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hey guy what gop on

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

what go on. I say nothing is go on there is no bronco news guy.None. nothing happen in Denver yes. It all mess up with no football grandfather is very disgrunt there is no trading of free agent it all mess up. Usual it like who we gon get in the free agent but now it so corny guy, it all ruined real foul like. The tebote is do underoos ad that is messed up I did not know they stil have these stupid things. I cant wait for the draft guy it cant soon come enough I cant wait to see who we gon get guy, who the elway will get. some guy day bronco could get qb I said fool you is all messed up that would be crazy guy. He say we get quart back with in the first round I said you sorry guy, so sorry. I like the nick farily he mash guy head so badly I remember the Clady when he fall on guy as get up in college that was so cool. I said I know we need this guy now he will do good ofr the denver.I get same feeling of the fairly.

I met this real fine lady I try to get her number guy I did but she dont talk to me then. I ask for her number and it like she get all wow and run away that was real mess up. Guy in the store say just wiat she will be back and I hope he is right guy. He own store with many thing, chicken wing, beer cola and fruits it pretty cool store and bait for tackle. We make fun of sign that say ice cold ice. It has evry thing excpet the ed macafferty mustards. I cant wait to try this guy but I dont know what else more to put mustard on. grandfather wonder if they are still good if like the expiring date is passing you know what I saying.

I do not hear the giant albino bronco crab in many month now guy. grandfather track on he HAN radio but he say no one has spotted he. I bet he is howling some where out in the water for no football. he is like the only bronco playing football still guy. with all he stolen football.

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Guy what happen to football

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

What is go on with all this no football guy. THis is corny guy, why are they being so corny. I hope some good come out of this like the madden not only one having nfl licsense. that is foul. no competetives you know hwta I saying.  maybe now they make cheerlead cam.

It crazy what go on in japan I very sorry for japan it all messed up guy. all of it. I hope nintendo is ok I hope it did not hit they. Grandfather feel real good they drain fluid off he feel like spring chickens. granfather say if no nfl agree then we gon have like the scrub player making all of it happen guy. that is messed up. No body p[ay to see the scrub burger player yes. If scrub burger player then will have cancel the directional tv cause that is so mess up. if the ymake cheerlead cam final I will not cancel the directional tv. I hope the Tim Tebote will not mash up invesco guy when he find out he locked out guy. Punjab went crazy one time he get so disgrunt he ball up front porch screen all crazy cause he want to go in and people forget he was lock out guy. I did not know punjab hand claw could be so raw with fists. I hope tim tebote does not do this., Tebote done mauler this big rubber thing with beater club hammer I saw it guy. i saw it on espn.

tim tebow sledgehammer

this what I saw

I bet the tebone get mad at some body and done bang ground with hammer instead. I hope the elway is not locked out. I have forgot my facebook password I so sorry many\ people probable mad cause no mafia wars power thing I sorry guy. I gon have to find password the karl mekkenburg add me as friend long time ago guy can you belief this I cannot belief this guy. The ed macafferty add me as freind too that is so cool guy. reminisc when he done blowed that guy up and he pont finger all crazy it was like in slowed motion and it look real bad like yes. granfather say the macaferty duced guy so badly then. I do not know what duce mean.

ed mcaffrey mustard

where do they sell this

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ehy guy I very sorry

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

I very for tansgessions. I get arrest and grandfather take away pc and every thing. I very sorry for this guy. I get real boared and bang this guy house with rock. He live way down. I have the markman slingshot and hole gravel drive way I get rock and sit on top of house and bang he house. I was boared guy. Bronco loosing. no bronco p;ayoff. I bang house with rock it so loud it rack all over nayborhood so loud guy. so loud I laugh and laugh. guy was old he no come out but and I didnt know he could knowed it but he had camera cause he hear crazy noise he think he was go crazy guy from noise and he find me out guy. I was so the found out. I had have to pay 300 dollar for three windows guy. I not even know I done bustted they you know what I saying. I done not even knowed this it house was so far away how could he see? What ever guy I need to finish the brandon loyds golden tiki grandfather would not make the base but now he will I think.

