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Game analyzer Bronco seahawk colt Horton is Win

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Hey guy I sorry for th e kenny mckinney.  He leave behind little kid that is foul guy, sorry for little kid yes. the seahawk bronco game was real cool grandfather relaxer and enjyer he win guy. close game is hard on granfather but he enjoyer he win this week guy,

The tiki torch go to the Horton guy come on. Some one pist off the horton guy I know they did. he is spread ball all over you feild guy. he is honing it guy. In air. He done accurat throw like crazy. The clady is pan caking guy.  he fall on guy as get up. The demarial thonmas is weapon of the denver guy he say pow I catch and wheel up you feild yes all day like this guy. he wass is craxzy. but the Horton is win. he the win player guy. the aeriel horton feats over the invescoe. we need the aeriel horton feat this week guy.

horton is win

The Broncos signed running back Andre Brown to their active roster and waived Lance Ball.   The Broncos also signed to the practice squad a 2009 undrafted outside linebacker/defensive end tweener from the 49ers Diyrall Briggs. This Briggs is a fan favorite up in San Fran, and they’re deep at linebacker so maybe this kid can show something for us.

This McKinley tragedy hurts the team, but we can hope they’ll dedicate this Sunday to him and come out fired up.

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Broncos WR Kenny McKinley Dead at 23

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Kenny McKinley

Wide receiver Kenny McKinley passed away, early reports claim it was suicide. He was on injured reserve this year and last year with knee injuries.

Condolences to his family, the Broncos and his South Carolina college teammates.


“Everyone with the Broncos is shocked and saddened by the loss of Kenny McKinley,” Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said in a statement. “He was part of the Broncos’ family and will be greatly missed by our organization. My most heartfelt condolences go out to Kenny’s family and friends.”

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels added:

“Kenny had a promising future on the football field, but more importantly, he was a great teammate whose smile and personality could light up the room. This is a tragic loss for our football team, and his family is in all of our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

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Broncos 31 Seahawks 14 – Trade Orton Now

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

That’s more like it, but just one sour note: Who the hell is coaching our kickoff coverage, eh? What the hell is going on there.

The offense performed, we got turnovers and ran the ball well enough when it counted. Scoring touchdowns for Gods sake instead of settling for three time and again. The defense was decent for the most part.

Kyle Orton performed like the Pro that he is, can you imagine life without this guy right now, eh? Trade Orton now?

“Trade Orton now” they said in the offseason, the charge led by that Numby at the Post with about nine thousand sea cucumbers or facsimile’s thereof nodding their heads in agreement.

Trade Kyle OrtonThat poll climbed to nine thousand in favor of trading Orton, what a joke.

This team can beat the Colts next Sunday at home.

Brandon Marshall Who?

Demaryius Thomas Broncos

Demaryius Thomas

I didn’t see number 88 this offseason, I heard some good things, but he didn’t play in the preseason. After his first two plays in his NFL debut–without scoring a touchdown yet or doing anything big–I knew that he’s our best receiver. Just by the way he moves out there, his size and the fact that he’s the fastest or one of the fastest players on the team–I knew this Demaryius Thomas is something special.

I’m glad we’re finally getting production out of our first round pick. This guy ate their lunch out there and sent them the bill. If he clocked in a few more plays earlier in this game he could have had over two hundred yards. It’s a hell of a rookie debut for a Denver wide receiver, Eddy Royal’s debut against San Diego is the closest thing I can think of in recent years. Thomas is the juice this team needs on offense. Our wide receivers are playing well as a hole, but this guy takes them to the next level.

All offseason long I told you people we would trade away Brandon Marshall no matter what, and that I’d be pissed off if we didn’t. I said we could move on without him and be better off for it. We can draft a couple guys and spread the ball around more. Well wouldn’t you know, despite all the absolute BS that this offense would crash and burn “cause Marshall’s not there  anymore.” The utter nonsense sputtering from the mouths of senile lunatics at ESPN, the garbage talk spewing forth from degenerate dirigible “Senior Analysts” crying the Broncos have downgraded the QB position because ” Brandon Marshall got traded away.”

What an absolute joke. Wide receiver is the Denver Broncos strongest, deepest position on offense. We were doing fine even without Thomas, but now this guy bumps us up to the umpteenth level. I just hope he stays healthy.

