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Jason Elam Retires a Bronco

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Jason Elam Broncos

Elam signs a one day deal today to retire as a Denver Bronco. Adios Jason Elam, you were clutch for us and a professional.

In other news, there’s not much Broncos news to be had and there’s nothing on TV–especially on Sundays. Unbelievable, who watches some of the crap these networks throw out there. Probably the people who think Brandon Marshall will be a Bronco next year.

Belushi CheeseburgerWhat the hell happened to Saturday Night Live? That show’s sucked for ten years or more now. They’ve been reduced to nothing. The jokes smack of some ivy league college punk at a kegger of Piels–“quirky” at best. In other words: It sucks. It sucks and they need an overhaul. New writers, new cast, clean the damn house. That show used to be great for years and it started going downhill fast back when they put that Tina Fey in as head writer. All these uppity, artsy fartsy skits taking place in Manhattan coffee shops and sushi bars. Give me Belushi in a greasy damn diner any day.

Give me Eddie Murphy in his broken down Mr. Robinson hovel any day over this crew. SNL passed the torch to a bunch of dry, rote and drone products of prep school that are a disgrace to the storied tradition of that once great show. MacGruber eh? What did it take, five seconds to come up with that one? It’s on the level of that dirty old man Letterman’s “Will it Float.” Some of you people out there need to quit giving these damn shows any ratings. That way, maybe we can get some turnover. Ten dollars to go see MacGruber? Whoever actually bought tickets ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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Brandon Marshall Trade: Nothing Has Changed

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Can’t believe the goobers out there that are still insistent in Marshall coming back next year with a tender offer: It ain’t happening.

Marshall is good as gone. Plain and simple.

brandon marshall

Don’t these people get it?

Are they ten years old? Seriously, if they’re ten, then they get a pass– then they have a legitimate excuse.

No one wants the “best wide receiver in football,” not even for the 29th pick in the draft. He’s a locker room cancer, and a risk to even stay on the field.

Even these owners know the deal that apparently a boat-load of you people don’t.

According to’s John Czarnecki, there is “no way that Pete Carroll is parting with the sixth overall pick for a disgruntled receiver who really can’t stretch the field.”

This Czarnecki’s probably been listening to me, listening to the truth. That’s correct, Marshall can’t stretch the field. He is overrated by many, he is not the best receiver in football. What he is, is the best possession receiver in football, the best YAC receiver in football.

That’s why I still believe the Jets are major players in the Marshall trade. You don’t build a team around Marshall, he is a piece of a puzzle and less of a risk in that scenario. The Jets have Braylon Edwards who can stretch the field, Marshall would be the perfect final piece to that offense. It would be worth the risk for the Jets.

Seahawks or the Jets, but you never know once the trade price of a first round pick goes out the window on April 15th. Got news for some of you people, when April 15th rolls around that ain’t the day Marshall signs with Denver and sings Kumbaya and gives McDaniels a hug. It’s more like when we start taking serious offers for Marshall, whether it be players in trade or picks. Other teams could jump into the fray when the trade becomes reasonable.

This coach and this team will not tolerate another year of Brandon Marshall. The writing’s been on the wall since before the season on that one.

I’m sick and tired of  “If we trade Marshall for less than a 1st, then McDaniels is a moron, should be fired, out of his mind, this is a business you have to know value… yadda yadda.”

We will trade Brandon Marshall and we will get what we can.

Whether it ends up being a player and a second rounder, a second rounder this year and next, whatever the case he’s gone and you people need to get over it. You people need to start listening to the voice of truth.


I got a letter from that Horvil Tiki, sent from that Panff, I took one look at it and sent it back to him. Unbelievable, that Panff wanted me to decipher it and post it, you got to be kidding me. Looked like a bunch of chicken scrawl all over the place. Worst handwriting I ever seen, even my kids never wrote that bad.  I ain’t deciphering nothing. You send me an email Panff with the damn thing in coherent English or forget it. That  Panff’s got some balls trying to waste my time.

