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The Broncos Will Not Draft Tim Tebow High

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

I am beside myself, and yet I am not. I’m about to swear and curse all over this page but I will hold my wildly profane tongue.

We are NOT, we are NOT drafting Timmy Tebow in the first round.

Timmy Tebow

Timmy Teebs

We are NOT, we are NOT drafting Timmy Teebs in the second round.

If it’s the third round and Teebs is on the board we think about it, it’s a maybe depending on who’s there.

I don’t care what the coach thinks of him personally. We are not drafting a project QB in those first two rounds.

We need to draft some damn players who start. I’ll tell you this much: The Broncos damn well better draft two starting players out of those first three picks.

Day 1 starters. Not “some guy we ease in,” some guy who “needs more time.”

We damn well better, we have more pressing needs than Timmy Teeb starting in three years… “maybe.”

I know we ain’t gonna reach for need, or that we won’t exclusively draft need, what we do need is some damn starting players.

If McDaniels and Xanders can’t draft some damn starters this year in this deep a draft, I will seriously question their mental acuity.

This is a big draft for the Broncos and we ain’t gonna putz around with some project in the second round.

I’m pissed off at all these people falling for Numbnuts at the Denver Post, and Peter King’s yearly Broncos charade.

Numbnuts Woody Paige

Remember these geniuses last year, eh? predicting 4-12 and 5-11 respectively. I’m telling you they don’t know this team.

Numbnuts only pretends to know the Broncos. They pay him egregious amounts of wad over there at the Denver Post to “get people talking.”

He’s not serious. How can you be serious when you say trade Orton and we’ll start this year with Brady Quinn and Timmy Tebow?

Can you be a serious individual and state such nonsense? Lemmings follow this guy and his absurd prognostications, they follow him right off a cliff.

This guy will lead you right into a ditch, then tell you a goofy story about some day when he was drunk in England.

If you’re in dire need of some water, ol’ Numby will lead you to sand. He builds his decrepit house on sand time and time again.

Not P.P., say what you will about me, say what you will, I ward my hand cross-ways to all of yous and tell you this: P.P. doesn’t throw out a bunch of total BS, a bunch of crap, a bunch of bad information.

Oh yeah Numby, lets set the Broncos back a full two years. Let’s go into this year with Teebs as the starter with this schedule:

Sept. 12 @ Jacksonville
Sept. 19 SEATTLE
Oct. 3 @ Tennessee
Oct. 10 @ Baltimore
Oct. 17 N.Y. JETS
Oct. 31 @ San Francisco
Nov. 22 @ San Diego
Nov. 28 ST. LOUIS
Dec. 5 @ Kansas City
Dec. 12 @ Arizona
Dec. 19 @ Oakland

It’s a dangerous schedule–and we had damn well better draft some players with those high picks.

Bryant, McClain, Weatherspoon, Pouncey, Iupati, Damian Williams, Arrelious Benn, Dan Williams, That Alualu, maybe that Gerhart, Golden Tate… and more, I’m talking a long list of Day 1 starters.

You’re gonna draft the Mongolian arm cluster fart project Timmy Teebs at pick 43 in this deep a draft?

Not to mention, the genius proposal of trading away Kyle Orton this year, a guy who may not be the answer in years to come, but a guy we sure as hell need to win games until someone can step the hell up, like one of these projects Quinn, Brandstater or someone we “might” draft in the mid rounds.

And that Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, don’t get me started on this fool.

That’s right, he’s a fool. I don’t care what connections he’s got, he’s probably lazy just talking to Numbnuts at the Denver Post, he may as well be given the sorry state of his recent prognostications:

MMQB Mailbag: Ten people under most pressure on draft weekend,
2. Josh McDaniels, coach, Denver.

He’s traded Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler in his first 15 months on the job. He and GM Brian Xanders have the 11th, 43rd and 45th picks to start the replenishment, and I expect them to at least take a quarterback by pick 45 to compete with Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. It’s all well and good for McDaniels to have his own program and to be making decisions to get a bunch of his own guys in there. But if this year ends without a quarterback of the future in place in Denver, and the Broncos hired McDaniels thinking at the very least he’d run a great passing game, well, the fans (and the owner) are going to be pretty disappointed.

