybe he get used to offence cause like they start to move ball after at half time but come on offence catch you ball. Offence get kill with corny penalty too. Corny penalty, horton miss guy, guy drop ball = foul guy/

Then mcdanels do five wide thing when we have feild goal range on third down. Guy that was foul. I no confidece in Horton guy, he not look comfortable out there. This was bad call guy just run. Five wide then horton took the sack guy what was that. This guy in league how many year come on. That was foul. Bad coach desision and bad horton play could have win earlier with field goal.  Come on Horton throw away, Hole offence need to check self before wreck self guy. You cant ask you defence to do this so much liek this./

Buit what ever, bronco is 1 and 0 to begin season yes.

Chanp Bailey WIN

Chanp Bailey WIN

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Denver Cincinatti Half Time Analyzer

Sunday, September 13th, 2009














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The Denver Versus Cincinatti is Week 1

Friday, September 11th, 2009
Marven Lewis Ochio Cinchio versus josh Mcdanels Chanp Bailey

Marven Lewis Ochio Cinchio versus josh Mcdanels Chanp Bailey

HEAR IT COME HOLME OH SNAP IT BEGIN FOOTBALL IS HEAR THE REAL ONE GUY. The Bronco travel to cincinatti and it time for Chanp Bailey TO SHUT DOWN OHO CINCHIO ONCE AGAIN. THis guy talk trash and how many yard did he get last year was it like 53 all season. 53 yard for whole season guy. You is corny guy. YOU TIME COME AND GO AND IT GONE, This guy have one good game many year ago. Like ten year ago. It was so many time ago three company was still on tv. That how long ago. against chanp when he was new.

I pray for the ocho cinchio guy. I pray chanp bailey tackle he and not the dawkin guy. Chanp BAILEY IS L:EAST OF YOU WORRY. LEAST OF WORRIES. LESSER OF TWO EVIL> If ochio cincho catch ball on the bailey there is new guy in town. You not see this bronco before guy.

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Horvil Tiki Radio: P.P.’s Straight Shootin Season Opener 2009

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

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Broncos Sign DE Vonnie Holliday + More Roster Cuts

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

The Broncos signed defensive end Vonnie Holliday today. The 33 year old veteran is known as a good leader in the locker room and was cut by the Miami Dolphins in the spring to make way for younger talent.  Holliday can play 5 technique defensive end and nose tackle and has notched an average of 5 sacks per year throughout his 10 year career.

The recent Broncos roster cuts thus far include:

Friday’s Cuts DL Carlton Powell, DL Matthias Askew, LB Lee Robinson, CB Joshua Bell, CB Rashod Moulton, OG Kory Lichtensteiger, QB Ingle Martin, OT Clint Oldenburg, WR Nate Swift, RB Marcus Thomas.

Saturday(so far): DE Everette Pedescleaux, DE Nic Clemons, DE Tim Crowder, CB Tony Carter, RB Darius Walker, OG Mitch Erickson, WR Matthew Willis.

Update: TE Marquez Branson, S Vernon Fox, ILB Braxton Kelley, CB D.J. Johnson, DB Antwain Spann

I would like to apologize for some of the sporadic downtime the past couple days as the site hits were more numerous than ever, August was a record for hits, thanks to everyone for their support of this site. Also thanks to new contributing writer P.P. Dublinski for installing and enabling the cache to ease server load and for cleaning up some of the code.

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Hey guy

Friday, September 4th, 2009

what happen last night. I stay up to watch Bronco at 1pm on nfl network have the game replay. I fell asleep at half time guy. tv on all night and it heated up room like bake oven. when I was like 6 this girl had corny easy bake oven and I threw it up in trees guy where she could not get. That was foul I ask forgiveness for this.  we goose egged the cardinal guy that was cool.  Weak bird cardnal. Brandstates looked cool and guy pick ball off yes. I tired of preseason. It time for cincinnatti now. Grandfather say when bronco play cincinnati it bad news. But I think it because we no sack on quarter back and no sack on quarter back = carson palmer all day to throw. But we sack you quart backs now. We hit quarter back now even after they throw to rattle they brain and make malcontented. It legal guy cause they just about to get there. I watch this thing where it say snot run out of nose of quarter back when they get hit real bad like. so it ruin they game. We gon ruin guys game this year.

