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Bandon Loyd Pro Bowler Now Holmes

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Oh yes. the brandon loyd done make pro bowl. He pro bowler guy, no mess around. The tim tebone resurect bronco. The brandon loyd resurect he career yes., for real guy for real. he was like nowhere guy now he flying high above the invescoe stadiat. I hope we sine the bandon loyd ugy. I wan the see the bandon loyd make catch all over you field huge bomb for six all day like he do. You cant see this guy. he say he dione say you cant see this holmes you know hwat I saying. He is the bomb receive tebow need. I happy for the loyd guy.


Chanp Bailey get diss real BAD guy. he no make pro bowl. what give. I bet it because bronco have dooky record. but the chanp bailey have good year. they done diss the baily in madden too every year they drop he ponts that is foul guy. real foul. CHanp baley shut down you hole field? He shut down you hole side of feild holmes what give? wehere is the respect for you bailey guy. Bronco need to win if the chanp bailey come back restore honor to you baiely yes. dont be corny and ruin mad rep of the chanp guy come on.

time tpo vote for the tim tebone crazy never say player of week.

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Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

time teboneHey guy what go on. The tim tebone make grandfather mad. Granfather clam down when he see bronco still have 2 pick. I was very happy for bronco but I did not say any thing to offset grandfather. The tim tebone done juke guy out of sock 76 yard drive touchdown run to juking glory and 6. All day. ALL DAY LIKE THIS> GRANDFATHER FAVRITE GUY THE SID KON TONFLISON DONE PICK BALL OFF. WHO IS THIS GUY. WHERE IS THIS GUY HE ALWAYS MAKEY THE PLAY. THE SID KON TOMLISOM MAKE ALL THE PLAYS GUY ALL OF THEM.’


TEBOW HATthat was cool to have bronco win game final. Like the john elways legends of four quarter win. The tebone come correct. the defence come correct in darkest hour. now we get the revenge on charger guy. the charger will meet power of tgfhe tim tebone and all crazy mess will break loose yes. I gon write letter to mad crazy fool tebone., It know he will get it guy. It say happy bronco have the tebone power and is heavan alive? can I eat macaroni cheese in heavan all day and never get full? will bronco cheerleader be there? all of them?

I think the tebone will know all of this I await his return letter I know he will guy. he cant have that many letter yes. not like elway when I send card for elway to sine I get back card sine but grandfather say machine do it it look to the perfect scrift yes. but what ever guy. the tim tebone is rolling he can run throw he can punt pass kick into end zone guy like some mad crazy fool. the new era of bronco begin. tiki torch tebone yes.

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Broncos 24 Texans 23 Cue the Tim Tebow Song

Sunday, December 26th, 2010
Tim Tebow

Getty Images

The only reason I’m not pissed off is some of the other losing teams won this week so this win doesn’t sting. We better not win next week. It’s time to start Brady Quinn. I’m worried the Chargers have capitulated, they got blown out by Cincinnati and that ain’t good. Hopefully our defense will get shredded next week.

You see them points on the board the last two weeks, eh? It’s still early, but Tebow deserves credit for his first two NFL starts. The interception sucked but that’s what rookies do, hell even Orton throws picks like that once in a while. Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe dissed Tebow three weeks ago, and both of them looked like they saw a ghost after this game. The kid makes some good throws, throwing motion be damned.

Timmy Tebow was clutch and he did some things Kyle Orton can’t do besides running with the football: he generated excitement and mounted a fourth quarter comeback to win a game.

