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Broncos vs Steelers 2010 Preseason Week 3 Review

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Was a very enjoyable game last night. Here’s P.P.’s Wisdom–that’s right, P.P.’s wisdom, and not the moronic braindroppings of some gooned out buffoon who has a woefully sad command of the English language.

Robert Ayers is turning into the player I believed he could be, as I said all last year: this guy shows flashes of brilliance and has moves out there, he was close last year, it was a learning experience for him, but this year my prediction of 12 sacks for this guy looks to be right on course.

Tim Tebow BroncosIf the preseason ended today, Tim Tebow’s my #2 quarterback. Brady Quinn hasn’t shown me much at all out there. He throws unspectacular,  he moves unspectacular… he looks like the rookie out there, we’ll see next week, but as of now, if I were the coach I’d promote Tebow and I’d sit Quinn for the first regular season game and then trade him to Jacksonville in week 2. Who will we replace him with? I don’t know, who cares? Some stumble-bum off the street for all I care.

Perrish Cox looked good, so did that Syd’Quan Thompson. They’ve both impressed at corner and kick returning. At this point, I’d rather see Brady Quinn get released to make a roster spot for Syd’Quan Thompson.

Timmy Teebs had a good outing. The interception doesn’t bother me, Kyle Orton got picked too… it especially doesn’t bother me when he marches the field and scores a touchdown on the next possession. Timmy Tebow is showing he can get the job done throwing the ball. All the eyes of America are on this kid’s throwing motion, all the pundits have been harassing his delivery–but I don’t care if he trots out there with a pantleg on his head screeching kumbayah before every throw, I don’t give a rip how he delivers the ball as long as it’s on target and moving the offense forward.

Lendale White BroncosLendale White should make this team. I will be very disappointed if he doesn’t. He is an element this team didn’t have, and the element we need: a big, bruising back who can move the pile. As part of my offseason wishlist, I wanted us to draft a slugger running back in the later rounds, but the genius of McDaniels took a chance on this guy and I hope it works out. As long as Lendale can keep away from the Hooka pipe. He falls forward on almost every run, he even showed some moves for a big guy.

The offensive line did a better job against a team who perennially gets to the quarterback. Our special teams kick coverages were much better.

The Not-So-Mighty Quinnby will show us whether he belongs this Thursday.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to land a nice hearty breakfast and file a restraining order for online harassment.

Sporting News Predicts Broncos 4-12 Record

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

I wonder what elderly mind came up with this one.

I wonder what “senior analyst” came up with this, eh?

What a joke, a may not see a Superbowl team out there, but this team sure as hell ain’t 4-12 the season is absolutely lost–cash in your season tickets horrible.

This Sporting News, a once somewhat respected rag has lost credibility here and it ain’t worth the paper its printed on.

I will wipe my ass with the Sporting News 2010 NFL preview–that rag will get exactly what it deserves.

That is, if it comes in the mail free, which it usually does cause like other print mediums that are struggling, they give it away in hopes of luring better advertisers.

What is this a time warp, eh? These guys caught in 2009 with the likes of Peter King, John Clayton and Numby at the Denver Post? At least that King changed his ways, he actually came out to Denver and did a decent piece in the offseason–probably to cover for his lazy journalism last year.

Even that dope at the Denver Post wouldn’t say 4 and 12 this year, even that Numby–who don’t know nothin, and is perennially wrong–even that Numby wouldn’t stoop this low, and he even hates the starting quarterback.

I don’t know what they’re smoking over there at the Sporting News, but they’ve turned a once respectable rag into a piece of crap–literally.

Do the right thing if you got that mag:

Throw it in the woods.

Horvil Tiki

All mention of Horvil Tiki is going straight into the spam folder. I’ve had enough of this, you people, you water bong Tiki worshippers out there are living in the past. You live in the past, you die in the past that’s what the great Ditka said.

That Tiki is a train wreck and was 100% derelict with this site. That “panff” was the one who put the site up, that Tiki didn’t know how to use bold type, nevermind the ability to create or maintain a website. I’m not going to carry him like that Panff did, I’m not going to sit here and make him look good because he don’t know nothing.

I was the one who brought this site to greatness–even when he was here.

I saw the logs, I saw the jump in traffic, which has continued to this day.

