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Denver Broncos Will Target Defensive Tackle in Free Agency

Friday, April 29th, 2011

The Broncos passed up defensive tackles Marcell Dareus and Nick Fairley.

The Broncos passed up defensive tackles Marvin Austin and Stephen Paea.

The Broncos drafted LB Von Miller in the first round and Safety Rahim Moore and Guard Orlando Franklin in the second round.

The Denver Broncos plan is clear: Draft skill positions and target defensive linemen in free agency.

In a draft with such depth at defensive tackle–a glaring need–the Broncos decided to draft skill positions on defense.

The only way this draft makes sense, is if the Broncos target a free agent defensive lineman or two.

Wait, actually, they MUST do this. They WILL do this.

I don’t care if Von Miller is defensive rookie of the year, I don’t care if Timmy Tebow lights up the league… this Broncos team needs help badly on the defensive line and we will not win games until its addressed.

Some say: “Well you can’t build Rome in a day, we’re not going to the Super Bowl this year anyways…”

No, we ain’t going to the Super Bowl, but I want this team to be competitive in games–any game.

I, P.P. Dublinski hereby guarantee the Denver Broncos will acquire a top flight free agent defensive lineman once free agency begins.

This HAS to be the plan, this HAS to be the answer. I’m not talking playoffs, I’m not talking Super Bowl, I’m just talking competing in football games. The current Broncos defensive line is unacceptable.

I can’t argue with these picks, Miller should be a good pick, Rahim Moore and this Orlando were needed…

But if by some strange chance this is not the plan, then we have nothing short of Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb and the Duke of Dorchester running the Broncos front office and I will never let this trio hear the end of it.

Numby Chimes In…

Numby has some balls to say the Broncos “better have it right” picking Miller, Numby has no right to tell Elway and co. that they “better be right.” Numby wanted Patrick Peterson, a corner. Are you kidding me? The choice of Von Miller is ten times better than the choice of Patrick Peterson. At least this Miller will pressure the quarterback, at least he will be making plays at the line of scrimmage. Some joke that is, I suppose it would have been wonderful to have 80 million  plus tied up in cornerbacks.

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Well there you have it, Von Miller is a Bronco. I am glad we addressed our anemic pass rush (one man isn’t enough) but I demand two defensive tackles with the next two picks. Hell, even trading up into the late first round for a good defensive lineman wouldn’t be bad.

They better find a way to maximize the potential of Miller in a 4-3 alignment.

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If the Broncos Draft Von Miller…

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Von MillerThey damn well better find a way to make him useful on every single down.

Miller is a 3-4 Linebacker who will be  asked to switch positions to SAM linebacker. The Broncos better come up with a way for him to be effective rushing the quarterback.

If we take Miller with our first round pick, I want two defensive linemen in that second round.

Legdorf at the Denver Post claimed the Broncos organization doesn’t believe the situation on the defensive line is all that dire… citing a healthy Dumervil, Robert Ayers and Kevin Vickerson.


Kevin Vickerson is a backup on most NFL teams. Robert Ayers is a maybe… maybe someday he will do more than defend against the run.

Elvis Dumervil is the only player on this team who can rush the quarterback with any consistency.

Forgive me for being all down on this incredible Broncos defensive line, eh? You can’t be serious if you don’t think our d-line situation is dire. We have holes up the ying yang on that line and I want something done.

I demand two lineman with the first three picks. Demand. No excuses. This draft is deep with defensive linemen and to blow it here is unacceptable. This team has struggled to field a decent defensive line for years. We haven’t had someone on that line that teams had to worry about since Trevor Pryce… besides Dumervil.

When it’s fourth and inches this defensive line goes backwards, time and time again.

If they’re gonna get cute with that first pick, they better draft some warriors on the d-line in the second round… a pair of them.

They better hope and pray that Dareus or Fairley ain’t all world either, what a travesty to be right there in position to draft a disruptive defensive line force and screw the proverbial pooch.

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Jeff Legwold – Now I Understand His Insanity

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Jeff Legwold is imbibing more peyote.

He has to be on peyote.

Either that, or the man is just head over heels in love with LSU’ s Patrick Peterson.

I don’t know that you can find a more inane drone over there at the Denver Post right now. Yes, Legwold even tops Numby Paige on the idiocy scale as of late.

Three freakin articles in the same day:

Broncos’ best option at No. 2: LSU CB Peterson

Peterson has stardom covered

If Peterson goes first or second overall, he’d make draft history

Sorry buddy, but you can’t will it to happen by posting over and over and over on the subject. Sorry, don’t work that way pal.

