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McDaniels Will Return in 2011 – No Surprise There

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

I ain’t surprised by this. Like it or not McDaniels will be the coach of the Broncos in 2011. As bad as it is I was sure had one more year. The only way he’d go any quicker is if the team played like they did in the Raiders game a couple weeks in a row.

He has one more year and there better be improvement or he’s finished. Actually, he may not have another year, there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll get fired mid-season if the Broncos stall out of the gate next year. Bowlen’s right though, this is a bad year for the Broncos. Injuries, rookies on the offensive line especially and inconsistency in the extreme. The team hasn’t turned on McDaniels. They haven’t turned like the Cowboys did on Wade Phillips–three games in a row of totally uninspired play. The Broncos just can’t put a whole game together. The offense goes to sleep for a few quarters then plays like gangbusters, the offense scores a touchdown and the defense gives up seven, then seven more.

As bad as it is, this team isn’t far off. We have talent to build upon and one draft, one offseason can make the difference. I’m pretty much done with this year–like I said I want the Broncos to lose every single game here on out and I want a top five pick.

We are likely to have a top five pick and I want a monster on the defensive line, or offensive line, or a monster linebacker.

I’m sick and tired of the Broncos pretending to be a good team for so many years. How many times have we wished we could move up a few spots in the first round of the draft while all these other teams cherry pick the top talent? The Broncos suck this year and I want a top five pick. A big time player on the defensive line could do wonders for this team.

How long has it been, how long has it been since we had a top flight player on our defensive line? I’m talkin’ DE/NT? How long? Not since we drafted Trevor Pryce?

Yeah we got OK run stoppers, but other than Dumervil we have no pass rush. There is not one player other than maybe, maybe Robert Ayers who is a pass rushing threat.

I want a stud defensive lineman, and I want one via the draft or free agency baby. Whether we pick a great offensive lineman, defensive lineman, linebacker, safety or hell even a running back that you simply can’t pass up–I don’t care–I want that top five pick.

I believe the Broncos can win one more game this year: the Cardinals game. Other than that, we could realistically lose the rest. I have a feeling Bowlen knows this, I have a feeling he realizes the Chiefs game this week may not be pretty either. That’s probably why he came out and said he ain’t interested in canning McDaniels right now, cause this weekend might not be pretty.

Whatever, I want that top draft pick and anyone questioning my allegiance to the Broncos–you’ll be thanking me in April when the draft rolls around and it’s the most exciting Broncos pick in years. Hell there’s a chance we could have the second or third pick and the Bills are most certainly drafting a quarterback.

Oh, and anyone all up in arms over this “spygate” crap and the “integrity of the game”–they’re a bunch of weenies. This Glazer and some doofus from Yahoo sports are a couple of unctuous turds funneling information from some two-bit rat in the Broncos organization. Whoever the rat is better get fired and frogmarched the hell out of Denver, that’s for damn sure. Probably some older loser who doesn’t like taking orders from the younger MCDaniels. Anyone up in arms over McDaniels blasting the coaches in front of the owner after the Raiders game are a bunch of weenies too. Those coaches sure as hell deserved it–owner around or not.

I heard from that Panff that Horvil Tiki got kicked out of his Aunt’s house over an argument with his grandfather about the Broncos, old grandfather probably took my side of things and ol’ Tiki couldn’t handle the truth. The Broncos suck this year and I want a top five pick. Playoff hopes are a distant memory and I want Tebow starting–I know the “safe” thing to do is start him the last two home games–but I don’t care I want this McDaniels to show some balls and get him in there sooner rather than later in a losing season. Hell, just giving Tebow an expanded role in the offense would suffice but this McDaniels seems to be ball-less on the issue.

Instead we’ll tune in to see Cuckoo Man once again spearheading an offense that goes to sleep for three quarters and a game show host fielding a defense that plays tiddly winks while the QB sits back and decimates us. Happy happy, joy joy.

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Tebow Time

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

I know this team. I know this quarterback.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post recently stated “Kyle Orton needs the reps,” because the Broncos are paying out the ass for him next season.

Kyle Orton needs the reps. Is that some kind of joke?

Is that a joke?

How long has this guy been in the league, and he’s been in this offense for two years? He needs the *(^*in reps?

Cuckoo Man needs to sit on the bench. Yes, he’s played well and he probably is the starter next year. Hopefully the team gets improved because you need defense and a running game with Orton as your QB. No matter, I want that Tebow getting valuable experience in a losing season. I want Tebow in there sooner than later and I want an actual QB competition in the offseason.