I’ve brought this site to greatness. This is MY site, the domain name simply a shadow of things past, a shadow of the derelict, misspelled past.

My diction is flawless and my commitment unchallenged.

My Broncos information stands the test of time, I have been perennially right–my words of iron.

I have wisdom upon my brow, strength in my right and countenance in my left.

And oh yeah, the girth is legendary.

I brought this site to greatness, you people know good quality Broncos information and I am the purveyor of it.

I ran Huckdort right out of town. Right out of town before anyone even knew what the hell was going on–I knew he didn’t look right.

I helped run Shanahan out of town.

I helped run that Brandon Marshall out of town, I believe Bowlen and McDaniels read this site, they make an awful lot of the moves I call for. They know integrity. They know ingenuity, they know acuity and I have it in spades baby, oh yeah.

Got these people saying Marshall will be back, “if Marshall is back,” unbelievable–he was and is gone and I knew it. 100%

I knew we’d kick that pick-throwing mop headed dort to the curb. He didn’t look right, he didn’t protect the ball and he ain’t no John Elway.

The dark reign of P.P. continues! My Broncos wisdom is downright frightening!


Like Norris Weese calling for a passing play, you water bong Tiki worshippers better get used to having your cries falling on deaf ears. That Horvil is gone and he ain’t coming back. He left this site in shambles and I brought it to greatness. I will sue him if he tries to besmirch my good character. I got Shapiro on speed dial. I’ll sue him and make his life more miserable and decrepit than it already is.

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P.P.’s Straight Shootin’ Broncos 2010 Preseason Week 2

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

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Broncos Roster Cuts: Ayodele, Polumbus

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Denver Broncos waived RB Toney Baker, OL Kirk Barton, OL Tyler Polumbus, WR Patrick Carter and released LB Akin Ayodele.

The Tyler Polumbus era comes to a close in Denver, the writing’s on the proverbial wall when you get beat out by Baron Baptiste or whatever the hell his name is. Ryan Clady coming back to practice is a good sign, along with some others returning. I want to see that Demaryius Thomas get some valuable experience this Sunday, along with that Tebow who’s 2010 Wildcatter prospects are taking a plunge with every missed game.

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Broncos Thrown to the Lions, 2010 Preseason Week 2

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

I watched yesterday’s game and here’s a few things:

This Lance Ball character should make the team, he’s unspectacular but he’s capable and versatile–he catches the ball well.

I’m predicting 12 sacks for Robert Ayers this season. Over the course of 16 games I believe he can do this, he’s got the athleticism, the acuity, the agility and moves. He shows flashes of brilliance that I never saw from Jarvis Moss.

Defenses are getting to our quarterback, the pass protection is spotty and the run blocking sucks. Orton did a decent job of stepping away from traffic, I used to call him a one-legged goat out there, I think he deserves an upgrade to a two-legged goat.

Getting beat by the Lions at home is never good, even in preseason.

The Sonic Sports Desk is pretty lame, the only redeeming quality: it’s situated near the cheerleaders. Thing looks like a glorified ice cream cart from the 1970’s. Can’t they invest in a little cocobolo? Mahogany? Maybe some aged teak? Even gum tree would be an upgrade.

Quinn performed a little better, but eh, he’s still The Not-So-Mighty Quinnby.

Our first string defense was OK overall. The first string offense was decent in terms of passing, we’ve got the Orton to Gaffney connection out there–two people often mocked in the offseason. I’ll tell you what, Jabar Gaffney can make all the catches Brandon Marshall made–he just doesn’t perform as well running after the catch. Our inability to run the football is a major concern, if this doesn’t get turned around we could be in for a long year. It absolutely sucks when the run isn’t honored and teams know you’re throwing and they rush in and play the pass all day long.

I heard rumblings that Horvil Tiki capsized on some raft out in the Pacific. Probably due to improper planning, extreme laziness and overall poor work ethic.

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The Not-So-Mighty Quinnby

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Well I was sitting here listening to the Broncos vs Lions game, and I says if this Quinn manages to win the game in this final two minute drill, then he’s the “Mighty Quinn.” If he don’t, then he’s “The Not-So-Mighty Quinnby.”

Brady Quinn Broncos

Lackluster, and our scrubs playing “defense” out there couldn’t stop a go-kart. All eleven of them couldn’t stop a kid’s go-kart. A run for 15, a pass for 10, can I have 8 plays and a touchdown for 100 Alex? Or should I say Wink?