More draft wisdom from grandpa Leggy: “Always take the best player, no exceptions.

Whoa there tiger. No exceptions eh there Legnuts? This guy’s really putting his foot down.

Tell you what Legwold, you can take your draft analysis, crumple it up real good and scrape the dingleberries off Numby’s freshly burrito smeared rear end and throw it in the woods.

Throw it in the woods, cause it sucks. And oh you better believe it smells.

You can spend your time doing that Legman, while I, P.P. Dublinski raise my arm in victory as I bask in the first round spectacle of a giant, talented, freakish defensive lineman lumbering down that red carpet and putting on a Denver Broncos hat.

We don’t need Patrick Peterson at the cornerback position. We need a Patrick Peterson up front on the defensive line, in the trenches where the battles are won and the victors ultimately decided.

Anything less, is uncivilized.

And when Leggy sees that new Broncos lineman lumbering down to the podium he can take more of them desert weeds and stuff them in that odd misshapen trap.

I wonder who is hookup is, more of them league executives? These “senior” NFL insiders he’s always quoting?

ESPN League Source

NFL Personnel Executive says: "Draft a cornerback."

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Denver Broncos 2011 Schedule

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Like I said, why draft a quarterback now? Let’s say the Broncos get a little better, a little better… and let’s say Tebow sucks and doesn’t show much promise after all. We’re looking at five wins, maybe less if we get some bad injuries.

8 and 8 would be an improvement this year, no doubt.

I still say some fat loser of a Raider fan is in charge of making the schedules. The Raiders have the 19th toughest schedule and the Broncos have the third toughest? What a joke, and my conspiracy theory gains legs.

Denver Broncos 2011 Regular Season Schedule

1 Mon, Sep 12
  • vs
  • Oakland
10:15 PM
2 Sun, Sep 18
  • vs
  • Cincinnati
4:15 PM
3 Sun, Sep 25
  • @
  • Tennessee
1:00 PM
4 Sun, Oct 2
  • @
  • Green Bay
4:15 PM
5 Sun, Oct 9
  • vs
  • San Diego
4:15 PM
7 Sun, Oct 23
  • @
  • Miami
1:00 PM
8 Sun, Oct 30
  • vs
  • Detroit
4:05 PM
9 Sun, Nov 6
  • @
  • Oakland
4:05 PM
10 Sun, Nov 13
  • @
  • Kansas City
1:00 PM
11 Thu, Nov 17
  • vs
  • New York
8:20 PM
12 Sun, Nov 27
  • @
  • San Diego
4:15 PM
13 Sun, Dec 4
  • @
  • Minnesota
4:05 PM
14 Sun, Dec 11
  • vs
  • Chicago
4:05 PM
15 Sun, Dec 18
  • vs
  • New England
4:15 PM
16 Sat, Dec 24
  • @
  • Buffalo
1:00 PM
17 Sun, Jan 1
  • vs
  • Kansas City
4:15 PM
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Draft a Quarterback? Why this Year?

Monday, April 18th, 2011

The more I read about the Broncos taking a quarterback in the second round this year, the more I dislike the idea.


Why the hell do we need to draft a quarterback right now?

We’ve already got a first round pick to evaluate at QB, plus we got a new head coach and we’re in a transition year.

This is a 4 and 12 team.

If Tim Tebow sucks, the Broncos will most likely pick in the top ten of next year’s draft. Hell, if Tebow sucks and God forbid we have some key injuries, we could damn well be in the running for the very first pick in the draft next year.

Why draft a second round QB now? If  they did draft a quarterback, they better damn well like this guy. I don’t want to waste a valuable second round pick on a career backup or someone who will be out of the league in two years.

If they really wanted to kick Tebow to the curb, they damn well better take a quarterback with that first pick. None of this second round nonsense. I don’t think it’s a good idea to draft a QB this year. Let Tebow start for a  a year, and if he sucks get a real quarterback with a top ten pick the following year.

I don’t think we will draft a quarterback this year, maybe in the later rounds as a backup. If there’s an offensive surprise pick in the early rounds I’ll bet its a big damn running back. I want defense, defense and more defense. I want two of those first three picks to be defensive linemen. Hell I demand two defensive linemen with the first three picks. Shanahan got burned in his Moss/Crowder draft, we reached then, but this draft is different, it has the potential to bolster our front seven for years to come. We can’t miss with the first pick, but we can’t miss with them other two in the second round either. Them are valuable picks and trading them to move up and take Jake Locker or a facsimile thereof would be a disgrace.

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Guy I did NOT write this

Monday, April 11th, 2011

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