Warning, the following two videos are NSFW:

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why i always failure

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

i get kick out of aunt house because grandfather. grandfather starat cursing the bronco guy. he curse them i cannot belief this. how can he do this guy. He cursing and say the foul pp is right and bronco need have best pick in draft. I get mad at grandfather. I get mad i come here to own site and hear enogh of this foulment of bronco by pp guy and now grandfather agree . he AGREE wit h the pp guy. what give. why do bronco always lose. always losing. where is the bronco cheerleader guy. where is they. I do not see enough of they on screen what give. they work hard all year and eat grain for to make littel  waist yes. why not they get more air time on doirectonal tv yes. I want to see the bronco cheerleader at stiation break not corny head of troy aiksman.

i get kick out of aunt house for try to stop grandfather. I get job in city with the efficancy apartment. it real corny guy, real corny. no directional tv no pc no internet no cable guy. not even cable guy you know what i saying. friend say I stay home because my place lacking in all so many things. aunt come get on christmas guy. she say dont mess  with grandfather. I do not mess with grandfather. Granfather say I must print he haiku for all to see if i stay here now guy. I no want to do this but I have to you know what I saying. grandafather say I need to do this he better see on site and for i stop false hopes of grand bronco sunshine.

I no want to rite this guy but I have has to yes. i no want to smear bronco i sorry for thsi. I want the macaroni cheese. i want the directional tv and pc. i did not see the tim tebone first ever game I done only hear it. done only hear it guy that was foul.  i do not want to miss any moar bronco game guy. i must do wat grandfather say. he say i to much fan of the bronco. how can what this be. i no question grandfather this one time i want the macaroni cheese the air condition the directional tv. the many living goods. if i had fine bronco cheerleader we could live in efficancy with her all we I would need is simple thing for days of glory i not care but i do no have bronco cheerleader yes.

grandfather say


bronco so sorry

always crap in pant effort

bronco lose again


bronco like dooky

it turd all over so badly

it corny and smell


invescoe nitemare

shanhan leave too the early

no one go to game


horton is corny

noodler arm never get done

cutsper triumph laugh


three and elevens

defence stink like drunk chicken

bronco fart again


mcdanels failure

dove valley woe beated juke

elways take over


second pick in draft

charger chef raider fan laugh

bronco so crappy


foul toad farting bleats

high in denver stadiat

everything smell


offence line crappy

morenote minus two yard

we fire all caoches


defence no pass rush

the dawkin miss tackle bad

horton is not win


bronco loose again

bronco smell total crappy

get new guy for caoch


bronco is like sad man

all things he do is failure

food have no flavor


mcdanel corny

throw flashlight at bowlen car

empty seats again


i did not want to do this guy but i have to yes. i sorry so sorry. i watch bronco gametoday.

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PP’s Christmas List Does Not Include the Following Coaches

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Marty Schottenheimer

1. Marty Schottenheimer: For God sakes talk about living in the past, we’ll field a decent team in the regular season, then we’ll be looking for a new coach who can win in the playoffs.

2. Mike Mularkey: About as boring a choice as one could possibly imagine–might as well get Ditka to come out of retirement, at least that would be interesting.

3. Mike Nolan: Overrated, plus he already had his chance as head coach in this league.

4. Gary Kubiak: A cornball idea probably brought up by that Numby at the Post, Elway and Kubiak in control of the Broncos has Numby written all over it. Elway fine, Kubiak not so much–he had his shot with the Texans.

5. Jim Fassel: Head coach? No. Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach? Sure. Although keeping Ben McDaniels as quarterbacks coach might not be a bad idea–his brother probably taught him everything he needs to know.

I don’t really care who the Broncos hire as long as it’s none of these characters.

Bowlen prefers offensive-minded head coaches. He likes offensive minds because he likes his team to have star power at quarterback. He’s not a stout-defense/run-the-ball kind of owner. It’s a sound, core philosophy. Football franchises are about winning, first, but they’re also about entertainment. Mike Klis-Denver Post

George Costanza SeinfeldBowlen should take a page out of the ridiculous life of George Costanza and do the opposite of hiring an offensive guru this time.

After a lifetime mired in complete suckage, one day George Costanza found the wherewithal to do the opposite of everything he normally did. For once, everything fell into place for him, everything turned out for the better.