Get a load of this guy, eh? What the hell team is this guy following? It sure as hell ain’t the Denver Broncos.

We may have very well “drafted” a future starting QB this year in Brady Quinn–it’s possible. We don’t “need” to draft a quarterback in the first three picks this year, we need starting caliber players who contribute now.

“thinking at the very least he’d run a great passing game.”

Can Peter King name me one deep threat on the Broncos for this “great passing game.” One deep threat on the Broncos in the last couple years? It just seemed like we had some, with Huckdort forcing the ball all over the field and getting picked in the process like a gooned out fool.

Oh I suppose overnight we’ll transform into a Brady-to-Moss highlight reel, only it will be Tebow to Terrell Owens.

Terell Owens will be a Denver Bronco before we draft Teebs in the second round.

You’re looking at the wrong team mister. Probably getting your information from a lazy phone call to Numby over at the Post. Numby who laments letting Jay Huckdort Cutler go, laments our #2 rated “passing” offense full of poor character losers that perennially lost but were “fun to watch and kind of reminded you of the Elway days sometimes.”

We are a mid to short yardage precision passing team and we better damn well start running the football. We ain’t all of a sudden gonna revert back to the Huckdort days with some gooned out fool throwing 80 yard picks left and right. We don’t have a bunch of 4.3 clocked receivers to blow up the field deep. Even Brandon Marshall wasn’t really a “deep threat.” We don’t got no damn deep threats–that’s not our strength. Our aim is to control the time of possession by throwing with precision, picking apart teams, limiting mistakes and running the football when it counts along with playing good defense.

If Quinn or Brandstater don’t pan out, we can draft someone high next year. If we’re not sold on Brandstater, draft a guy in the third or fourth round this year to take his place.

You see that schedule, eh? We damn well better start running the football and playing good defense, that’s how we’re going to win some of them close games–the very games we lost last year because the offense couldn’t convert third and inches, fourth and 1 and the over-achieving defense in the ass end of the year couldn’t make a play on third and 25, fourth and 10.

I am angered by the crap I’m reading out there, the status quo who are all giddy and bewildered on the eve of the draft revising their mocks left and right having us take Timmy Teebs with pick 43. I don’t care what McDaniels says, he talked up every guy he was asked about. On top of it being ridiculous, you people are also following that Numby and his failed logics right off a cliff.

The only good thing to come out of this whole Tebow media mess is his girlfriend:

Tebow GirlfriendWhich come to find out–isn’t and never was his girlfriend, but whatever, at least she got some well deserved publicity.

And yet I am calm. I realize McDaniels and Xanders ain’t that stupid to draft him that high–or they better not be.

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Fresh Air Wafts Across Dove Valley

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Denver Colorado McDaniels Cleans House

Ahh yes, yes indeed. Finally the Denver Broncos are rid of the complainers, the dissenters, the miscreants and malcontents. Last year around this time I told you people this McDaniels wasn’t going to put up with the spoiled, me first Shanahan players. McDaniels rules with an iron fist, and now Marshall and Scheffler are gone and I’m happy.

Last September Josh McDaniels stated they’re all in… “I think we’re all in…” Well obviously they weren’t. We still had dissenters like that Scheffler to get rid of. I had a good laugh reading some people out there feel Scheffler is akin to Shannon Sharpe in Shanahan’s type of offense. I suppose that’s why Shanny did everything he could to make Scheffler a Redskin. Oh I bet that Shanahan was just clamoring to make Scheffler a Redskin–not.

Scheffler doesn’t block, isn’t quite a wide receiver and can barely stay on the field. Not to mention “I can’t wait til this season is over…” good luck with that attitude.

I’m sitting back getting ready for the first round of the draft on glorious Earth Day. I know all you people must be excited for Earth Day, I surely am. Earth day is when ol’ P.P. sets the air conditioner to 66, turns on every damn light, every television and leaves every damn sprinkler running 24/7. Down here we scoff at recycling too, just throw it in the trash, throw it in the woods or burn it and be done with it. Life’s too short to be putzing around sorting out garbage.