Won’t it be nice to have a big-time receiver who we don’t have to worry about benching before an important game? A professional instead of a rap sheet a mile long clown? This guy’s even faster than Marshall, and from what I hear he’s a good blocker too. Looks like a hell of a player we drafted there.

Jason Campbell: Benched

Turd-in-mouth analysts claiming the Broncos were a joke since they don’t have Brandon Marshall–especially the ESPN variety– the same ones who belched out all offseason long about what a great pickup Jason Campbell was ( a guy the Broncos could have traded for easily, but I suppose Josh McDaniels just “don’t know how to run a team” ) and the same ones shouting to the rooftops that he makes the Raiders a viable contender this year: Well there you go experts, there you have it geniuses, the “savior” of the Raiders got benched. Benched and riding pine probably until this Gradkowski character gets hurt.

One of my kids pointed out Madden 2011 originally had Jason Campbell rated above Kyle Orton… some kind of joke that is. Now they’re rated “equal” in an update. I remember hearing about Raider fans on the development team, makes perfect sense with that nonsense.

That Numby at the Post has ESPN ties, he’s in on the ponzi scheme.

“Jason Campbell is a serious upgrade at quarterback…”
Really now.
Oh, and P.S. Trade Orton Now.
Some of you people wonder why I think they should fire this guy. Conduct detrimental to the team time and time again. Can you even imagine if that front office actually listened to Numby? Good God the stupid state this team would be in.
Tebow SignSorry ladies, might want to stay in Denver and catch next week’s game.

Broncos vs. Seahawks – The Broncos Better Win

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

So  I see that Demaryius Thomas is gonna play this Sunday, eh? I hope so, he said ” a couple more weeks ” on Tuesday, so something changed. It’s about time we got some production out of our first round pick.

That Jacksonville game pissed me off. Yes I picked the Broncos to go 10 and 6 this year, and yes I stand by that but that don’t mean I have to like what I saw last week.

Honestly, I expected a loss–tough start in the heat, many of us remember the Miami game where we opened the season in the humidity and we got embarrassed beyond belief. Wasn’t even close.  This time in the “hottest game ever” in Jacksonville football history we were competetive–but the loss sucked. Never good when you should have won a game, never good when a team shoots itself in the foot. The mistakes have to end, when will our opponent make a costly mistake for God’s sake? But oh no we’ve been screwing the pooch left and right with the games well in our grasp.

It’s gotta end, the mistakes must end and we better win this game. We’ve got a tough run coming up and this one’s gotta go in the win column.

If what I hear is true, and that Tyler Polumbus is starting for them… well let’s just say if we don’t pressure Hasselbeck on Sunday then he’s either dumping the ball off short lickety split or we’ve got some serious problems. I want to see our defensive backs tighten it up back there too after Garrard’s ridiculous 139 quarterback rating. Above all, I want to see a well coached, well prepared team this Sunday. An offense that finishes good drives with touchdowns and runs the ball with acuity would help. Ten men on the field, two facemasks in a row, multiple delays of game in stupid situations–enough of that nonsense.

Maybe we’ll get to see Timmy Teebs on a flea flicker this Sunday–or maybe he’ll even catch a pass–much to the dismay of some of those who said he’s a quarterback, period.

And finally, yeah, my dogs missed that little runt. He’s much safer with me, Tiki knows it. He don’t got to worry about ending up with an apple in his mouth any more.

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Horvil Tiki Radio Yes

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Weak bird seahawk come to town into bronco fire storm guy. The aeriel Horton feats will ruin they petey carol. weak bird seahawk no good for any thing it guanoe all over car it real foul like.

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P.P.’s Straight Shootin’ NFL 2010 Week 1

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

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Broncos Acquire RB Laurence Maroney From Patriots

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Laurence MaroneyPer Adam Schefter on Twitter, this is a good pickup. The Broncos trade a 4th round draft pick for Maroney and a 6th rounder from New England. Maroney’s a decent young running back who played very well in the Pats 2007 Playoff / Super Bowl run. I like this pickup, this kid’s got talent but he’s been inconsistent. Correll Buckhalter’s been an OK #2 running back for us but he can’t seem to stay on the field. Either Buckhalter or Lance Ball is on the outs I’d imagine. This Maroney has talent and possible upside, he needs to hit the hole and hold on to the damn ball. For a fourth round pick it’s worth it, his talent is worth it and he could play well for us, especially in short yardage situations. This could either be a great pickup or just decent. I don’t think it’s a bad deal, I don’t think its a head scratcher like some people are claiming.

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