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Dan Marino Labels Tim Tebow a Bust

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Today on the CBS NFL pregame show, the great, all knowing, all powerful Dan Marino claimed Tim Tebow is a bust.

Before Tim Tebow takes to the field in a Broncos uniform in any real NFL capacity, Dan Marino is sure Tebow is a bust.

Are you effing kidding me?

Dan Marino Goober

The Ultimate Dolphin

Is Colt McCoy a bust? A rookie quarterback that has actually started some games this year, can we call McCoy a bust now?

If we are intelligent individuals who actually rely on research and logic, then we really can’t label McCoy a bust for another year or two unless he gets beat out by some stumblebum.

Tim Tebow is a rookie riding pine because he’s behind–like him or not–a legitimate Pro Bowl quarterback. Did anyone expect Tebow to beat out Orton this year? I sure as hell didn’t, the only scenario I could imagine is if Orton got injured and Tebow got in and played like gangbusters.

Yet the all knowing Marino labels Tebow a bust before the rookie QB starts even one NFL game.

What an absolute joke, and you have Shannon Sharpe sitting there agreeing with him. On top of that, Sharpe says this franchise has been set back “3 to 4 years” due to personnel decisions and lack of talent.

These NFL pundits operate just like political pundits. They have their little favorites and they throw out a bunch of poorly researched, uneducated crap. When time proves them wrong, they clam up about the issue and they just go on to the next issue–once again spouting off a bunch of crap like ill formed sea cucumbers or facsimiles thereof.

We don’t know if Tebow is a bust, he hasn’t started a single game outside the preseason. A preseason effort where he looked pretty good mind you, he played well overall, but losers like Trent Dilfer harp on one play.

One M*&875&^in’ play.

One play in the preseason and this kid is surely unable to perform in this league? What an absolute friggen joke.

Marino must have some crystal ball, I suppose he can see the future. He can critique a rookie quarterback before said rookie has even started one game.

As for Sharpe’s comment that the Broncos have been set back three to four years–he don’t know that. This team has talent, this team had the potential to go 10 and 6 this year. This same team went 6 and 0 in 2009, and with a soft schedule and a good draft, this team could make the playoffs next year. The Broncos won’t be contending for a Super Bowl that soon, but to say this team doesn’t have the talent to turn things around anytime soon and reach the playoffs¬† is a load of crap.

Dumervil returns and our defense needs a couple more impact players on the front seven. Our cornerbacks are good enough, even if Champ Bailey is traded–plus drafting one safety would help. Knowshon Moreno is certainly capable of being a 1,000 yard back–anyone saying otherwise isn’t very astute. Our offensive line is talented but young and we need one more player there, preferably a top notch guard. Our starting receivers are excellent and we have very promising rookie wideouts who haven’t even reached their full potential. What team is this Sharpe looking at to make that statement? Kyle Orton, while he hasn’t been good in the clutch, he has a legitimate shot at the Pro Bowl this year. This team had bad injuries in 2010, rookies on the offensive line and horrible luck. Horrible inconsistency. This team didn’t perform to its potential this year. To say the Broncos traded away all their top talent is a crock. Peyton Hillis was the one bad deal–we need a change of pace back and we let Hillis go and didn’t have a replacement. The departure of Alphonso Smith doesn’t hurt the team much, he isn’t all that great anyways. Tony Scheffler shouldn’t even be mentioned. Kyle Orton is a vastly different quarterback than Huckdort Cutler, yet he protects the ball and their production has been about equal since the trade. Brandon Lloyd is playing better than that other Brandon, and you don’t have to worry about him melting down on the field and getting suspended for a year.

If we draft well, make a couple good free agent acquisitions I don’t see how you can say this team can’t be a playoff team for the next three to four years.

It can turn around quickly–especially in the AFC West for crying out loud.

As for Dan Marino, I am glad he never won a Super Bowl. As for Sharpe, let’s just say I am glad the Broncos had leaders like Terrell Davis and John Elway to keep that Sharpe’s humongous ego in check.