I’m gonna sit back here playing the electric guitar, leaving the amp on all day, watching the draft and feasting on pigs and cows who’s farts “supposedly” ruin our atmosphere. Some of you people tried to mock me for posing with that acoustic guitar. “He probably can’t play,” they said. Well I earned the right to pose with that acoustic, I don’t mess around with acoustics they are beneath me. I got a buddy of mine down in Florida I’m trying to dissuade from playing them, I told him there’s no future in acoustics, they will only lead to cruise ships and the adoration of old ladies. The future is metal. I am all about the devastating riff-crunching distortion and I learned from one of the best. I learned from the great Jack Teft down off of route 52 in Goose Creek. Jack passed away in 2003 and taught me everything he knew–much to the dismay of some local acts. I can ruin careers with my tonal devastations, they hear me and they outright quit cause they know they can’t hang and never will.

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Scheffler Trade: Whatever

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Scheffler and a seventh rounder turns into a fifth rounder for us. Whatever, he’s gone.

Time to start retooling without the selfish, spoiled goobers.

I’m glad he went to the Lions–suits him.

Maybe McDaniels will use this pick on that Terminator John Connor in the fifth round and start ruining peoples defensive lives in the AFC West. One can hope anyways.1

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The Jets Offered the 29th Pick for Marshall

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

I knew it, for weeks I’ve been saying the Jets would be players in the Marshall hunt despite conflicting statements.

They were ready to deal the 29th pick in this draft for Marshall, but they couldn’t reach a contract agreement with him.

It made sense, the Jets needed Marshall’s skillset.

I’m glad though, I like the two second rounders we got and screw the Jets. We may very well be facing them in the playoffs so the hell with them.

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Broncos Early Draft Options

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

I have strength in my right hand, countenance in my left and wisdom upon my brow.

I am unable to be contained and impervious to serpent bites.

Furthermore, the girth is legendary.

I ain’t changing my mock draft picks post-Marshall I’ll stick with those. Only I might like to see a second wide receiver instead of a defensive end in the first four rounds.  Here’s a list of players the Broncos had private workouts with:

Read More→

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Jerry Jones Mocks Tebow, Parcells

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Jerry Jones better watch out, he’s this close to having me actually root for that Tebow.

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Krieger: McDaniels Has Issues with Elite Players

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

McDaniels was just arriving. He wanted time to assess. He wasn’t handing out new contracts, particularly to a player he didn’t know, with documented off-field issues. Plus, he was asserting his authority, perhaps in ways that were, in retrospect, sub-optimal.

Picking your spots, eh there Krieger? Ends great for the Dolphins eh there Krieger? We’ll see about that. Way to review a trade one day after it happens. Chiming in with your McDaniels jealousy and hate, I don’t forget your failing words on the radio last offseason, bashing the Broncos, bashing McDaniels before a single snap of football. Paige and Krieger cut from the same cloth it seems —  only that Paige finally saw the light when it came to Marshall. Took him long enough, after saying we ought to pay him 50 million plus. Maybe this Krieger’s forgetting the team captains conferred with McDaniels about the dissenters Marshall and Scheffler then he benched their asses. He did the right thing–we’re not gonna eat their crap.

Suppose that would have been a great message to send to the young players: we got to eat Brandon Marshall’s crap so we can make him the highest paid receiver in the NFL.

By the time he pulled the trigger on the deal with Miami, the relationship had reached the final stage of divorce. Both sides knew it was over and they were being reasonably nice to one another in an effort to end it amicably.

Nah, I knew it was over from the day Brandon Marshall was dubbed little T.O., I knew as the off field nonsense piled up, I knew as Marshall’s soaring attitude became clear… I knew his days in Denver were numbered. That was when we had Shanahan, and I knew Marshall would ask the moon once contract talks came up and he would be playing for some other team.

I don’t care what anybody says, you don’t make this guy the highest paid receiver in the NFL.

It’s well and fine that somebody did though.

And I’m sure as hell glad that somebody ain’t us.

#1 Marshall is slightly overrated. He is not a dynamic Larry Fitzgerald. He is a great possession receiver with great yards after the catch.

