You live in the past, you die in the past, so says Ditka.

What’s with all this “John Elway rejoins the Broncos” business?

So he wasn’t on good terms with Shanahan, but now he is on good terms with McDaniels? Good for him, but Elway ain’t throwing no passes for us anytime soon.

I see that Numby writing a puff piece about Elway, some of you people will probably say “way to go” for once Woodrow, not me. I don’t forget. I don’t forget the past transgressions and conduct detrimental to the team. I also noticed that Numby saying Moreno will be an impact player this year… well ain’t that a sudden change?  You mean Moreno a no-no? Moreno who Woodrow claimed just “couldn’t find the holes.”

I don’t forget the conduct detrimental to the team of that Numby and his consistently wrong bar-room palooga analysis. You just wait, pretty soon the sky will be falling week after week all because the Broncos ain’t starting Tebow and McDaniels didn’t do something John Elway said.

Elway, I believe, is the greatest quarterback of all time. But Elway retired in 1999. So he’ll come to practices and give advice here and there, well good for him, good for the players as a little morale boost. But it ain’t no “new era” all of a sudden, it’s McDaniels team and the torch was passed in 2009, especially with the dismissal of Jay Huckdort Cutler. Huckdort, who I stated didn’t look right and who I predicted getting kicked to the curb in September of 2008, months before just about anyone even thought such a thing. I knew he didn’t look right and the era of Shanahan’s ship of fools with questionable character officially began to run aground.

Make no mistake, Elway was the greatest, can you imagine Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Dan Marino–take your pick–can you fathom any of those players taking those Superbowl losing Broncos teams all the way to the big show?

I sure as hell can’t. John Elway was probably the closest we’ll ever get to seeing a one-man gang at quarterback in the NFL. I’d like to see Montana’s stats and win loss ratio with them Broncos teams, eh? No running game, very average receivers, a porous offensive line… oh yeah I bet that Montana would just flourish in that situation. Or Brady, or Manning for that matter.

But that Numby’s twisting it alright to be some huge thing, he’s just living in the past. What if Elway still wasn’t on rosy terms with the front office? How would that change anything? McDaniels will still wear the hoodie that Numby despises, he will continue to wear the hoodie and he is indeed his own man. Elway as a morale booster–fine, giving his advice here and there to players–fine. But floating this notion of a whole new era begins now and  ” the next John Elway is Tebow,” is a bunch of crap. Elway is Elway. He’s the Hall of Famer who retired in 1999 and it’s time to give it a rest. It’s McDaniels team, it’s probably gonna be Orton at quarterback this year, and there you have it.

I thank Dvdirish for pointing out NFL Radios’ Adam Shein and Ross Tucker, who believe the Broncos will be one of the five worst teams this season. I don’t know who they are, I don’t care who they are because it’s obvious their Broncos information is a load of crap. I wonder what their reasoning is, maybe the “loss” of the “great” Brandon Marshall? I believe he’s gone for the better, no doubt. The locker room cancer is gone, and we will spread the ball around more now with two very promising rookie receivers, plus Eddie Royal and Gaffney.

This team should be improved, the defense for sure will be improved. We got beef up front at the points of attack and depth on that defensive line.

I expect Moreno to be improved, I expect the quarterback play to improve as well.

The biggest question mark I have is for the offensive line. We’ve got a lot of rookies in there and people moving around to different positions. I am very concerned about Ryan Clady. This type of injury can ruin careers, they call the man sweet feet, and players can lose a step with an injury like that.  I am hopeful that does not happen, but it is a concern. One step lost, one more thought in the back of mind and a step can be lost, and so too a career at that position.

I will reserve final judgment until some preseason games are played, but this team that was a dingleberry away from going 10 and 6 last year will be improved through good defensive line acquisitions, a boat-load of beef on the offensive line and new dynamic receiving threats who will be team players, guys who will learn the playbook and will not act like a bunch of me-first prima donna losers out there.

Maybe these buffoons on Sirius radio have a magical crystal ball revealing a rash of injuries coming the Broncos way this season. One of the five worst teams? Barring such a device, it’s clear these boys don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground concerning all things Broncos.

Now if they hang on every word from that Numby at the Post, then I ain’t surprised, they’re likely just a bunch of degenerated sea cucumbers.


Pay Marshall 50 million.

Trade Orton now.