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Foul Winds Bronco Losed WHAT GIVE

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010


hey guy/ what go on. I very sorry for bronco guy that was foul. Grandfather very insult he leave go for walk in during second half of game guy. that how badly. He go throw rock in ocean and mutter. Hole house silent guy. WHat give. The bronco get bust up by the raven guy that was foul. when will the raven defence retire guy. go away and loose final come on. Granfather cover he face when the raven quarter back done ball up the dj willam guy what was that. how do this happen. What magics do the raven have guy. Not even shanhan magic hoar-farm bag can do any thing guy the raven beated the bronco in playoff time then yes.

I saw this hocky game guy in like a long time ago and the coach guy get so pist off  he throw all they stick on to ice. that was cool I wished the Mcdanels would d o this that would be cool. Come on guy where is bronco fire who put out bronco fire was foul degenrate toad? what foul wind produce so many losed games guy this is foul. You know it bad when granfather go for walk in game and grandmothe even turn flip channel to some one else. you know is foul when even grandmother do this.

Bronco loosed they containitive guy they ravens run all crazy. GOT TO KEEP YOU CONTAINITIVE YES. COME ON.






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Robert Ayers Out 2-3 Months: We’re Screwed

Monday, October 11th, 2010

This is a big loss to the defense. Robert Ayers hasn’t been getting sacks like I thought he could, but he’s been very good against the run and he’s been getting consistent pressure.  He will be missed that’s for sure. Jarvis Moss taking his place doesn’t cut the Chad Mustard, we better get help somewhere, whether it’s trying someone out from within, we recently got that Diyral Briggs from the 49ers… somebody anybody but Jarvis Moss please. Jason Hunter and whoever else we start out there need to play well for us that’s for damn sure. I don’t know why Moss is still on the team? Is it his contract? Whatever, he can’t even line up right out there.

Dawkins is out for two to three weeks, Andre Goodman’s still injured, Wesley Woodyard and Darcel McBath are out next week.

It’s a blow to the defense, but when it really comes down to it, the Broncos offense is the real broken cog of the gear on Sundays. The offense can’t even score after the defense makes brilliant stops time and time again. Even with these injuries our defense is good enough to win games–only if the offense shows up and scores 24-28 points. The Broncos score in the first half of that Ravens game (besides the score at the end of the half), just one touchdown after all those defensive stops in the first half and it could have been a game. Instead, it was a fart. When the defense punked the Ravens on the goal line in the first series, how did the offense answer? They answered with a goose egg.

Our defense will be hurt by this, but they just need to keep doing what they’ve been doing which is playing pretty decent overall. It’s the offense that needs to get going. The Broncos offense hasn’t helped their defense in these losses. They’ve asked way too much of the defense, especially coming up with these wonderful three and outs at the most inopportune times imaginable–just like last year. The offense has no excuses, they are healthy and if the Broncos are going to have a winning record they need to start scoring touchdowns, period.

Oh, and Andre Brown, welcome to Denver. I guess we found another running back who “Just can’t find the holes,” gee isn’t that a coincidence.

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Ravens 31 Broncos 17 Final, Broncos Offense Not Good Enough

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Some people might hand a good bit of the blame to the Denver defense for this loss, but not me. No way, the offense did not answer when they had to  and they put too much pressure on our defense. We had chances to answer in the first half, the defense made some good stops and the offense couldn’t answer and couldn’t drive the ball down the field and they failed to make big plays throughout the game.

The Broncos defense often strings together four or five stops in a row, putting the ball back in the hands of our offense multiple times. The problem is, the offense is lucky to score 7 points in these possessions and eventually the defense gets wore down. We can’t ask that much from our defense, they’re good but not great.

It’s the same team as last year, only we’re better in certain areas, the quarterback is playing better, the receivers are better, we’re deeper at cornerback and the defensive line is a little better. We have Clady, Harris and now J.D. Walton, the other guys, the guards, I ain’t so enthused with. But we seem to be the same team as last year, unable to take advantage of opportunities and screwing ourselves with penalties. Unable to make big plays when we need to, unable to sustain drives and we put far too much pressure on our defense. That is the story of the Broncos playing against good teams.

As I write this, the Broncos just scored on a bomb to Brandon Lloyd, I don’t know why we ain’t throwing the football down the field earlier in the games.

We’ll see next week I think it’s a telling game. We’ll see whether the Broncos are a 7-9 or 8-8 team or a team that could go 10 and 6 and maybe make the playoffs. We’ll be playing a good team at home and we better win this one. We better win or we’re probably looking at another year of mediocrity.

