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Broncos to Re-Sign Le Kevin Smith

Did you hear that people? Due to D.J. Williams severe lack of acuity, I heard it’s possible the Broncos are gonna re-sign Le Kevin Smith. Never fear folks, help is on the way.

In other news: Peyton Hillis is lighting up the league. I guess we could be happy for him. He didn’t do anything with our blocking, and all three of our running backs combined can’t put up the numbers he registers per game with the Browns. Having Hillis on our roster wouldn’t help our running problems none. Although we all knew he was a player and a late round steal–we certainly got horrible trade value for him. Same with that Alphonso Smith, we got some Gronkowski goober who can’t catch. I hear he can’t block either. Smith’s trade stings a little less since we have Cox and that Syd Quan who look promising–the real loss is the first round pick we gave up for him in the first place, some kind of joke that was and is.

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P.P.’s Straight Shootin’ – Broncos Losing Season Edition

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Hey guy Dont Worry Help Is Come to Bronco

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

the dung beetle curse on Chef guy

What go on guy. I cannot belief the bronco guy. Grandfather not even watch game. No watch game even. the bronco cannot wing guy what give. they no seal they deal the crap in pant effort is no good enough guy. what happens/ what happend to Bronco I unbelieve this guy. I unbleieve this.

Granfather beat ground with thumping pole looking east. He see the wind guy he see the invescoe even I think from far away. Hey guy it up on mile high mountain it could do this maybe. He look side ways. He look with the squint eye and make circle in sand. He say he gon start cursing the bronco enemy guy. He say this start now next week the corny Chef will be first curse.

First cure to corny chef. THis how badly bronco need help. I did not ask granfather to do this guy but he made up with this he self. He say dastic time need dastic measures. This is the dastic maesure guy and grandfather can will curse the enemy team now. I think there gon be rain of toad in the kansa city guy. Oh yes. nOt if but when. The first curse is curse of mighty dung beetle curse. Dung beetle is so corny guy. Corny like chef player run over by the Spence Larsend. Corny dung beetle roller he ball of many filths all day. He fumble ball easy. Easy to take he corny stink ball from he. He return to house from rolling it smell like total crappy guy. Total crappy in all he ways in he diseasive shell. He can no see any thing you know what I saying. Disease feild disease crop and the chef player fumbleistis. The chef player will have fumbleistis like the bronco have when they play the raider guy that was foul.

The dung beetle curse begin this next sunday guy. Granfather also shoot memorial pea when kicking. The kick for feild goal grandfather shoot the pea through straw at kicker guy. I think someone done shooted the pea at the Matty Prated when he kick ball all kind of crazy guy. What was that guy. WHAT was that you know what I saying. The prated kick ball veering all kind of crazy guy. Long time ago I pactice for golf team and I ruin window guy. Huge window of school no one was there after school so I run and not stop running guy. Granfather say if they find that would have to pay out hind quart for window guy.I not mean it. I hit golf ball as hard as I can guy. You know what I saying. I come to play I come correct I give the 100 pecent efforts guy not the crap in pant effart yes.  I come correct to golf tee and POW and and ball make this sound it say weeeeen” it done say weeeeen all way to left side and bash window guy so the badly. I run like there is no tomorow guy. This what happen to the Matty Prated kicker on sunday in london guy that was foul. Who make this foul schedual for bronco guy come on. Two year in row the foulest schedual I though 8 and 8 team get break guy the bronco get no break then they ship to london for jet lagging. no break guy none of they.

Bronco must win out. Only way. Only hope. Bronco must win all they 8 game guy. All of them. Just like giant albino bronco crab collect all they footballs. It start on sunday guy next sunday grandfather begin cursing all day. I hope it work guy cause the bronco need this. Where is the robet ayer is he coming back guy. Bronco cant buy win guy. Even if ten cent bronco cant buy win guy and that is foul.

no tiki torch til we win guy. just forget.

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