Instead of some offensive guru, instead of some finesse loving goober it’s time the Broncos had a defensive minded head coach. This team needs defense more than it needs offense. The offense may not be far away, add a complimentary running back, add one or two road graters on the line and we’re in business. The defense is far away from becoming a great unit, if we make the right moves and if we have good coaching it can be a serviceable unit. If.

I bet that Numby will be rearing up a leg and cutting boofarts at the table tomorrow, cutting dusty boofarts as he talks up the old days and the arrival of Kubiak in Denver.

For most of you people tomorrow is Christmas, so Happy Holidays and whatever.

For P.P. Dublinski, tomorrow is Saturday with a prime rib.

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If the Broncos Trade Kyle Orton…

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

The Broncos should get a third or fourth round pick for Orton, should they go that route.

A third rounder at best, a fourth rounder at worst. Some team will pony up a  third or a fourth for him. I’m betting Orton will play for two or three more teams during his long career in the NFL. He’s a decent quarterback, he’s  a starter on many teams and he was one of the Broncos best players this year. He’s limited in what he can do, yet a Cardinals or Vikings team could show interest in him. Orton may even have a little success on a good team, he could even muster a playoff run, but ultimately his game is incomplete and he will always have some young rookie breathing down his neck.

The Race for the #1 Pick

If the Broncos lose the next two games and the Panthers win one, the Broncos will have the very first pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

Carolina won’t win tonight, but they could win their next game. The Falcons could clinch home field advantage with a win this week and they could bench their starters for the Carolina game.

It doesn’t matter much, since we would trade the first pick, but I’ll take that or the second pick. If the Broncos win and bump themselves out of the top 5 I will be rightly pissed.

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Broncos Must Start Brady Quinn in the Da’Quan Bowers Bowl

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Well we know what we got in Tebow, he’s a gamer out there. He proved himself last Sunday. He looked decent, but now it’s time to start Brady Quinn. We traded away Peyton Hillis for Quinn, we gave up a good player there and it’s time to see what our backup quarterback can do.

Tebow just signed a deal with FRS, he just chose this healthy energy drink company over Gatorade. It’s probably the worst possible time to risk injury to Tebow on the heels of his new business venture. It’s a losing season, he doesn’t have anything to prove so we should bench his ass this Sunday and let the Mighty Quinnby take over–it’s only fair.

Quinn hasn’t been given any chances to shine out there and I want justice. Let the kid play.

I am worried as hell the Broncos will win this Sunday against the Texans. Hopefully Kubiak will get all pumped up to score a victory over his old team. Hopefully the Texans can run all day on us.

Da'Quan BowersI officially designate this Sunday’s game against the Texans the Da’Quan Bowers Bowl.

The Broncos currently hold the second pick in the 2011 draft and I DO NOT want them to win another game. Get Tebow the hell out of there, let him rest for next season.

Da’Quan Bowers is just what we need, he’s the Michael Strahan, the Julius Peppers this organization needs and we better hold the second pick in the draft to land him. All this talk of us desperately needing a cornerback is ludicrous, it’s crazy even if Champ Bailey leaves. That’s right, we have a Champ Bailey starting now and look at the good it does us–not. The Broncos need a Champ Bailey in the front seven. The Broncos must pay out the ass for the  star defensive lineman we desperately need. This Bowers is the ticket. They better also pay out the ass to acquire an offensive lineman this offseason. I prefer a veteran run blocker, enough with these rookies in training.

Our defense can switch to a 4-3 scheme, we’ll have Dumervil on one side, Bowers on the other and we can move Ayers to linebacker along with Haggan and D.J Williams. Maybe even put that Joe Mays in the middle, let him knock some heads in there.

The Broncos should do the right thing and sit Tebow for this Texans game, if not, the future of the franchise hangs in the balance.

Start Brady Quinn now.