Orton is having a Pro Bowl season–sure. Kyle Orton isn’t whats wrong with the Denver Broncos even though Kyle Orton isn’t clutch.

But if you don’t know what you have in Kyle Orton then you don’t know turd.

Kyle Orton is a game manager, he is accurate, he doesn’t have great arm strength–but its not bad–and he’s about as athletic as a one legged goat. On top of that he is not clutch. He is not, and he’s proven that time and time again with the Broncos. You need a good running game, a good defense and good protection and you can win with Kyle Orton, otherwise–good luck.

It’s time to evaluate our first round quarterback selection of 2010. I don’t care if he comes in and lights it up and I don’t care if he comes in and stinks up the place. I happen to think Tebow’s dynamic abilities to run when plays break down could be a boon to the Broncos. Elway, McNabb, Young won some games with their feet. Tebow has a knack for finding the holes and bouncing it outside if there are none. Some people claim Orton could make all of Tebow’s runs but that is false. Orton doesn’t have Tebow’s running vision and Orton is much more fragile. Tebow needs to be evaluated and he needs to play in order for the Broncos to have a real quarterback competition in 2011. Oh, and if you think we’re going to trade Kyle Orton in the offseason before any competition begins then you don’t know turd either. Talk about a surefire way to get a coach fired: trade Kyle Orton away and start the season off with a totally unproven rookie player, yeah that’s just genius. Unbelievable some of these people. I want Tebow starting for valuable experience and to see what he flashes–is he a player in this league? I want to see sooner rather than later. It has little to do with Kyle Orton’s play and everything to do with the fact that a Franchise F*^&*%in Quarterback Could Be On The Clock When The Denver Broncos Make Their 2011 First Round Selection.

We could be picking in the top five. I have no confidence in this team even winning one more game this season. What is Orton going to prove? He can take us to 6 and 10, maybe?

It’s Tebow Time. Yes, Orton is probably the starter next year. Unless he gets beat out in a real QB competition and if that’s the case he will be benched. He was benched in Chicago, he will get benched in Denver too. He’s a team player, Tebow is a team player, they are not prima donna losers who will whine, cry and demand a trade if they end up riding pine.

Tebow Time–no question.

I’ve had enough of  “he isn’t ready,” he better be ready, he’s our second string quarterback and a first round pick.  “Orton’s calling the protections not Walton,”–to which I say, if that’s true, then our center needs to become a professional and start calling the protections.

When’s he gonna be ready, eh? 2013? The way it’s going this coach has one more year tops. We’re gonna sit there on draft day 2011 in the top five (or close to it) and pass on a franchise quarterback because we’re waiting on Tebow to get ready? Screw that. It’s Tebow Time.

It better be.

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Broncos Lose to the Rams – What Else is New?

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

It’s the third quarter, but I can predict the future.

Defense sucks, offense sucks, other than that everything’s just peachy. We just lost to a team that was 1-15 last year and I’m not even fazed by it.

I feel sorry for people who got excited over the fact that the Broncos still had a shot at the playoffs.

This is a low day in Broncos history, you can add to it Huckdort having a banner day and Hillis running for 131 yards. By the way, Alphonso Smith? I don’t really mind that he went to the Lions. You watch the Lions this week? He’s a horrible tackler and gave horrible effort overall. We’re OK at cornerback but it doesn’t matter because our defense sucks overall and our pass rush is non-existent.

Yes I am a Broncos fan. I’ve been a Broncos fan since 1975. I’ve been a Broncos fan through thick and thin. But I don’t care, I’ve had it with 2010.

I want a top five pick.

I don’t want the Broncos to win another game this season. I’m rooting for the Bills, the Panthers, the Vikings and others.

I want a top five pick and I don’t give two $#[^$ if that means the coach’s ass.

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Josh McDaniels Fined 50,000 Dollars – I Am Outraged

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Josh McDaniels Peewee HermanWhat do we have here? Is this a head coach, or is this Peewee Herman?

Is this Peewee’s Playhouse he’s running here? Along with sideshow superstar extraordinaire Wink Martindale?

What the hell is wrong with Josh McDaniels? This recent turn of events brings shame to the organization, if it was this McDaniels reporting this taping incident, then it shames the throwback coach–and he certainly ain’t one.

I heralded this McDaniels as a genius in February right after he was hired–I’m certainly rethinking it. First of all he was labeled as some kind of offensive genius and we sure as hell ain’t seen it yet. Second, I believed he was the second coming of Sun Tsu, and he sure as hell ain’t that.

If someone gave Sun Tsu valuable information, Sun Tsu would probably reward that person. He wouldn’t rat him out. He wouldn’t play Mr. Altar Boy and boot the guy’s ass out the door.