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Trade Champ Bailey to the Ravens or Patriots

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Screw Kiszla

Now I don’t really care whether Champ Bailey comes back next year or not–the point being, it’s not an absolute must that Bailey stays a Bronco.

Champ Bailey

Kickin it with “Kiz” eh? How bout kickin’ this one “Kiz” : Champ Bailey still shuts down his receiver but the Broncos defense still sucks?

Gee I wonder why? Maybe we should pay Champ Bailey a mint each year so he can still shut down his receiver? While the rest of our defensive backs get burnt to a crisp?

This team needs players on the defensive line. If we don’t address that, we’ll still suck on defense, even if we have two Champ Baileys out there.

Kicking Champ Bailey’s contract could enable us to sign two good players.

We need a pass rush, we need dynamic players on that defensive line. If we don’t address that, yet again, then we’ll continue to make opposing Jamarcus Russell’s look like Hall of Fame field generals out there.

Giving these opposing quarterbacks all day to throw has been killing us, how bout the ass end of that Jets game, eh? That Sanchez shouldn’t have had the time to throw a wing and a prayer duck in the first place.

Champ’s contract would free up space, Goodman is good, Cox is good (but he may or may not be around after this sexual assault case–isn’t that just what we needed? What’s with these Broncos players and hitting women anyways?), that Syd’Quan looks talented and there is always free agency or the draft. We don’t need to replace Champ Bailey with a Champ Bailey, I’d rather see us get someone serviceable enough in there along with a revamped defensive line that actually puts pressure on the quarterback.

Dumervil is coming back next year, but the sack talents of Dumervil alone is not enough. There’s no guarantee he’ll have another 17 sack performance, 10? Probably, but that still isn’t enough.

Champ seems disgruntled at all the changes we’re making, and that’s fine. He can walk, and we can trade him to a contender. It’s like the Ray Bourque deal where the woeful Bruins sent their perennially great older defensman to the Colorado Avalanche.

If Champ comes back, fine, but it’s not the end of the world if we trade him. If we trade him, we’ll get something good in return and he gets to play for a contender in the twilight of his career, plus we we can free up money to address other needs.

Sounds like a win-win.

I have a feeling we will re-sign him, then he’ll pull up gimpy legged with a hamstring for 7 games next year–and the year after–that’s the way our luck is going.

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The Case for Studesville

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

There is a chance Eric Studesville is the Broncos head coach next season.

Eric Studesville Broncos

AP Photo

The Broncos claim the next coach will not have final say on roster moves, although I happen to think they are making a scapegoat out of McDaniels, I don’t believe the Broncos brass simply bowed to his every personnel decision.

Bowlen and the Broncos brass have basically “reclaimed” the team and they will now have much greater influence over personnel decisions.

Do you think for a second that a big name former NFL coach is going to find that attractive?

I think not, which leads me to believe we’ll pick a guy without an ego, a guy that has no problem with the Broncos brass running the proverbial show. A guy that is just happy to have an NFL head coaching job.

A guy like Eric Studesville.

Studesville is a guy who is thrilled to be head coach and I’m sure he didn’t have any problems when Bowlen and Co. sat him down to say OK this is how it’s gonna be. Studesville might be a guy who the players like, he might be a good motivator. He certainly looks and seems like a tough guy. Can you imagine Todd Haley pointing his finger and cursing this guy out after a game? I bet this Studesville would grab that Haley by his dinky little arm and twist him into a pretzel.

Eric Studesville Broncos

Studesville is just happy to have a head coaching job, I’m sure he doesn’t care that the Broncos brass will run things with a heavier hand.

I replayed his press conference–he did a decent job. He might be just what the Broncos are looking for: An agreeable guy that is happy to have the job, perhaps he is a good leader and a motivator. Maybe it’s time this team gave the reins to a tough guy, I have grown a little tired of these Denver Broncos “offensive genius” coaches anyways.