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Broncos vs. Ravens Halftime Report

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

It’s a frustrating game to watch folks, you can see what the Broncos are lacking. We lack a defensive end who can put pressure on the quarterback, our safety play hasn’t been great and as far as I’m concerned we need two new guards on offense. Guards that can run block first and foremost and pass protect well enough. Last season, time and time again I said I didn’t like that Kuper, that I didn’t see why people thought he was so great.  Getting picked up and thrown by a defensive lineman is never a good thing.

Whatever you think of him, the bottom line is: It ain’t working is it?

Our two guards out there are backups.

I am pissed off about our passing game. Earth to McDaniels: you go deep on the Ravens.

All during the first half I’m saying to myself we can’t be dinking and dunking on these guys they’re too fast. They’re too aggressive in the short passes, we gotta go deep. Sure enough when we do, we have success. That’s how you beat the Ravens, you throw deep and it loosens them up.

I’m pissed off about Demaryius Thomas, I don’t want to see him returning kicks any more. He never did it since high school and Eddy Royal and Perrish Cox are capable. Thomas runs too high and he’s too big of a target, while the others are smaller, more agile and able to protect themselves better. I don’t think we’re using Thomas well enough out there. I don’t get it. I don’t get it at all. The kid’s a weapon, he’s not being double covered… what the hell is going on there. We should be using him in a reverse ( so much for the Broncos not being able to run a reverse… oh yeah besides the penalty completely negating it.) We should be running that Thomas down the field throwing jump balls for him. I don’t know what the hell is going on there.

Our pass protection is doing well enough, it’s time to throw down the field, even when this team has Ed Reed back there they can get burned deep.

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Magic bags Raven verse the Bronco

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

HAY GUY what goes on. I out to sea all week guy it was crazy. I go fishing with for many things so many fish in the sea guy. WHere do they go in winter time. this guy we go with was foul he make up story without truth. But we get this crazy WAHOO fish and I was scared guy. it was loathing guy I seen it. It come up from in deep and all silver likeflash and it smash around it was real pist off guy, real pist it say throw me back I not even kidding guy it sayed it and never forget this fish. One guy have blue berry pan cake before go out to sea and he never have this ever again before go out to sea you know what I saying it was like purple pan caking water he was all done guy.

The bronco meet raven on they turf guy just like it happen last year what give. Why not they in the invescoe who make this schedial it foul,. It no favor of Bronco. Last year I make big video of raven and bronco show down holmes you know what I saying but broinco crash and burnt guy so this year I no do this.

The ray lewis is old guy. when is this corny fool gon retire.hE corny guy I not even care. He dance all kind of crazy guy, real corny dance I seen it it was so dour and lame like the justin beeber guy. like justin beeber it so the crappy guy .  crap in pant yes. justin beeber guy oh I laugh and laugh at such corny fool . he tv have no color he food have no taste probable.

The knowshond morenote is injure guy, this is foul and the spence larsend is gone this week too and that is sorry guy cause we need the powerful smash of the larsend in speciate team like he do in chief game many time ago. But he no smash guy like this since then what give. granfather was very so the excite when the spence larsen done ball up tha chefs guy on return he say I gon watch this guy now to see the okoyer level crush atwatter hit you know what I saying but he have no done this for many day what give.

Last year the ed reed ball up knowhsond morenoe and that was foul guy. who was our ball up guy, you know what I saying. Where is our ball up guy for the crush hitted come on defence ball some body up yes,. The ray rice maybe there guy I no like this guy he is like the wes welked of thepatroit he poerful weapon guy. I think we will containitive him with robet ayer guy. The robert ayer say I done keep you containitives all day holems. ALL DAY. come run to my side holmes he say . come run to my side I done keep you contain ball up you corny run back in back feild guy oh yes, The robet ayer do this all day guy. He you defence technical.

the Demarial Thonmas is make for now kickoffs guy . this is cool he return with incredibus wheel contender speed. He juke move and find seam like toad come from under porch when raining time comes.  Guy say what was that, what  just happen and guy say Demarial thonmas done blowed pass you corny kickoff guys that what happen. the thonmas done shoot you gap he find you seam that what happen holmes. that why you defence have short field yes.