This brings shame to the spirit of the throwback coach, shame to the spirit of George Halas. I just mocked that pumpkinhead Madden, but I’ll bet you anything he wouldn’t have turned this information down. Not that six minutes of tape is anything special–still I don’t give a rat’s ass about the taping and whether anybody knew anything about it prior or previous–you don’t rat on your own.

If McDaniels ratted out his own, he’s a rat. Some of you out there might applaud, but he’ll get no brownie points from me on this one.

If McDaniels ratted this guy out, then earth to McDaniels: Grow up.

If he wasn’t the rat, then someone in the organization did and they have to go. That someone better get frogmarched the hell out of town lickety split.

Update: It looks like its unclear whether McDaniels was the one who reported the incident. Whatever, I don’t like the fact that it even saw the light of day. A genius doesn’t get caught. Now you got a bunch of weenies mad at the organization, aghast that the Broncos could do such a thing–what a bunch of weenies.

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Friday, November 26th, 2010

Who Cares?


In other news, Jay Huckdort’s schedule is getting tougher, let the Dorts commence.

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Looking Forward to the St. Louis Game?

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

I’m not. I’m not even updating the graphic, screw it I can’t be bothered.

Happy Thanksgiving to you people out there. Don’t cut any boofarts at the table. You know things are bad in Broncos land when I find myself agreeing with Woodrow for once on that Tebow.

My condolences to the family of Rob Lytle on his passing at the too young age of 56. I’ll never forget the AFC  Championship game where he fumbled against the Raiders and it wasn’t called. We got a huge gimme and I loved it. I especially loved it since it was Pumpkinhead’s last game in Denver and he ranked it as his second all time worst moment as coach of the Raiders. Serves him right, couldn’t happen to a better pumpkin-headed dirigible buffoon.

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Broncos 14 Chargers 35 – One More Loss to Tebow Time

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

So the same old Broncos showed up, eh? This team didn’t have me fooled. I don’t trust them. How can you this season?

One more loss until we start Tebow. I bet we’ll lose another game and this coach won’t start Tebow, but he better–I will start going $%#^&# crazy on this coaching staff each week until he does. It won’t be pretty.

Some people miss the point entirely of the Tebow situation. If you think Tebow is going to “save the season” then you’re most likely a gooned out goober or some insane Gators fan swept up in Tebowmania. No, it isn’t about saving the season (maybe saving it from boredom)  It’s about giving a rookie first round quarterback valuable experience in a losing year and at the same time creating a legitimate quarterback competition next year. Let’s face it, the way things are going this McDaniels only has one more year, it’s time to put in the kid and let him get valuable playing time. What’s Orton gonna prove this year, eh? That he’ll take us to a valiant 7 and 9? Some joke that is. Put in the kid and let’s evaluate him, see what he flashes out there, and next year we’ll have a quarterback competition. If Orton wins it, fine then he’s our best option. Plus, let’s say Timmy Teebs makes big strides next offseason, are you gonna be confident in this kid starting with no actual game experience?

Last night’s game in a nutshell: Broncos offense three and out. Broncos unable to put pressure on the quarterback.

This team is a bad team, they are mediocre at best. It’s not a complete disaster though. Looking forward, we have young talent and teams that are 6-10 can rebound to 10-6 in one year, it happens. The loss of Dumervil was huge on defense, the loss of Ayers was the dagger in the proverbial heart. As of right now, I want us to acquire a good linebacker next year with the first pick, defensive lineman, one more offensive lineman, safety and a big running back–I don’t trust Lendale White coming back and I’ve about had it with Correll Buckhalter.

Wouldn’t bother me to see Dawkins go next year. He’s been ineffective as of late. If Champ stays or goes it wouldn’t bother me either way quite honestly. Yes he’s a good player, yes he’s a class act, but his departure could mean a lot of money saved. Money possibly well spent on a younger free agent defensive lineman or linebacker. We have some talent at cornerback–all depends on their development. If this Cox is a player in his second year, are we gonna have him riding pine? Playing nickel?

Lately I don’t get emotional watching the Broncos. I know they’re a mediocre team. But what pisses me off is this team’s failure to achieve anything in a horrible AFC west division. Time and time again we’re in position to knock the Chargers out of the playoffs,  kick the Chargers to the bottom of the AFC west and it always ends in failure. The Chargers are the measuring stick of the Broncos from here on out. If we can beat them, we can beat similar teams like the Colts, like New England… until then… it’s T Minus 9 to Tebow Time.

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hey guy elephant gonad

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

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