Eric Studesville Broncos Head Coach

AP Photo

I’ll be honest with you. If this Studesville does stick, and if the Broncos go 11 and 5 next year, then I’ll love him. Yet I am unwavering in my hope for a top five pick in this draft. I want this team to lose the rest of their games by three points each game. If we start winning, that sucks as far as I’m concerned–we’ll end up picking tenth or some crap. I want that top five pick, I know they can bust out, but at least we’ll have the chance to draft a game changer.

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Rejoicing Over McDaniels Firing? Bowlen Deserves Criticism

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Josh McDaniels is gone and his detractors are rejoicing. Unfortunately for the Denver Broncos, the team’s problems run much more deep than Josh McDaniels.

Bowlen picked Josh McDaniels. Broncos Joe Ellis admits today they gave coach McDaniels too much control.

Let’s review: Pat Bowlen fires Mike Shanahan–Shanahan deserved to be fired. Then Bowlen picks a surprise successor in 32 year old Josh McDaniels. On top of that, the organization admits McDaniels was given too much power from the start.

I suppose Shanahan had too much power too. People want to bellyache about our recent drafts with McDaniels, well how about Shanahan’s recent drafts, eh? How about Jarvis Moss and Tim Crowder? Talk about a disaster, a disaster setting a franchise back a few years.

People say “All we needed was to keep Cutler and Marshall and draft defense.” To them I say: “Don’t you think Mike Shanahan tried doing that?”

Ever since the final years of Shanahan’s tenure, this team has had no direction.

We invest in a 32 year old kid who is going to build the Patriots west, we make all kinds of personnel changes and switch to a 3-4 defense and now we’re rebuilding once again. The Broncos are flailing and directionless once again and many players on this team might get the axe. We could have wholesale changes a coming across the board. We start from scratch.

All the while, no or little criticism is sent Bowlen’s way. Some props to Kiszla from the Denver Post:

But can you handle the truth? Firing McDaniels might allow everybody to exhale, but it doesn’t move the Broncos one step closer to bringing back the good times. This is a franchise in a steady decline for a dozen years, since quarterback John Elway retired in the glow of two super seasons that allowed Bowlen to win taxpayer support for the construction of Invesco Field at Mile High.

With only one division title and a single playoff victory during a stretch of 12 NFL seasons, the stadium that promised to keep the Broncos competitive well into the 21st century has become Bowlen’s folly. It’s a beautiful, oddly cold place that leaves fans with such an empty feeling about their beloved team that season- ticket holders tell me they have trouble giving their seats away on any given Sunday.

Now we’ve fired the coach during the season and we don’t have nobody lined up for the job. Who knows who they’ll pick, few saw the Josh McDaniels pick coming. From the statements Ellis made today I believe you can cross any big name coach off the list. We won’t give the coach power, so we’ll probably choose a college guy or an NFL assistant. If I were picking I would strongly consider Jim Harbaugh out of Stanford, but who knows who they will go with. Everything is pure speculation at this point. I don’t believe we’ll see any big NFL name to come in and coach Tebow–although somebody like a Jim Fassel is a possibility, but in a quarterbacks coach position.

Speaking of Tebow

All this talk of “I hope Eric Studesville starts Tebow” is totally misdirected.

Do you really think interim coach Eric Studesville is calling the personnel shots in Dove Valley now?

No way Jose, he may be calling the plays and preparing the team, but this is Bowlen’s team right now.

Starting Tebow is on Bowlen. It’s Bowlens call and he better start Tebow in the last two home games. As much as I want Tebow to start now, I realize the organization is probably going to respect the Pro Bowl hopes of Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd. After week fourteen, all the voting is over and it is absolutely time to start Tebow.

If we do not start Tebow in the final two Broncos home games this season, it will be nothing short of a disgrace and a joke.

Oh yeah, we draft a first round quarterback who we’re not even going to play in a losing season? We’re gonna wait “three years” to see Tebow starting in an actual NFL game? Jimmy Clausen is playing, Colt McCoy is playing–they may not be ready–but they are playing and getting valuable experience.