horton aerial feat dismay the corny titan

Horton is win he is the win player guy and many people say he is good now. The horton prove he is win yes. The HORTON aerial feats guy. Oh yes they comig to the baltimoer now guy. Get you rings side seat for the the aeriel feats of Horton guy. Horton to thonmas for fiftteen. horton to royals for 20 yard horton to gonkowki for 5 to LLOyd for ten and 6 guy just like that you down a hole touchdown guy now you is corny and loosing guy you loosing now that how fast it happen with the horton aeiral feat we gon see just how good the horton is guy cause like the raven is numvber one defence teamn against you passing it will be truer test of the Horton aeirel feats guy I think the horton is gon go crazy guy I hope the bronco come out real pist off after loosed to last year yes. it hole new game now guy hole new game many new guy for bronco lets go guy;


containitive the magahee the rice the bronco like warring toad marching to heavenly manure spring the bronco win 23 to 13 guy oh yes bronco 3 and 2 and rolling guy rolling back to invcesceo on propeller arm accurat of the Horton guy. we cant run so like Horton all we have guy you know what I sayingI the glad he is good.

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Kyle Orton Ain’t Going Back to Nashville

Friday, October 8th, 2010

I was right about that Jeff Fisher, that loser chiming in last year to the press about our new coach. Stick a sock in it you loser, hanging out in that hole Nashville. I hope we see them in the playoffs and beat them again. Stone their big running back for zero yards while we’re at it. Sorry to burst your bubble “Cortland Finnegan,” but you’re a loser and you suck. Kyle Orton ain’t going to Nashville and he sure as hell ain’t ducking you. That’s for damn sure. The nerve of that goober, trying to punch one of our defenseless players. I’m glad Kyle Orton called him out for the loser he is. They’re backwards down there, and the big gift of the holiday season in Nashville is a wooden whistle. Can you imagine that? Maybe if the great Cortland Finnegan’s lucky he’ll get a wooden whistle signed by “Steamboat Louie.” That’s sure to be worth something someday, box that sucker up and throw it in the closet, it will be worth hundreds on ebay someday I’m sure.

We’ve got two tough games ahead of us against the Ravens and the Jets and I’d like to see us win one of them. Some people are acting like the Baltimore game is a sure loss. Well it’s a one o’clock game on the road and in Baltimore so I guess I can’t blame them too much–but we kept it close last year. We kept it close for the majority of the game and then all hell broke loose. It’s not impossible for the Broncos to win this one. Improbable, I hate one o’clock games–but not impossible. I’d like to see more creativity in the offense this week. Running it up the middle and passing out of the shotgun seems like all we have out there. No reverse to Demaryius Thomas? How about a pitch play like the one Terrell Davis used to run to the left side… anything–something different for crying out loud. I saw an article in the Denver Post labeled “Gadget Plays Not the Answer for Broncos,” oh yeah? What is the answer? Getting stuffed on the goal line time and time again? Throwing another uncatchable ball to Lloyd off to the side of the end zone? Yes Lloyd and Orton have been playing well, but when they get down to the red zone they’ve had issues. I demand better playcalling than Orton to Lloyd 50 million times.

I also have a bit of a retraction to make. I said the Broncos missed Lendale White because he’s the only running back we have that can fall forward at the end of a run. Whether it’s a 5 yard or 1 yard run, falling forward at least nets a yard. Well, I retract that statement a bit, because with three guys tackling them, no running back is gonna fall forward with what our blocking’s giving them out there. Time and time again that Numby at the Post tries to say our running backs dance around too much. Lance Ball, Bruce Hall, Knowshon Moreno, Lendale White, Justin Fargas, Correll Buckhalter… oh I suppose they’re all just a bunch of dancing fools out there. I suppose they all can’t find the holes we’re opening either. What a joke that is.

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Broncos Don’t Miss Marshall, Cutler or Shanahan

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Brandon Marshall could be breaking records with the Broncos…

Instead, he’s almost breaking his leg.

Had the prima donna carried himself like a professional in Denver, he would have been a perennial Pro Bowler. Instead, the rap sheet a mile long wonder was rightfully and thankfully traded to the Dolphins this year. Fitting. Three teams I despise are the Cowboys, Raiders and Dophins. Suits that Marshall to be sent packing to the Dolphins.

I said all along, we’ll get rid of him this offseason no matter what: And we’ll be better off for it.

You had all these “Senior Analysts” coming out of the woodwork claiming the Broncos are downgraded this year. “Who are they going to throw to?” the sea cucumbers blurted–unanimously in some circles.

I said we’ll draft a couple new players and spread the ball around; that we’ll be fine without Marshall, better off without his antics and cancer in the locker room. Plus, that Eddy Royal probably had a second year sophomore jinx–it happens.

