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Memorial Day

Monday, May 31st, 2010

I hope you people out there have a good Memorial day, probably our most important holiday. God bless the troops  here and abroad and all our veterans.

I steer clear of the dogs, the brats and the knockwurst. You ever see that stuff being made, eh? Disgusting. They roll up beef lips, cow eyelids and spider eyeballs and whatever else scraps they can find, stuff it into a tube and serve it to you like it’s something wonderful.

Nah, steak, that’s where it’s at. Good cut of prime rib on the barby.  5.99 a pound with the bone-in, them ain’t bad.

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Alert: Tebow Takes the No. 3 QB Position

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Tim Tebow Broncos

One down, another to go: Brady Quinn is on notice and Brandstater–nothing against the guy–but Tommy B. will be flipping burgers soon with Mayor McCheese and Matty McChesney.

At the rate Timmy Teebs is moving up the depth chart, he’ll be the bona fide starter by August.

Very quickly I wanted to address some garbage Numby’s been spouting:

Let’s look at the obvious, people who don’t get it. If the Broncos had thought Orton was a great quarterback, they wouldn’t have obtained Quinn. You can say they got him cheap.

We needed a backup, if Quinn steals Orton’s spot then he deserves it, but we needed to replace Philly Simm’s kid. We gave away what? A running back we handed the ball off to twice last year? Plus a few dime a dozen late draft picks. We could get ahead of ourselves and say Quinn is the future and the answer at QB. We could also get ahead of ourselves and say Brady Quinn won’t even be on the team in a couple years.

Look, this Numby is trying to anoint either Quinn or Tebow as the bona fide future of this team before training camp and the preseason even plays out–that is stupidity.

First, we have Quinn who’s 3-9 NFL record sucks and he’s been inconsistent at best in real NFL games. He’s shown us basically nothing yet, he must prove that he can resurrect his career.

Tebow may never be a starting caliber NFL pocket passer. He may never be that, he may be the best wildcat 3rd and short weapon in the NFL–which I think he very well could be. Tebow has to prove himself, that he can tow the load at QB.

Kyle Orton played pretty well for the most part last year. He had a halfway decent year in Chicago before he got here and has won some games in the NFL.

Is Orton limited? Yes he is, but you can win with him. Numby tries to point a good share of blame at Orton for the losing stretch, but the whole team sucked and we didn’t run the ball like an actual NFL team.

Play good consistent defense, run the ball like an actual NFL team and have Tebow get in there on some third and fourth downs and you can win with Kyle Orton–possibly even a Superbowl. That’s not a far fetched scenario. We’re 10 and 6 last year if we either a) convert a few third and inches or b) 3rd and 25 make a play on McNabb, 4th and 10 with a long field make one play on Jamarcus the Hutt–and what a disgrace both of those scenarios were. We could have made the playoffs, but inability to run the football (mainly) and stop the run would have taken us right out.

Numby claims Kyle Orton’s noodle arm is why the running game sucked. Everyone knows that if your guy at QB can’t throw 30+ yard bombs then your running game will falter: See the Chicago Bears to dismiss this completely.

Oh I bet that Huckdort will just make the Bears excellent running attack that much better: Dismissed, Numby.


I saw our offensive line getting destroyed up the middle in the Ravens game and it happened ever since. They blitzed us up the middle, they blitzed our weak link–hell teams didn’t even have to blitz, their defensive tackles were chasing down our quarterback and tackling our running backs for a loss in the backfield.

Brady Quinn and Tebow are wholly unproven NFL commodities at the quarterback position. “Trade Orton now,” is ridiculous.

I happen to think that Mark Schlereth has plagiarized me, I have Shapiro on speed dial, but that’s OK I’ll let him slide due to his previous performance as a Bronco. His summary of the Orton/Tebow situation sounds awfully familiar.

Actually, it’s just common sense.

Even if Quinn were to take over the starting spot I sure as hell would want to keep Orton on this team. He’s a 14th ranked QB who could even improve a bit this year–but let’s say he doesn’t– still he’d be one hell of a backup quarterback to have.

Numby seems to think either Quinn or Tebow is surely the future at quarterback and we should trade Orton now before any real competition begins.

I say, Quinn–maybe, we’ll see. If he basically gives us what Orton gives us, his athleticism could push him over the top.  Tebow–I don’t think so, but not a bust either, just a great situational weapon. Hell our “future” quarterback could be a guy we acquire next offseason.

20 some teams passed on Tebow, 20 some teams passed on Quinn and even one of the dung heaps of the NFL, the Cleveland Browns replaced Quinn with the great Jake Delhomme who’s coming off a spectacular 8 touchdown 18 interception season.

Did any of these “trade Orton now,” fools even consider the possibility of neither Quinn or Tebow becoming a great or even an above average NFL quarterback? It’s possible, these two QB’s haven’t done anything or proven anything on that field yet.

