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Finally Some Reality

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Besides my own, for I am reality.

Why would Denver let defensive coordinator Mike Nolan leave?

On the surface, this mutually agreed departure looks a little fishy, but in reality, it was best for both parties. Nolan wanted an opportunity to secure employment for himself in case there was a work stoppage, and the Broncos wanted to make sure they had coaches who wanted to be on staff. Sometimes change is good for both sides. Naysayers might look at Nolan’s departure to the Dolphins as a slap in head coach Josh McDaniels’ face, but I don’t.

McDaniels is a head coach, not just a play caller, which is why I think he’s going to win big in Denver. Most Broncos fans are skeptical about the strategy he employs, but for me, McDaniels clearly knows where he’s doing and knows the best course of action to take along the way. He must transform the Broncos into his team, and in spite of the initial progress they showed last season, it’s going to take time. It’s going to take him being involved in all three phases of the game to get them to behave and play the way he envisions. Losing Nolan allows McDaniels to become more involved with the whole team and lets Nolan obtain the security he wants. I really believe this is a win/win for both.

Now that’s some straight shootin’ Mr. Michael Lombardi.

By the way, we’re getting this guy?
Eric Studesville
Great acquisition, we seem to have gotten tougher already. Won’t be fun fumbling and coming back to that sideline, that’s for damn sure.

I keep seeing morons throwing out these flawed statistics from 08′ Numbnuts and his buddies from the Post keep spewing out there. Notice that Numbnuts trying to smear McDaniels left and right? Numbnuts is acting like someone’s thoroughly flailing and dejected ex-girlfriend. Mad as hell no one will even look at her.

Flawed. Huckdort Cutler and the utterly miraculous 2007-08 Denver Broncos never won anything. Thoroughly mediocre and overrated led by Huckdort and Marshall. All those stats are a bunch of crap, we didn’t win anything. Our defense sucked royally, and Huckdort was out there playing catchup constantly and failing miserably more times than not.

Them Numby’s at the Post are crying over the “glorious” Broncos offense in 2008, what a joke. They ain’t nothing to be proud of. More like an embarrassment led by a gooned out pick throwing overrated Huckdort.

We are heading in the right direction, it can’t be turned around fully in one year. This year it will be Josh McDaniels team. Also, can’t believe these goobers coming out of the woods saying our 09 draft class is a bust. I suppose it’s common knowledge that you judge a draft completely after one year. I suppose we should cut them the way these fools are talking. Would’ve love to see how these morons graded Elway his first year.

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Addendum to Stupid is as Stupid Does

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I just remembered something; I remembered Mike Francessa of NY’s WFAN 660 talking about that Ron Borges. Francessa is someone whose journalistic integrity I respect most of the time. When the Huckdort trade fiasco was going on, Francessa had the tact to state maybe we should wonder if the problem is Jay Cutler, and not the Broncos organization. He got ripped for it, and I see he continually gets poked at by ESPN. It probably means nothing more than he’s doing something right.

Francessa labeled Borges one of the worst sports journalists in the country.

gooned out borgesNo wonder why this loser smeared McDaniels. Seems like these newspapers love to sign on gooned out bomb throwers that spread stupidity and “cause controversy.”

I consider them a waste of space. It’s a shame people actually heed the words of these snake oil salesmen.

Then again, stupid people are OK I suppose, after all I wouldn’t have made thousands this holiday season off of cheap plastic overpriced pieces of crap without them.

Zhu Zhu Pets

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More Wisdom from Numbnuts

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Predictably, Numby over at the Denver Post is trying to get his digs in at McDaniels. McDaniels who won’t even look at poor Numby, or even follow any of his suggestions. Oh how Numby must miss Shanahan. In order to try and smear McDaniels, good ol’ Numby throws out this offensive stat and claims the wrong coach just left Denver:

The Broncos’ offense cascaded from No. 2 overall in the league in Mike Shanahan’s final season to 15th in McDaniels’ first season. The Broncos dropped from 6,333 yards to 5,463, from third in passing to 12th, from 12th in rushing to 18th and from being sacked 13 times to being sacked 34 times.

The wrong coach eh? I though the first mistake of the McDaniels era was Nolan there Numby? I’m hoping Numby starts to see the trail of turds he seems to leave just about everywhere, but that won’t happen. Let’s think about this high and mighty wisdom for a moment. No, the Broncos offense wasn’t that special this year. We need receivers who can catch the football and an offensive line interior overhaul.

Those “wonderful” 2008 statistics alright, and guess what: we were 8-8.