#2 Marshall is an ass-hair away from being the next Pac-Man Jones. We’re looking at four games, to half the season to who knows maybe a whole season when the next McDonald’s bag comes calling.

The Broncos put a first-round tender on Marshall, but the public nature of their differences hurt the club’s bargaining position. Other teams knew they could wait out the restricted free agency period because a reconciliation wasn’t likely. Ultimately, the Broncos were going to have to take what they could get.

Whether Marshall would have brought a first-round draft pick in trade under different circumstances we’ll never know,

Oh yeah Krieger? The best receiver in all of football was available for a single, measly first rounder. Nobody bit. I wonder why? I wonder if it was because they knew McDaniels was such an alienating force, or maybe, just maybe it was because of this: Rap sheet a mile long.

Oh yeah, and add general unprofessionalism and locker room cancer on top of all that nonsense.

All McDaniels fault I suppose. I guess McDaniels don’t know how to deal with players.

What a bunch of crap that is, we made out pretty damn good in the end. Two second rounders should become starting players and they won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

The issue is not his team-oriented philosophy. Bill Belichick believes in it and he traded for Randy Moss. Bill Parcells believes in it and he just traded for Marshall. The issue for McDaniels is whether he can work with elite talents, whether he is flexible enough to welcome and not alienate them. Because, as both Belichick and Parcells know, it takes elite talent to win in the NFL.

You mean we should live with that un-coachable Huckdort throwing pick after pick, jawing at his teammates and eeking by default into an undeserved Pro Bowl? He never won nothin’ We should make nice with that Marshall–a locker room cancer with a rap sheet a mile long–if that’s elite talent to you Krieger, then you can have them.

We did the right things in both circumstances. Good riddance.

If I remember right, these “elite” players didn’t do us much good in the standings for a few years–even with an “offensive mastermind” Hall of Fame coach at the helm.

Randy Moss ain’t nearly as bad as Brandon Marshall. Krieger acts like the Tuna already has Marshall behaving like a team-first gentleman–we’ll see about that bub. I was surprised as hell that the Tuna made Marshall the highest paid receiver in NFL history. Good for us to get two second rounders out of it and good luck to the Tuna and Co. taming the Beast let loose in the Miami nightlife.

This Krieger acts like its a dark day in Denver and the Dolphins just got a major league steal.

You just wait Krieger, it may take a little while, but the Brandon Marshall Meltdown Meter I’m about to roll out will prove true in the end.

With every dropped pass, with every loss, with every ball thrown to another receiver, the meter will go up a notch… until the meltdown.

Good luck Miami.

You’re gonna need it.

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Brandon Marshall Traded to Miami

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Brandon marshall Tarded to Miami

For the Dolphins second rounder this year and a second rounder in 2011.

Didn’t think old Tuna would put up with Marshall, but it’s just a matter of time before the meltdown.

Finally, the Brandon Marshall era is over in Denver.

With the trade of Tony Scheffler, Shanahan’s grip on the Broncos will finally wither… This is truly Josh McDaniels team.

Like I’ve said all along, the great McDaniels will purge this team of the me first, spoiled, prima donna players–and he did.

I hope some of you sea cucumbers out there who thought the Broncos were bringing Marshall back in 2010 realize my words were iron in this situation.

Could have saved some of you rubes the trouble of looking like fools in that regard, I been saying since day one of the offseason he’s gone and we’ll take what we can get.

We’re better off, the cancer is gone, good luck Tuna, good luck taming “the Beast” Miami: You’re gonna need it.

I predicted the dismissal of Shanahan–but that was easy. I predicted the dismissal of Jay Huckdort Cutler for months before it happened–nobody saw that one coming. Now, I’ve predicted the dismissal of Brandon Marshall.

You would think the Marshall prediction was easy… until you look back at what some of these rubes were saying. “Oh he’ll be back with the Broncos in 2010,” “Oh we won’t trade him for anything less than a first and a third,” “Anything less than a first and I’ll be furious…” what a joke.

He’s gone, the Brandon Marshall sideshow is over in Denver and they should be setting up tents in Miami. Just a matter of time… with every loss, with every ball that don’t quite get to him, with every drop… just a matter of time.

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