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Numby Watch 3/20

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Numbnuts Woody Paige

Numby’s latest “mailbag” at the Post starts off with this question:

Woody: Once in a while when I read your column, I wonder if you or a reader is giving up too much information on a public forum on the team’s intentions on the draft or whatever the team will be doing for the next game. Have you heard of another team getting unintended inside intel from a mailbag or article that they’ve used to their advantage?
— Bob E., Washington, D.C.

Bob E., whoever you is, allow me to answer this question better than Numby ever could.

While other teams may get valuable intel at times from reading other sources, there’s not a chance in hell that Numby is ever giving up too much Broncos information. Numby’s info is only sopped up as gospel truths by sea cucumbers, morons, degenerates and garden variety ignoramus’s who emanate odoriferous logic and woefully insufficient tact.

For example: We should pay Brandon Marshall 50+ million, the Broncos were never interested in picking Ryan Clady, Ryan Clady isn’t all that great of a player, the Broncos will go 16-0 in 2008 and 4-12 in 2009, Simms should be the starter, Nolan was the first mistake of the Josh McDaniels era and the Broncos are picking Terence Cody.

Numby’s latest in a series of misfires has him stating Josh McDaniels and John Elway are not friends:

I talk to Elway occasionally, and the subject, honestly, hasn’t come up.

I don’t think McDaniels has ever met with Elway or invited him out to practice. So there’s no close relationship between Elway and the coach or the player.

A thoroughly porous dig at the coach who Numby believes “is not his own man.” Numby also stated “the wrong coach left town,” when Mike Nolan headed to Miami.

This week, a shocked and defeated Numby retracts his previous misinformed brain droppings:

He (Asst to HC, Mark Thewes) called to tell me that Elway and McDaniels have indeed established a good relationship, have talked on the phone “many times,” and that they’ve had lunch during the offseason (presumably at John Elway’s restaurant, not Mike Shanahan’s.)

Numby gets busted! Touche Numbnuts! Looks like your best buddy Elway is hanging with your hoody wearing nemesis McD after all. On top of that, they probably sit on the phone at times laughing their balls off at your latest moronic comments. No wonder why they ain’t telling that Numby nothing.

I got something for Numby to bring up with McDaniels in his annual interview (an interview I bet McDaniels loathes as a complete waste of time), how bout you tell McDaniels “The wrong coach left town,” when Nolan went to Miami?

Not a chance in hell that anyone around the league with more than half a brain in their heads are spying on Numby’s posts. Numby’s posts that are surely loaded with soaring football knowledge and spot on accuracy that only a true Broncos insider could muster.

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Kiszla the Hype Machine

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

From reading this Kiszla today you’d think we just sent a second and third rounder to the Cleveland Browns for an epic, blockbuster trade.

#1 When the Broncos make their next Super Bowl appearance, the starting quarterback will be Brady Quinn.

Way to hype our newest addition at quarterback, who we got for Peyton Hillis and a sixth rounder or two. FYI sixth round picks just about grow on trees.

#2 Although San Diego gunslinger Philip Rivers remains the fastest draw in the wild AFC West, Denver finally has acquired a quarterback who can give a team built on strong defense a chance to do real damage in the playoffs.

Oh yeah there Kiszla? I want to know what you’re smoking. I want to know because I just lost the trifecta at Dover Downs by an ass hair and I need something strong to take the damn edge off.

#3 Rather than being known as the impetuous coach who threw Cutler to the curb, McDaniels now can become the miracle worker who rescued Quinn from the dumpster.

People with more than half a brain realize Josh McDaniels did us a favor in getting rid of that gooned out pick-throwing Huckdort. That pick-throwing Huckdort who’s probably hanging out down in Nashville playing a wooden pinball machine. Can you believe that, eh? A wooden damn pinball machine down in that Nashville. Only reason I saw it is because I had to stop and get gas there in that glorified scene from Deliverance they call a city. “Good luck in free agency,” eh there Jeff Fisher? You loser.

#4 It is true that Quinn has not done anything worth talking about in the NFL.

Kiszla could have summed up his entire article with quote #4.