These stats the pundits throw out there, they’re like political polls: more than half of them are meaningless, and there’s often deception behind the seemingly obvious results.

In 2008 we had a defense that SUCKED and a gooned out, pick throwing Huckdort behind center who was ALWAYS on the damn field. Hell I’m surprised we did as well as we did with all our damn three and outs this year. Huckdort was always out there playing catchup in 2008 and losing with his gnarled face. I’ll never forget that Huckdort raising his arm up in the air all overconfident after one measly win.  I’m tired of this notion that 2008, and 2007 for that matter were the “glory days” of the Broncos offense.

Huckdort’s never won anything. He’s got a million dollar arm but he’s handcuffed by a ten cent head and a five cent quaff.

Scheffler? Marshall? These guys are winners? I’d even debate Marshall’s “superstar” status. These guys haven’t won anything.

I don’t care if we’re 16th in offense next year, we had better make the playoffs. We were 3rd and 25, and 4th and 10 away from being 10 and 6 this year. Screw the “stats.”

The ass end of the Shanahan era? It wasn’t nothing to brag about.

Unless you’re Numbnuts, I suppose.

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Stupid is, as Stupid Does…

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I think Forrest Gump has more mental acuity than some of these people. Unbelievable.

Forrest Gump

All of a sudden, Mike Nolan is the greatest genius in the NFL and the Denver Broncos are nothing without him. Here we got a guy accustomed to coaching 20th ranked defenses for the better part of his career, gets fired midway through the season as head coach of 49ers and all of a sudden he is the golden boy.

Mike Nolan leaving the Broncos doesn’t bother me one bit.

We have the system and the players. We’re not going to bring in some guy who’s going to make a boatload of changes. We’re not switching to a 4-3 next year.

We’ll make tweaks, we’ll do things a little differently. To think this is some kind of cataclysmic shift is ridiculous.

People think these coaches don’t like McDaniels personally: Bobby Turner, Rick Dennison. First of all, Turner is Shanahan’s long time buddy and Shanahan did everything possible to get him including but not limited to slapping an “Associate” tag on him, second Dennison is a guy that don’t even coach an offensive line system we want to be in? Big whoop to both.

Now Nolan leaves, and oh the sky is just falling. After all he was probably credited with picking up every single defensive player we brought in last year. After all, McDaniel’s don’t know talent and he can’t draft anybody. We all know that draft is a bust after one year. McDaniels surely couldn’t have any influence at all over our defense, like Belichik who oversees both mind you. We all know this. Mike Nolan is a genius and a football mind on par with Lombardi and his record is pure spotless genius.

If you think I’m being sarcastic you know P.P. Dublinski. If you don’t, then you’re probably one of them sea cucumbers who want to pay Brandon Marshall 50 million plus.

Less than two weeks after McDaniels acted in a way he would never tolerate from his players – like a petulant child – when he refused to provide his team its best chance to win its final game by benching Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall and tight end Tony Scheffler, he called in defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and told him in no uncertain terms his Broncos would not be blitzing next season like they did this year.

The above was written by some gooned out doofus from the Boston Herald named Ron Borges who wrote a stupid article Dean Pees may find trouble in Denver (if that makes any sense whatsoever) this guy, who don’t look right, ought to stick to what he knows, if he knows anything. I happen to like Boston as a city, but the people? Highly overrated and overall very drone and predictable. What’s with all these weird looking misshapen sports writers? You see the problem with Numbnuts at the Denver Post? They spread lies and distortions that get picked up around the rest of the league. I bet this guy reads Numbnuts column when he seeks real Broncos information.

Some of you people think I’m a kool-aid drinker, eh? I’ll hammer this McDaniels when and if he deserves it. He ain’t above my scrutiny. But he don’t deserve it.

“Petulant child?” What a steaming crock of BS. With corn in it. Oh yeah Mr. Borges, the coach ought to just eat up Brandon Marshall’s crap and smile, let that loser Marshall divide the locker room and get away with anything he wants. After all, he’s a “star player.” What a joke, oh yeah that’s a great message to send to the team and the young players: soon you’ll be able to act like this Marshall loser too, and we’ll just eat it right up and love it.

So it’s the blitzing, eh? Too much blitzing and getting burned. I noticed we were aggressive at times this year on passing downs and it didn’t always go as planned. I told you people that Klis let out some information. There were philosophy disagreements, unless Ron Borges is just pulling this out of his ass. Wouldn’t surprise me seeing how mentally insufficient he is with the McDaniels benching incident that was principled and backed by team captains. Team captains with class and professionalism, mind you.