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Reality: Starring Jim Miller and Mark Schlereth

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Leave it to Mike Klis at the Denver Post to produce a fair report on the Broncos “supposed” QB conundrum.

“I don’t think Kyle’s job’s in jeopardy,” said former NFL quarterback Jim Miller, who has a show on NFL Sirius radio. “If it’s in jeopardy, that team is in trouble.”

Mark Schlereth weighs in on Orton and the Tebow pick. Sounds like he’s been reading P.P. lately:

Said Schlereth: “To me there’s not a whole lot of controversy. Kyle Orton has been a very good, very accomplished quarterback in this league for a long time. The problem with Kyle Orton is he’s limited athletically. He’s got a great arm, but he seems to get an ankle injury or whatever because he doesn’t have the athletic ability to get away.”
“The advent of the Wildcat in this league, that’s not going anywhere. You put Tebow in those situations, and you give yourself a run-pass option. It’s going to be a real, serious package for you, especially in short yardage and goal line, where you really struggled last year. If they’re better in short yardage and goal line last year, instead of 8-8 they’re 10-6 and they make the playoffs.”

Tim Tebow Denver Broncos

I’ve been saying it all along: Tebow will be a weapon in the wildcat, but Tebow the pocket passer is a big-time long shot. People seem to think it’s a disaster if Orton starts. Like I’ve stated many times, 3rd and 25 in the Eagles game and 4th and 10 in the Raiders game, the defense makes one play and we win those games. Plus all those games getting stuffed on the goal line, multiple third and shorts–some of them were mere inches. I see exactly what McDaniels sees in Tebow–on third down is he going to throw? Is he going to run? Will he pitch off to a RB and block? You people will see why I’ve labeled him Timmy “the Gadget” Tebow. Timmy “the Gadget” Tebow may be all he ever amounts to in this league–and we may love him for it for years to come. All the endorsements, all the ridiculous hoopla will still be there with Tebow as Mr. Wildcat; it’ll still be that way as long as he’s effective in those situations and we’re winning games.

Numbnuts Woody Paige

Oh, but that’s not good enough for some of the rubes out there and the Numby’s at the Post who will try to create a full-blown quarterback controversy. That Numby will be out there screaming start Tebow, trying to drum up a bunch of BS. Conduct detrimental to the team. There’s a reason why Numbnuts at the Denver Post “lost sleep” before penning his ill-informed piece on trading away Orton–he knew he was about to put forth a bunch of BS and mislead legions of pea-brain degenerated mollusks.

Multiple NFL sources say the Broncos let it be known this offseason that Orton was available. Perhaps that time has passed. A Broncos source said Orton is not on the trading block.

“League sources” once again, what were they Benshoof and Stucky the hot dog vendors in Phoenix and Philadelphia? Sure he was available for a while, for a first round pick.

Figures the Denver Post Broncos page is making sense when Numby’s a no-show. He must have stayed out late last night after Iron Man 2 on a nigh-hallucinogenic Mad Dog 20/20 bender.

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ALERT: Tebow Spotted at 88Drive-In in Commerce City

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Tebow Girlfriend Denver Drive-In Woody Paige

Timmy Tebow’s been spotted viewing Iron Man 2 at the 88Drive-In in Denver, if you leave now you can stand outside the joint and maybe get your mini helmets and jerseys signed.

Additionally, there are reports of some gooned out goober making a commotion hanging out the back of the Gadget-Man’s car, some gooned out rube who keeps trying to “get John Elway on his cell phone.”

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Tebow Throwing to Running Backs

Friday, May 21st, 2010

You notice Tebow’s been throwing to the running backs, especially around the goal line?

I ain’t stupid.

At the Denver Post, the hype has settled down and reality has set in.

P.P. has set in.

At one point during practice, the rookie was sent to work with the running backs, throwing passes in the end zone as the backs worked on their route-running. –

All along I’ve been a rock, not some soft, flippant, limp sea cucumber. I’ve said Tebow will be working that Wild Horses, he’ll be used in short yardage duty, running and short passes–even blocking.

The “trade Orton now” goobers are gonna be some disappointed. They’re probably the same morons booing Orton last year at practice. Boo all you want you rubes, he ain’t a “good interview” but at least he’s a winner and some people can’t stand that. I don’t think they want a winner in Denver, they want somebody that resembles Elway–even if he goes out there and throws pick after pick and runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. Doesn’t matter if we lose out I suppose, at least the QB looks “exciting.”

I’ll wager the trade Orton now crew are many of the same people that were lamenting the “loss” of that Huckdort, threatening to become Chicago fans.

Weak and pathetic, they bend and break with the winds.