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Assaulting Women – What the Hell is Going On in Denver?

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Former Broncos linebacker Kevin Alexander pleads not guilty to assaulting his girlfriend.

What the hell is going on in Denver? Is there something in the damn water?

Note to Broncos players: Start beating the Raiders and stop beating up women.

Tebow Gets A+ For Poise

Timmy Teebs showed a lot of poise out there last Sunday starting his first NFL game in a tough atmosphere. He looked the same in preseason: This kid don’t get rattled.

The game isn’t above him, there’s no deer in the headlights, no chicken with its head cut off nonsense going on with Tebow. I remember John Elway’s disastrous first game against the Eagles and I remember a rookie named Brad Lee Van Pelt. Remember him well because I sold a boatload of his rookie cards after his preseason debut. A stellar debut that drove up the price of his cards 300 percent. He was out there in preseason running and gunning, he looked like the second coming of John Elway out there. Later on he started a game in the middle of the season–a complete disaster. Deer in the headlights all the way baby. The false disciple of Elway crashed and burned, a good thing after PP made out like a bandit selling off Van Pelt’s rectangular cardboard promises of false hope.

They Love Tebow, Hate McDaniels

In a morbid juxtaposition of insanity, many fans cheer the rookie quarterback while they scorn the man responsible for making him a Denver Bronco. They ran McDaniels out of here, yet they love the QB he wanted to mold into a Super Bowl champion. Like Mike Lombardi says, they ran a genius out of town prematurely and now the coaching staff is left in shambles. Saw a piece on the great Geno Auriemma, a coach that has lead his Uconn Woman’s Basketball team to greatness time and time again. The players say their coach is tough on them even after a win. Whether it’s a win or a loss the coach is ruling with an iron fist. A Woman’s Basketball team can take heavy handed instruction from a winner, but these Broncos can’t. They couldn’t take being harassed by a man with three Super Bowl rings and they drove him out of here just like Bobby Knight was driven out of Ohio. They drove out the truth because they couldn’t handle it. Now I fear we’ll return to the sorry days of practicing without pads–a good idea, only if you’re the 1998-99 Broncos. Those teams deserved such a privilege. This team? Not so much.

I’m Worried We’ll Win this Sunday

The Texans suck, they are fighting amongst themselves and they seem to have capitulated. I’m worried we’ll win this game and that it will bump us up in the draft order. Although other crap teams winning this week helps out the overall situation even if we do win this Sunday. The Texans can usually run the football, that’s a good thing. Hopefully they will, hopefully Timmy Teebs plays great and the defense gives up 200 yards on the ground. I’m hoping for a final score of 28-30 “They lost, but Tebow played well.”

Huckdort Triumphs Over Garbage

Hucky Dorts is feeling his oats out there, the commentators are starting to talk him up–he’ll be a superstar with Mike Martz.

Unfortunately for the Bears, you can’t take the Dort out of the Huck.

Hucky Dorts is one of the luckiest players in football this year. You see the train wreck called the Vikings out there? I’ve watched the Bears play the Vikings twice this year and the decrepit nature of Minnesota’s secondary is second to none. My grandmother could have picked off one of those passes, yet a 28 yr old NFL linebacker in prime condition can’t get it done? These guys are woeful. They left three easy Dorts on the field. Some of these guys looked so surprised by the incredible inaccuracy of Huckdort–they looked like they just got finished with the neighbors cat after dropping those sure picks. Unbelievable. It’s OK though. Hucky is setting up for massive Dorts–the season ending Dort. Chicago will be one and done in the playoffs against a real team and they’ll realize what I already know: They are the worst 10-4 team in football and they’ll need to build a better team in order to go any further in the playoffs. Even if they do progress personnel wise, there is always the possibility of the season ending Dort with Huckster at the helm. When the pressure is on, when the game is on the line against a good team: Huck will be Dorting. It’s a wing and a prayer if you trust in Dort.

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