I had a good laugh when Numbnuts over at the Post said Marshall and Scheffler were the real winners out of that.

Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler have never won anything. Seeing as they seem to be birds of a feather, Scheffler is probably just as unprofessional as that Marshall. Plus he can rarely stay on the field. Maybe we’ll see him on some finesse team, who cares as long as we get a pick for him.

Now so is Nolan’s time in Denver and Pees’ in New England. The timing looks, well, a bit too convenient. Pees leaves suddenly saying he doesn’t know what he’s going to do next but he’d be surprised if he isn’t coaching football this fall. Nolan leaves Denver and lands a job in 24 hours. Before Nolan’s plane has hit the tarmac at Miami International Airport, Pees is trumpeted as the front runner for the Broncos’ opening. These are, of course, all coincidences.

Good, I hope we do get him. Bring us some players over too. I hear some people out there have the nerve to question this guy, who comes from a Super Bowl winning, 16-0 season coaching regime. Anyone who knows anything knows New England’s defense has been missing some players that aged or left lately.

Whatever the case, it’s the Broncos system and the players that are important.  We are a couple players away from fielding a downright dominant defense, with or without the greatest defensive coordinator of all time.

I’m betting these know-it-alls claiming the sky is falling and trumpeting Broncos were just delivered a “huge blow” are the same types that want to pay Marshall 50+ million.

Stupid is, as stupid does.

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Mike Nolan Gone – Dean Pees, So What?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

The sky is falling in Denver, cry me a river. All of a sudden Mike Nolan is solely responsible for just about anything good to come out of the Broncos this season.

Dean Pees on your Head

Last year, around this time, weren’t the pundits pouring over Mike Nolan’s less than stellar resume? Here’s a post from a disgruntled Niners fan in the middle of the 2008 season:

You have to credit Lewis with molding a defense that was dominant enough to help the Ravens win a Super Bowl after the 2000 season. Nolan was handed the keys and kept it a smooth running machine for the next 3 years. We cannot credit Nolan with building this defense.

Let’s take a further look at Nolan’s past…

New York Giants – 1993-1996 – 5th, 11th, 17th, 14th.

Washington Redskins- 1997-1999 – 16th, 24th, 30th.

In 1993, Nolan took over much of the personnel from Bill Parcells. Let’s look at the dropoff after Nolan’s first year with the Giants. His defenses never cracked the top 10. When Nolan was in Washington, his defenses got progressively worse.

In 3 years with the 49ers, Nolans defensive rankings are as follows…

2005 – 32nd, 2006 – 26th, 2007 – 25th.

Some resume, eh? Even that Numby from the Denver Post hammered the decision of Nolan as Broncos defensive coach. Goes to show you his luck. I never said Nolan was a genius, I said the jury’s out back then, since I didn’t much like the Mr. GQ suit and tie nonsense.

Nolan proved to be good, kind of. Who knows what the hell went on. We sure as hell didn’t do that well down the stretch, even on defense. Like I said, 3rd and 25?4th and 10? Thankfully someone is reporting “some” kind of writing that resembles information. Mike Klis from the Denver Post (Kudos to Klis for predicting 9-7 last year, probably stole it from me):

In large part because of differences in coaching styles, philosophies and game-day play calling, McDaniels, the Broncos’ head coach, and Nolan, the team’s defensive coordinator, decided at the conclusion of their meeting Monday to end their business relationship after just one season.

Just what I wanted to know. There you have it: a difference in coaching style, philosophies and game-day play calling. Oh, and wouldn’t you know McDaniel’s buddy just resigned up in New England? He wanted to become a “free agent,” eh?

Oh but no, that can’t be. The sea cucumbers out there all think Nolan jumped ship cause he hated McDaniels. He knew the Broncos were gonna be losers. After all, Nolan’s impeccably successful, and he surely couldn’t stand to stay signed on with this bunch.

What a joke, I credit Nolan with helping to put a decent system in place. McDaniel’s probably wants some things done a certain way, and made Nolan adapt. Mike Nolan gets to go off to Miami or wherever the hell and be Mike Nolan.

Nolan was probably a “good” fit for us. If we sign this Pees, then you can tell – if you’re not a sea cucumber – what the deal is. McDaniel’s wants the perfect guy for the job. Nolan’s probably “put up” with doing things a certain way… either that or he wouldn’t budge.  This Pee’s is McDaniel’s buddy, he ‘s coached alongside him for years – a partner in crime to Super Bowls, mind you –  and it’s the exact, precise 100% system McDaniels wants. By the way, this guy’s track record ain’t so bad, 6th, 4th, 10th and 11th as a D coordinator, not to mention a Super Bowl ring when he coached linebackers. Remember how good them Patriots linebackers were, eh? No matter, stats schmats, this guy knows the system.