Lo and behold the 2010 wide receiver corps of the Denver Broncos is the team’s strongest and deepest position. Aren’t you glad we didn’t spend fifty million plus on that rap sheet a mile long prima donna?

Now he’s got the great Tyler Thigpen ( I wish you people could hear me laughing right now ) throwing to him, the great “Thiggypen”  ensures Brandon Marshall will make the Pro Bowl this year–I guess. Either that, or Marshall may get beat out by Brandon Lloyd. What a laugh riot. I heard that Marshall isn’t adjusted to the heat down there, I saw him in the ass end of the game last night and he looked absolutely defeated. Maybe it’s an excuse, or he’s lollygagging it like Sterling Sharpe says. I bet it’s the latter. The Dolphins are losing at home to division rivals and Marshall isn’t getting enough touches. The Meltdown meter will go up notches. Special thanks to a watchdog who commented about the lollygagging incident here. That person is a patriot.

Bottom line, we don’t miss Brandon Marshall, not one bit.

Huckdort’s hurting

I wonder how Jay Huckdort Cutler likes it up there in Chicago? Hmm? Practically no one to throw to and a horrible offensive line (which takes time to rebuild mind you) I wonder if the Huck misses Denver now?

I told you he didn’t look right, didn’t protect the ball and that he’s a poor mans Favre. I said this well before anyone even dreamed of getting rid of Huckdort. I knew he didn’t look right, didn’t protect the ball and that goes for fumbles as well as all the interceptions. What is it, 47 picks in two years now? What a joke. That pick throwing dort, getting picked at the worst moments imaginable, that pick throwing Hucky’s got problems. He’s peckered. He don’t look right and he never did. He has an attitude that sucks and it’s part of why we sent him packing. Do you miss that Dort? I read some goobers at the Denver Post that are still lamenting losing Huckdort. I think they’re mentally ill. How can you miss that dort? We’ve got a guy with a better attitude who puts up the same or better numbers with far less interceptions. We’ve got a guy that actually wins games–the Bears are the worst 3-1 team in the league.

So much for the notion of throwing millions upon millions of dollars at a rap sheet a mile long receiver and a dort throwing Huck. Told you that Numby at the Post want’s to destroy this team. We’re better off at receiver and quarterback now, and we got draft picks to boot.

More of the same for  Shanahan

I don’t need to rehash why we got rid of Mike Shanahan, he simply stayed on too long and was ineffective for too many years in a row. Now he’s with the Redksins and they’re doing the same thing those final Shanahan Broncos teams did: run up the score in the first half, then blow the lead in the second half. Same crap, different day.

If the 2010 Denver Broncos went 7 and 9, the future is still bright. This team is heading in the right direction. Judging by right now, we need a linebacker, a running back, maybe a defensive lineman or offensive lineman and I expect to be a solid playoff contender next year and a Super Bowl contender the following year. That’s the way it should go, seeing the foundation we’ve built.

I was right about Marshall, I was right about Huckdort and I was right about Shanahan. They each needed to go, and we’re better off for it.

I might be wrong about Tim Tebow.

The fact that he’s not out there in special packages is telling. I predicted he’d be out there running special plays, being used as a decoy or a run pass option–and that still could happen. It doesn’t seem likely now, but I still think we should use him. He’s a weapon, why not? I’d like to see us use him–whether it’s a decoy, on the goal line or whatever and I’d like to see Demaryius Thomas involved more.

I have to say I was impressed with Tebow’s arm in the preseason. He threw the ball well and with zip and anyone who says he sucked out there probably just saw the ESPN reel where they showed him getting picked off and fumbling a snap. The kid played well and threw the ball well and he’s a legitimate backup for Orton. People wonder if he’s worth the draft picks now that Orton is playing lights out. That just depends on how good Tebow will be. If this kid comes to camp next year and does everything Kyle Orton can do he can win the quarterback job. Plain and simple, if Tebow can do everything Kyle Orton does; throw accurately, protect the football etc, he’ll have the advantage due to his athleticism. It’s a tall order, but his athleticism is better and Tebow also throws a better deep ball from what I’ve seen. Orton is capable of throwing those, but they’re usually under thrown and not pretty. One thing that does piss me off  about Orton is his wilting in the pocket at times. Running straight into traffic at times doing his one-legged goat impression.At least he protects the football.

Stuff happens too. Orton goes down and the kid comes in and plays lights out? You never know, so no Tebow was not a wasted pick and we ain’t gonna trade him. Maybe he sits next year too, but if he eventually does everything Orton can do he could very well be the future at quarterback and if anything he’s a good backup that we need. Still, we should be using him out there this year.

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