In the first quarter Saturday night, Kyle Orton produced a quarterback rating that wouldn’t qualify for the Huey, Louie and Dewey Decimal System.

Well isn’t that cute, look at Numby ranking on our offense. That’s right, Kyle Orton IS our offense. He is one half of our offense, the other half is Jabar Gaffney. Anyone dissing Orton is an idiot, anyone rolling their eyes at having Kyle Orton as the starting Broncos quarterback doesn’t know anything. He is our offense out there. Thank God for it, can you imagine having the Not-So-Mighty Quinnby, or Timmy Teebs out there who don’t have a firm grasp of the playbook–where people should line up–knowing what routes to run–imagine having them as your field general with 16 inactive players? Good luck. Other than that, we can’t run, we can’t seem run block and our pass protection breaks down every other play. If that Baptiste and Polumbus are anchoring our offensive line early this season–good luck. We’re screwed. 16 inactive players, this is getting ridiculous. And I don’t care if some come back by game 1, they’re out of shape not getting playing time in the preseason. I’ll reserve more judgment until I see this game today on NFL Network (1pm EST) instead of hearing it, but it didn’t sound good for the most part.

I’d have that Alphonso Smith, that Paul Duncan and that Worrell Williams, I’d have them run ten laps at the end of the next practice while the rest of the team sits and drinks Gatorade. Make’em run for absolute boneheaded mistakes with the game on the line.

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PP’S Straight Shootin’ 2010 NFL Preseason Week 1

Friday, August 20th, 2010

I apologize for the audio breakup, obviously my new mic cannot handle my sheer force of truths. I will be throwing it in the woods shortly and purchasing anew.

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Orton Contract Extension: The Will of P.P. Be Done

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Smart. The Broncos extended Orton’s contract into 2011. Kyle Orton finally gets a little respect from the Broncos brass and it’s well deserved. I hoped we’d extend it even further, but that’s a lot of dough. We’ll see what kind of year he has and where his competition is at next year, if he’s playing well and nobody can rise to the challenge then we could even extend it again.

Kyle Orton Cincinnati Denver 2010

I’m telling you people, this Kyle Orton is a no-nonsense team player and let’s say someone beats him out eventually–if that happens, then Orton becomes the best backup in the entire league. If he accepts that, which he could–if not, then we could trade him and trust me: there would be takers.

He ain’t no GQ posing prima donna, and with his team-first attitude he and Tebow can coexist for the foreseeable future. You won’t catch Orton bellyaching and acting the fool when they play Tebow in special packages this season. He’s a professional and he’s coachable–unlike that mop-headed doofus who don’t look right up there in Chicago. That pick-a-minute Dort up in Chicago.

So we did the right thing here, McDaniels is probably reading P.P. lately. We did the right thing, this man is important to this team.

Shame. Woe and shame to those who called for Orton’s dismissal before this quarterback “competition” even began. The nerve of some of you people: “Trade Orton Now.”

Woody Paige Orton Broncos

Look at that, eh? Look at that headline. Take a good look at that absolute joke. I’ve told you time and time again that Numbnuts at the Post will lead you right into a ditch. The nine thousand plus sea cucumbers who voted in that Post poll to get rid of Orton, what a joke, what a disgrace. The only excuse those cretins have is if they have is if they’re too young to know what day it is or if they’re Gator fans who don’t know what the hell is going on. How dare they besmirch this Orton and his lovely wife Bridget who love Denver.

You had morons booing him last year, morons failing to realize our team was dead in the water without him. These mental defectives lamented the loss of that Nashville-loving pick throwing mop-headed Dort loser, that GQ posing goonball who ran around the field fumbling and getting picked like a chicken with its proverbial head cut off.


Here we have the one proven QB on our roster and we should trade him away? Unbelievable, love him or hate him, Orton is going to have a long career in this league helping us or another team win. The same can’t really be said yet of either Quinn or Tebow.

We did the right thing here, and some of you people out their dissing Orton should hold your tongues and respect this guy, even if he were to get beat out at some point, you’re looking at our best chance to win games. Plus, he could be very valuable to us in the future, whether starting or not.

Kyle Orton Winner

Kyle Orton, Winner

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