I’m telling you people, this year it will be McDaniel’s team. We are cleaning proverbial house, and it goes for the coaches too. If you’re not on board, just jump off the side baby.

Excuse me while I go cry in the corner over Mike Nolan leaving.

P.S. If it’s Pee’s he’s probably gonna steal us some players too. Wouldn’t that be horrible.

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Nolan Parts Ways with Broncos

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Nolan put a good system into place at least. He was a decent defense coach, although our adjustments started sucking towards the end of the season. But so did the whole team, for the most part. Schefter’s saying we’re looking at that Pees guy from New England. Wouldn’t bother me none, he comes from a winner, he was their linebackers coach before becoming coordinator.

You see that Jets game, eh? You seen them get those tough yards running, eh? That’s what WE need.

I don’t want to hear about that Shonn Greene being miles better than Knowshon Moreno. You see that line he’s running behind? That’s an offensive line. We don’t have that kind of interior, that’s for damn sure. They pushed those damn Chargers into next week. The Jets are built to beat the Colts, they could do it if they run the football. Unfortunately, I have a feeling it will be the Colts and Saints in one of the most boring Super Bowls in history.

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Woody Paige – You Cannot Be Serious

Monday, January 18th, 2010
John Mcenroe

You Cannot Be Serious

Woody Paige doesn’t belong in the Denver Post sports section.

Paige is nothing more than a sideshow. He is a comic, and the worst kind since he more than often falls flat. In his supreme arrogance Paige believes our young coach ought to hang on his every elder word.

After all, ol’ Woodrow’s been around the Broncos a long time. I heard he knows people. He even has dinner with Mike Shanahan.

Supposedly, Josh McDaniels will not consider the advice or any articles penned by the mighty Paige. When Woodrow recently (and stupidly) told the coach to “Be his own man,” he claims McDaniels in turn wouldn’t even look at him.

Woody Paige Numby

Bear with me folks, this is a long one…

Read More→

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Broncos 2010 Halloween in London, Gerhart Enters Draft

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Well I don’t really care where they play as long as they win. I’d hit the fish and chips, maybe some of that cheese but steer clear of just about everything else over there. And heed my words don’t use a phone booth, you got people pissing in them phone booths over there left and right. Coming out of them bars all derelict. What a disgrace. Next year, I’m telling you people it will be Josh McDaniels team. And you people out there bashing him left and right, the same ones that were silent when we were 6-0, all your little McDaniels bashing sites are gonna go down in flames.

He’s a genius with principles, he put his foot down on the Shanahan era rejects, and we can’t start moving fully towards this power blocking scheme fast enough.

I see that Dennison and Turner flew the coop. Whatever, I want an offensive line coach that eats nails. I want that guy out there eating a box of nails and motivating our line… our new linemen which I fully expect we’ll address.

We need guys with a mean streak in that interior. Guys who can bite the head off a live turkey. Sick and tired of no push on that offensive line and all this “undersize” nonsense.

I see that Gerhart kid’s entering the draft.

I want somebody like him. If he falls and we got extra picks why not, he’s a damn horse and we need something like that. I’m not too thrilled about having two finesse running backs, we need a hammer. We need a slugger to compliment Moreno. You can pick them up in the later rounds. He don’t gotta do nothing but grab the football with two hands and move the pile a yard. Someone young and not over the hill would be a plus.

One damn yard. How hard was it to get one yard this year? 3rd and 8 was better for us than 3rd and 1.

Although they weren’t playing well anyways, certainly not the team that went 6 and 0, even still: 3rd and 25 in that Eagles game… Make the stop? Then we don’t go for the touchdown in the end of the Raiders game, after that mistake field goal, we even manage get the ball back and can’t even bleed out the clock for two minutes… can’t run the ball. Then it’s fourth and ten and for some reason we can’t stop Jamarcus Russell. We’re looking at 10 and 6 otherwise. It’s a game of inches alright, and I want a beater back there.

People wonder why we were flat when we played Kansas City, I don’t think for a second it was Marshall’s fault, although that nonsense didn’t help. But those close losses, especially after battling back in the Eagles game, they are killers.

I got a feeling one of them two teams, San Diego or the Colts are going down. Either the Jets or the Ravens are gonna run the football down one of them’s throats. Something we couldn’t do, run the football.

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