I suppose my seeing the truth, my seeing the obvious that Tim Tebow will be a Wild Horses 3rd and short player… I suppose that makes me some kind of a Tebow-hater. He’s either John Elway 2.0 or bust to some of you people, well if that’s the case: brace for bust.

I think he’ll be good for us, and a good pick. In his specialist role, those third and shorts are important and we sucked at them last year.

Get your tickets now to see the Tim “the Gadget” Tebow show, coming to an end zone near you.

P.S. I’ll have some of you sick freaks twisting my words out there, I’ll have you know my right hand ruins careers through lightning riffage, it backhands fools who would have the gall to encroach upon my personal space and most of all it pens truths to enlighten the hordes of thoroughly porous, degenerate minds. Supreme talents indeed, and you people should appreciate my benevolence.

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Krieger Makes Some Sense

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Shocking, after claiming the Dolphins rooked us for Brandon Marshall–a player they will merely rent for a little while before he bounces around the league.

Krieger: The next Elway? Oh, c’mon now

Seriously, can we just stop?

I thought we’d kicked our Elway comparison fetish with Kyle Orton. Even in a fragmented media world in which the silliest claims get the most attention, I didn’t hear anyone compare Orton to Elway.

Either way, Tebow is no Elway. And we will do him and everybody else a favor if we kick the habit of pretending he is. More than a decade after Elway retired, this tick of ours is like nicotine. We might need a patch.


On the first day of his first full team workout, Tebow checked down rather than throw deep. He looked like a rookie trying to learn an NFL playbook for the first time, with a steep learning curve in front of him.

Which, coincidentally, is exactly what he is.

Can we stop? This Krieger should have huddled with Numby and that Kiszla before they started dropping the logs and fanning the flames. Probably couldn’t stand to get anywhere near that Numby, he probably gives off a foul and unpleasant odor.

Your own paper is to blame for a good share of the Elway/Tebow hype, you people over there, led by that Numby are preying on the moronic sea cucumbers out there, abusing your journalistic privileges to pontificate a bunch of crap.

Can you imagine if I had the access they are privy to, the questions I would ask, the information I would put forth to true Broncos fans?

I would be a legend–not a laugh like that Numbnuts.

I’m here fighting the good fight, you gonna put my track record up against that Numby in recent years? It’s night and day and I haven’t had “dinner with Shanahan.” I should be making millions for my straight shooting. I have strength in my right hand, countenance in my left and wisdom upon my brow. I often fly in my dreams.

My awe-inspiring power is on display for all to see. I am reality.

No. 8 Has Look of Number 1 – Lindsay Jones, DP

I believe, that when all is said and done after this preseason, we’re looking at Tom Brandstater taking a hike.

Orton’s a man among boys out there now, he’s got the system down, he’s got timing down which comes with experience with the receivers–he’s our best shot to win unless proven otherwise.

“Trade Orton now” –what a bunch of rubes.

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Tebow 4th on the Depth Chart

Monday, May 17th, 2010

“It’s worth noting that speculation in Denver has Orton on the trade block, which would perhaps move Quinn to the forefront for Week 1 starting duties.” – Rotoworld

To this, I say, don’t believe the hype. “Stupid” speculation from a gooned out, misshapen headed fool.

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Stupid is as Stupid Does

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Whoa now you see that poll over at the Denver Post, eh? 69% say trade Orton now. What an absolute joke.

Sorry, but you’ve got to beat the man to be the man, and Kyle Orton is the man.

All the praise about hard work and passes to equipment managers means nothing, getting it done on the field in actual games means everything.

Numbnuts over there has officially set himself up as Ringmaster for the Tebow circus. I heard he even talked to Tebow.
Woody Paige Numby

I don’t think the Broncos drafted Tebow if they thought if he would sit around for three years. -Numbnuts

Duh. He ain’t sitting for three years. He will be playing this year, absolutely.

Tebow the athlete, Tebow the offensive weapon will be on the field. Tebow the pocket passer quarterback, Tebow the “second coming of John Elway,” will be taking a back seat. Sorry Numby. The pocket passer project may take years. It may never even pan out.

People are all caught up in this whirlwind–I’m not. Some critics have come around since the “throwing motion was fixed,”–I haven’t.

I tell it like it is, I see it like it is. Nothing has changed. Tebow the pocket passer is but a project, an if, a maybe. Supreme confidence? What if he’s out there confidently getting picked off?

Tebow the quarterback of Wild Horses, Tebow the dynamic threat defenses will have to gameplan for is real.

That may be all he ever is, and he will go down in history as a good draft pick if that is the case. If teams we face have to do extra gameplanning for Tebow Time–consider it a great pick. How many times did we get blown up on offense in third and short, fourth and goal? When it absolutely counted?

December 31st of last year I came out with my want list: P.P.’s want list has come into fruition.

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