Quinn could get cut before the season even begins. I don’t think he will, but he could. Cleveland does suck, they had a revolving door of coaches and a merry go round at starting quarterback–in other words they’re a joke. In Quinn’s unpleasant stint with Cleveland I see something Josh McDaniels must see:

2009: 8 Touchdowns 7 Interceptions

What is the killer for young quarterbacks? What is one of the number one game killing plays in the NFL? Interceptions.

Just ask the Master: Jay Huckdort Cutler

That’s not bad, at least this Quinn protects the ball–on a lousy team to boot. They dumped on Quinn’s accuracy, but hell he can’t be that bad if he ain’t getting picked too much. He don’t seem Huckdort bad, that’s for sure.

Plus he’s mobile and he is familiar with a similar system.

Jury’s out on Quinn, he could even be cut, we won’t really know until after this preseason–just like Brandstater. We’ll see if Quinn is the same Cleveland QB and we’ll see if there’s any consistency to Brandstater.

Apparently this demented Kiszla thinks Quinn is already leading us to the Superbowl.

Let the quarterback competition and controversy begin.

Either that or he’s in the business of trying to sell newspapers.

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Broncos Release QB Chris Simms

Monday, March 15th, 2010

No surprise there, everyone saw this one coming. I ain’t gonna pile on. We all know how Simms performed last year.

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Brady Quinn Broncos
Fox Sports Jay Glazer reports the Broncos traded FB Peyton Hillis and two conditional draft picks for QB Brady Quinn.

Oh well, we’ll see about Quinn, he’ll have every chance to do something in Denver, if he can do something. He’s got potential and he learned a similar system under that Charlie Weis. We could still draft a QB this year, but now I don’t think it will be anywhere in the first three rounds.

I’m hoping one of the the conditional picks we gave up is a late round pick next year.



Broncos traded FB Peyton Hillis, a 2011 6th-round draft selection and a late-round 2012 pick to Cleveland for quarterback Brady Quinn.

Not a bad deal. If they think he can perform he stays on, and if he don’t he could even get cut and we’re no worse for wear. Weren’t even using Hillis, and probably couldn’t get more than a 6th rounder for him anyways.

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Update: Jets Interested in Brandon Marshall

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Speak of the devil, you see this, eh?

The Jets are having internal discussions regarding restricted free agent Brandon Marshall, sources tell Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post.
Lombardi says the Jets would “love to put together a package of players that might entice the Broncos and still keep their first-round pick.”

Telling you, them Jets need Marshall.

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P.P.’s Omens

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Remember them people coming out of the woodwork saying we’d get a 1st and a 3rd for Brandon Marshall, eh?

Or first and a third, and a good player on top of that?

I told you they can’t even be serious.

I said we’d get a first rounder AT BEST for little T.O.

These teams ain’t stupid, they know the risk. Unlike some of our fans who seem to have been asleep at the wheel the past three seasons. These owners know the risk, you gonna pay 50+ million so Marshall can get suspended for a year? So you can bench him before a playoff game?

Oh there’s gonna be a hell of a bidding war they said! One hell of a bidding war for the “best receiver in football.

I said get what you can, cut your losses. Been saying it since before last season even started.

The great T.O. and little T.O. are bona fide homeless right now.

The “best wide receiver in football” can be had for a single first rounder. Gee I wonder why no one’s bitten yet? Even for a late first?

The way I see it and have seen it, is that we are probably looking at a second rounder and a player and then we can call it a day, and close the Marshall chapter in Denver forever.

That second rounder may even be in next year’s draft.

I’ll put forth two reasonable scenarios, consider them P.P.’s Omens:

Brandon Marshall to the Jets for ILB David Harris and a late second (29th) or a second next year.

Brandon Marshall to the Seahawks for WR Deion Branch or ILB David Hawthorne and their second rounder (8th).

I still think the Jets will be in the mix, they need a Marshall, he is the missing piece of that offense. They have Braylon Edwards and then nobody. Who are you gonna draft with the 29th pick? Golden Tate? Dez Bryant? They’re likely off the board.

Only a matter of time before the headache is gone and we get something in return. I had a good laugh when I read people say we’ll just tender Marshall for this year then slap the franchise tag on him next year–what a joke. He’d probably start punting the ball boy never mind the ball.

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