What is all the broncos doing. The Elway and the fox spirit is going all to the colleges to get our new guys. We need like ten new guy on defence again. Ten new guy it gon be crazy I hope the Chnap Baily will not be real pist off like becuse the bronco is rebuild again.The Elway is large and in charge yes. He make cooling rain over the invescoe guy.

are we gon get the BJ RAJI guy. Are we gon get our BJ RAJI type guy cause that what I want in evry draft but we can never get. I want the namdaka suh, I want the BJ RAJI guy but never get/ Come on guy get the bj raji guy to brocos. the patrick petreson take ball to house. the von miller knot up you backfield guy. But I want the nick farley guy. COme onthis guy is cool. He mash guy head. I seen it. Many time he do this. He ball guy up in backed field then he done mash he head! I unbelef this. I can no belief this guy. He ball up corny run bak in backfield then he say holmes I done mash you head. get out. go home I ball up and mash head. YOu is corny I mash head. I could no believed this guy it was so cool. It was like the clady when he done fall on guy as get up. I say we need this guy he play with the mean streaked you know what I saying. he mash head and say yes yes I do this.

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Orton Isn’t the “Safe” Choice for Broncos in 2011

Monday, March 7th, 2011

I keep hearing these pundits claiming Kyle Orton is the safer choice at quarterback for the Broncos, go with the veteran to win they says.

If Orton is still on this team in September, and God forbid he is starting, then you better win with him.

You better win. Cause if you don’t that Invesco stadium will absolutely erupt over more of that mediocrity and failure.

Full on QB controversy mode. Won’t that be nice.

The acuity of the coach would then come into question, why did he give all the reps to Orton? We have Orton for one year, why did we commit to him and basically set the franchise back a year? We must let Timmy Teebs take the reins, and if he don’t got it then draft, trade or sign someone who does.

The blurb about the Minnesota Vikings were interested in trading for Orton inspires confidence that Orton is the starter… don’t it?

A Free Agent is Good, Not Good Enough

Klis: The assumption is the Broncos would not have released such proven defensive tackles as Bannan and Williams without having a backup plan in place.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the plan is for the team to select either Marcell Dareus or Nick Fairley — defensive tackles from Alabama and Auburn, respectively — with the No. 2 pick in the April draft.

The group of unrestricted free- agent defensive tackles seeking their second multiyear contracts includes Seattle’s Brandon Mebane, Arizona’s Alan Branch and Gabe Watson, New Orleans’ Remi Ayodele and the New York Giants’ Barry Cofield.

Alright Klis, let’s say we do grab a Barry Cofield or a Brandon Mebane in free agency… So what? That list of names is just OK, yet unspectacular. You think adding an Alan Branch, or any one of those lineman to the Broncos is the answer to our defensive woes up front? The Broncos need a hell of a lot more help than that up front. Some of these guys are decent players to have, but are any of these players game changers? I think not.

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Justin Bannan

Justin Bannan

The Broncos cut ties with NT Jamal Williams and DE Justin Bannan. Bannan was a little bit of a surprise but whatever, he was a large man but largely unspectacular.

Klis: Does this mean Alabama’s Marcell Dareus or Auburn’s Nick Fairley are now under heavy consideration for the Broncos’ No. 2 draft pick?

Was that ever in question? Should that have ever been in question? We’re moving to a 4-3 and we need 4-3 players on the line, that’s not difficult to figure out. Wasn’t difficult to figure out in January. Klis mentions NT Ronald Fields won’t be back either, I suppose we still shouldn’t draft defensive linemen in a draft deep with them?

Each week you got that genius Legwold suggesting we take just about everybody except defensive linemen with our first pick, what the hell does this guy have against impact players on the defensive line?

He finally mentions Dareus, although I believe that Dareus doesn’t quite have the agility of Fairley or Bowers. Fairley looked like a quick cat you could line up anywhere, be it DE or DT. Dareus looked more like a Wilfork, a Casey Hampton, a big,  stalwart anchor on the line. Any one of the top three defensive linemen is OK with me though.

The State of the Broncos Defensive Line

Who do we have left on our defensive line? Dumervil, Ayers and a Ham Sandwich?

I bet the Broncos are listening to P.P. and will draft two defensive linemen, one in the first round and one in the second. Also, it could mean we are set on signing a defensive lineman in free agency… or hell, both. John Fox did a decent job with bringing in defensive line talent in his tenure with the Panthers, here’s to hoping he’ll do the same in Denver. I don’t care whether “His early first round home runs were just consensus picks”–Still, he got the job done and didn’t draft a cornerback with that second pick.

In other news, speculation of Jeremy Shockey to the Broncos hit a wall today after the Panthers signed him. Good, because he’s not that great and his attitude reminds me of Tony Scheffler–it sucks. We’ll draft a tight end late, or pick someone up in free agency. Laurence Maroney is gone, and so is the fourth rounder we gave away to get him. You win some, you lose some, we lost on that one. Whatever, a fourth round pick isn’t a huge deal.