If any thing with marshal is gon happen I think it happen next few day or no. Unless the Jets come out FLAT and not score point after season begin maybe they get desprate.

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Sage Woody Paige

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
Gather round ye media buzzards

Gather round ye media buzzards

Woody Paige predicts Broncos will go 4 and 12.

I am a Dark Ninja from the Depths and my countenance will not be bifurcated.

How dare you cite the Bible Paige, your ineptitude couldn’t be further from wisdom and truths.

Dublinski, Chapter 4, Verse 10: Woody Paige is a hack, and perennially wrong.

Chapter 7, verse 8: Woody Paige shouldn’t be making 6 figures neither, that’s whats wrong with our economy.

Once again, the great Woody Paige sets himself up for defeat.

Woody Paige, the great sage who claimed Ryan Clady wasn’t all that. Paige the sage that claimed last year’s joke of a defense and an offense headed by a gooned out huckdort cutler would finish 11 and 5.

Paige the great sage who claims Knowshon Moreno was a “no-no”

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

This team is far too talented to only get 4 wins, even with this schedule.

In 3 preseason games, Josh McDaniels has accomplished something Mike Shanahan couldn’t get done in three years: A defense that actually sacks the quarterback.

Now some of you fly-by-night types will point to Jay Huckdort Cutler’s 98 yard drive and claim the sky is falling. Claim “how could we let this guy go?”

I know Jay Cutler.

Jay Hucks the Ball then Dort he gets picked off Cutler had many performances just like that 98 yard drive with the Broncos. Yet he consistently managed to shoot himself in the foot and throw away the game, blow the leads.

He is inconsistent at best, he gets overconfident and tries to fit the ball in where he can’t.

He’s inconsistent.
He don’t look right.
He don’t protect the ball.

The true measure of the Cutler trade is: Who will get to the Super Bowl first?

I’m willing to bet the Broncos will do this before Chicago in the coming years.

Chicago, what you see is what you get with them. They’re a slightly better team than the Broncos right now overall. But their vaunted defense is aging. With the Broncos, this is a young team heading in the right direction on both offense and defense. This is a defense with a brand new scheme and a majority of brand new players playing together for the first time and they’ve played very well. Anyone who claims this defense looks awful or has taken a step back from last year doesn’t deserve to be heard. The offense is adjusting to a new scheme. Kyle Orton is having trouble adjusting. The offensive line is too.

This is all fixable stuff folks that will get better with time.

John Elway’s drive was in the AFC championship game.
Jay Cutler’s drive was in preseason.

Just wait til that Huckdort strides out after the second half and blows the games, after he looked so “stellar” the half before.

We need this Moreno kid to stay healthy. We need this Orton and this offense to stop with the mistakes and penalties.

This team will be too well coached and too talented to fall 4-12.

I am the voice of reason.

All this whining and crying over McDaniels not giving away injury reports, saying he won’t trade someone, this is a genius at work folks.

This guy is a modern day Sun Tzu for crying out loud. Don’t give away nothin’ to your damn enemies. This guy is doing the team and its fans a damn favor. Don’t tell them you’re wanting to trade a player, make that team think you won’t budge unless they offer something good.

9 and 7

8 and 8 is a prediction for the weak minded. We’re improving with this defense, we are going to run the ball well, and when the smoke clears we’ll see who the geniuses are.

9 and 7

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Bronco say give us you David harris jets

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
the david harris

the david harris

Adam scheffer say broncos want davis harris and pick from jet for brandon marshal. That would not be so bad guy. Look at this guy. he look like real mean guy. He make many tackle and cover and blitz. I think this look like real mean guy. We could use guy like this. Guy in jet say he too young to cheap too good to trade but you got to pay to play homey.

There might be true cause now marshall rumor of on plane to new york and radio new york FAN that grandfather us e to listen to and laugh because they ridiculitive the rich kotite when he was coach. If it true they say marshal for the david harris and third round pick guy. That nottoo badly cause like guy, this guy is good line back and if you have dj willam elvis doomvil and robet ayer come along get better then OH SNAP guy you is like stack at line back for many year you know what I saying they young guy most of they too. so that would not be too badly if true then you could use thrid round guy pick to use or move up for ammonation. but could just be corny talk.  this look like real mean guy I wonder if he hit mean too.

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