Note to Bowlen: Start the kid in the final two games.

Also, if Tebow does end up playing this weekend and getting more snaps–it will say something. If he doesn’t play or if it’s the same old four plays–it don’t say anything.

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The Josh McDaniels Trades: Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Let me begin by saving adios to Josh McDaniels who has left the Broncos building tonight. I believe that I had a hand in his departure. Bowlen listens to P.P.

He surely must listen to me. I told him to get rid of Shanahan, and I told him that Jay Huckdort Cutler needed the boot. I said we better start Tebow in this losing season and I even recently turned on McDaniels and Kyle Orton. I called them Diaper Man and Cuckoo Man. I believe this was the last straw. Bowlen saw that I, P.P. Dublinski who heralded Josh McDaniels as a genius back in February of 2009, even I had turned on him.

I said McDaniels was a genius who would rule with an iron fist. I said he would kick the me first prima donna losers like Huckdort and Marshall to the curb. I said we’d practice with pads and field a defense for once.

McDaniels certainly did rule with an iron fist and he certainly did kick the me first prima donna losers on this team to the curb. I will concede that McDaniels is not a genius, not yet. I do believe McDaniels will be a head coach in the future at some point, and I believe he will be a successful one. I believe Belichick is to Cleveland what Josh McDaniels might be to the Broncos: a loser here, a winner somewhere else. But that’s a long ways off, and he’s not a Bronco anymore, so who cares really?

There’s been a lot of commotion over the personnel decisions McDaniels has made over the last two years. A lot of the commotion has been pretty stupid and ill informed if you ask me. Here are my summations of the supposedly controversial Josh McDaniels trades.

Josh McDaniels Trades Review

You win some, you lose some...

Read More→

More BS from Mike Klis

Monday, December 6th, 2010
“…it’s the integrity assaults the organization has taken in the aftermath of their recent videotape violation that has owner Pat Bowlen and chief operating officer Joe Ellis searching for new leadership in their football operations department.”
“(Troy) Calhoun would help restore integrity to a Broncos franchise whose image has been damaged by their recent videogate scandal.” – Mike Klis
First of all, is this Mike Klis’ own embellishment of the article? His opinions? Or is this coming from Bowlen, because I don’t see a quote from Bowlen where the “videogate scandal,” he doesn’t mention it at all.
If it is Mike Klis and his opinion chiming in, then he can stuff it. It’s a total fabrication.
Troy Calhoun, eh? Some unproven college coach is gonna restore integrity to the Broncos, eh?
If that’s the case, color me completely unenthusiastic.
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Broncos running backs coach Eric Studesville (who we acquired from Buffalo this year) is the new interim head coach of the Denver Broncos.

I believe the majority of this coaching staff is pretty much done at the end of this season.

I expect we’ll name a new head coach at the end of the season and there will major changes to the entire coaching staff and probably the roster.

Weird that we’re making this coaching change now, as of now the Denver Broncos are flailing around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Talk about disarray. I don’t buy that “Spygate II” was a factor in this firing. I think it’s just a front, an excuse. There has to be something else going on here.

Oh well, Happy Hannukah.

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Klis: Video Scandal Part of McDaniels Firing

Monday, December 6th, 2010

If this is true, if this video “scandal” played any big part in this decision then maybe the Denver Broncos are worse off than I ever imagined.

If that’s true, then that is a pathetic joke.

Naming an “interim” coach?

We better have someone good lined up for this coaching gig, we better, this better n0t be some knee-jerk pee in your pants sentimental boo hoo $hit. Oh my, the fans hate us over a “scandal” fire the coach–what a pile of crap.

That “scandal” was a non-issue. It wasn’t even a big deal. It was only a big deal to a bunch of weenies with their panties in a bunch.

This whole organization needs to get over it. You’re gonna let a few crying fans run this team, eh? We’ll be on our third head coach, and probably on–God knows– how many defensive coordinators in recent years…

Oh well, it will be fun I guess, maybe this “interim” coach will start Tebow.

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