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Broncos Cut TE Daniel Graham

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

In a good move to free up some money, the Broncos today released TE Daniel Graham.

The Broncos overpaid for the blocking tight end who has been unspectacular since they signed him as a free agent in 2006.

Here’s to hoping the Broncos realize they shouldn’t give that much money to a blocking tight end in the future. We could have drafted a fifth round TE to block for crying out loud.


In other news, one of Jay Huckdort Cutler’s deranged fans up there in Illinois streaked and shouted obscenities while questioning the intestinal fortitude of one Jay Huckdort Cutler.

Huckdort Fan

Huckdort fan goes berserk

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Broncos 2011 Mock Draft (P.P.’s First and Final)

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Saw the combine, I rate Fairley and Dareus very high. I wasn’t too impressed with Richard Quinn, Von Miller looked OK.

I cannot believe the incredible displays of porous logic surrounding Broncos mock drafts around the blogosphere.

Patrick Peterson? You’re kidding, right?

I don’t know how a person watches this Broncos team and comes away thinking we should be the first team in history to draft a cornerback with the second pick in the draft.

I don’t know how you do it.

I’m writing down names, I sense an incredulity on a level hitherto never before seen. They must be in love with this cornerback.

I don’t really care though, because I’m confident that Fox and friends will do the right thing. I am confident the Broncos will address the defensive front seven with the second pick in the draft.

What I will do, I will now educate the masses that feel we must tie up millions upon millions of dollars in not one, but two shut down corners.

We have a shutdown corner, that’s more than most teams can say. We don’t have a defensive line.

I want these people, these Patrick Peterson bandwagoners, I want them to name our defensive linemen.

Name them.

1. Elvis Dumervil —  Dumervil is a good pass rusher, but you can also make the case that he is a liability against the run.

2. Justin Bannan — Bannan is solid, has a good motor. A starter, yet largely unspectacular.

3. Marcus Thomas — Are we going to even sign this guy? How long have we waited for Thomas to take the “next step.” Too long.

4. Ronald Fields — Thanks for your service Ronald, you were a semblance of a nose tackle when we needed one.

5. Kevin Vickerson — This guy is probably gone. He was OK at times. At times. A part time starter.

6. Jamal Williams — He’ll probably retire. Will we even miss him?

7. Robert Ayers — Ayers is a maybe. He’s a decent run stopper, maybe he comes around and can rush the passer some too… maybe. I am sick and tired of waiting around for maybe’s. You confident he will “be the player we expected him to be” in a 4-3? I’m not. I’ve had enough of this waiting around to see if a defensive lineman can do something.

The others don’t deserve mention. I suppose these Patrick Peterson fans can’t wait for us to start Ryan McBean again this season? Eh? Is that what you people want? Is that your master plan?

It stinks. So does our front seven on defense. As a whole unit, they stink.

Was watching NFL Network earlier, Deion Sanders, Mayock, Wilcotts all said it: You don’t draft a cornerback that high. Deion himself stated it will probably never happen. He said a cornerback will have to have twice the value of a defensive lineman in order to pick one that high.

This Denver Broncos team needs an infusion of talent, toughness and youth in the defensive front seven. This draft will have a couple potential franchise defensive linemen sitting right there at the second pick… The Broncos are going to pass up that opportunity?

You people stuck on drafting a corner are sick. You are. I’m telling you this for your own good. Listen to the voice of reason. Listen to the truth. I am the truth. The Broncos will address their woeful front seven by picking a potential franchise defensive lineman. A young, talented franchise lineman who could help us win games for a decade.

You win games, you win championships with big, tough, mean, talented players at the point of attack. Big, talented players capable of great destruction playing like mad at the tip of the spear. The Packers had B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett, Cullen Jenkins…

The Denver Broncos defensive spear has been dull for the better part of a decade. Even with Elvis Dumervil. One man can only do so much.

Schlereth, Zimmerman, Neil Smith, Keith Traylor, Alfred Williams… all players who wreaked havoc at the point of attack.

Hell, even Jumpy Geathers would be a welcome upgrade to our defensive line. That ain’t no joke either. He would be a star on our woeful defensive line.

We re-signed Champ Bailey, we have an amazing need for defensive front seven help, this draft has a couple potential franchise defensive lineman and you mean to tell me we’re going to draft a cornerback with that first round pick?


You’ve got to be kidding.

Here is P.P.’s one and only 2011 Broncos mock draft:

With the second pick in the 2011 NFL draft the Denver Broncos select:

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