Kyle Orton TradedIt appears that gooned out loser Horvil Tiki can’t tow the line whilst yours truly vacationed in Florida the past few weeks.  Not even one post, who knows maybe he is face down in some alleyway? That would suit him.

Kyle Orton must go. If the Broncos don’t deal Kyle Orton then ol’ Cuckooman must sit the bench. No two ways about it.

I’m hearing ridiculous remarks like “Orton is our best chance to win now,” or “Orton isn’t the problem–it’s the rest of the team,” and gems like “Orton is the safest bet for John Fox.”

The 2011 Denver Broncos are not going to the Super Bowl. We don’t have the nucleus in place to get there yet. Give it another draft and another offseason and we’ll see. But for now–forget it.

Kyle Orton is gone. The Broncos will not sign Orton at the end of the year. Orton is not the answer. Starting Kyle Orton this season sets this franchise back a full year.

Does anybody believe that John Fox could get fired after this season?

I didn’t think so. All this “best chance to win now” crap is a load.

If the Broncos suits trot out Kyle Orton as the starting quarterback in week one then I will cancel my DirecTV subscription one hundred percent. Talk about a joke. You go with the kid this year–the first round pick, if he looks good then great, if he don’t then we need to draft a quarterback with our first pick or we need to trade for one. Simple as that. Why the hell waste a season with Cuckooman Orton at the helm? Some kind of joke that would be. Yeah his win loss ratio with the Broncos is just stellar.

Do any of you people championing Orton believe he inspires confidence?

I sure as hell don’t.

Broncos down by two touchdowns? Forget it. With Orton it’s like trying to climb Mount Everest just to get the lead back. The defense demoralized as another three and out occurs–Orton moves like a one legged goat and his performance in the clutch is dreadful at best.

Who wants to see more of what number 8 can do? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Orton must go. Orton will go. Ship his ass to the Cardinals.

I hear Orton and Larry Fitzgerald have quite the rapport. Couldn’t come at a better time. Cuckooman Orton, flailing about in the pocket like a one legged goat. Cuckooman is my new Huckdort.


That’s right. He don’t look right and he never did. I heard he don’t live clean neither. Ship his ass to the Cardinals, the next time I see Orton I want to see him sweating bullets in the Phoenix sun. Ship him to Miami. Wherever whenever. The sooner the better.

Tired of hearing this nonsense how the Broncos won’t deal Orton unless they receive a second rounder. Screw that, take a third or a fourth or a player. I know we get a fourth when he leaves at the end of this year, but the sooner the better. I don’t want to hear about him whining on the bench all season. That reminds me, you know I’m warming up to that Brady Quinn character, at least the Mighty Quinn knows his damn role and shuts his mouth.

Quinn also looks right. Tebow looks right. You see that Tebow? Eh? That’s the look of a winner.

Tim Tebow

The look of a winner.

Orton doesn’t look right and he never did. Ship him to the Cardinals. Forget this second rounder or bust attitude:

Get all you can, can all you get, sit on the lid and poison the rest. Let someone else deal with the incredible mobility and questionable leadership of Cuckooman.

Eh Cuckoo, Eh Cuckoo?

I better see that Cuckooman playing for somebody else this year. I’ve had it. Orton is the modern day version of Steve DeBerg. I predict Orton will play for two or three more teams, maybe four–before he retires.

“John Fox doesn’t know what he has in Orton.”

What a joke that is. Some mealy mouthed sea cucumber must have come up with that one. Doesn’t know what he has… give me a damn break. Look at the tapes? Plain to see. You have to be on the level of a degenerate sea cucumber or worse to “not know what you have” in Orton. God save us from number 8 trotting out there to start on Monday Night Football against the Raiders. Oh yeah, that will be electric won’t it? The fans will be ecstatic I’m sure to watch Orton put up great fantasy numbers and lose the game.

We haven’t won with Kyle Orton.

“Tebow doesn’t complete 50 percent of his passes.”

I’d like some of these statistical loving fools, these statistical pencil neck geeks to take a look at the early career of one John Elway–it wasn’t pretty. I bet these miscreants would have wanted us to ship Elway to the Jets after his first year. Forty seven percent completion percentage just doesn’t add up. These losers want to anoint Timmy Teebs a bust after three games. Most years Elway “eeked by” with just over a fifty percent completion rating for the whole year. He would throw picks but then he’d throw three touchdowns to pull the game out in the end. He was a winner, he had the knack of a winner. He had luck too.

“Tebow’s big throws to Lloyd were just lucky.”

Something to be said about luck. I can remember a whole hell of a lot of Elway’s throws that required a good bit of it.

Tebow threw the ball well enough for a rookie, he never once looked shell-shocked out there, plus he can kill teams with his running ability. Those hard first downs when the game is on the line… we gonna get that from Orton? Didn’t think so. Just remind the Broncos about Donovan McNabb two years ago in that Eagles game, 3rd and 20 and he ran for a first down. Dungy knows, he effin’ knows. Tebow is third down nightmare for these teams.  He didn’t play bad at all for a kid who didn’t get the reps with the first team all year. Give him some time throwing to the receivers, getting to know them, getting the timing down. He has more upside than Kyle Orton. If he sucks, fine then we get someone new next year. It’s time to hand the kid the reins and lets see what he can do. Do what Steve Young said and build the offense to his strengths. Give him every opportunity to thrive and if he don’t–well then fine the Broncos will suck and we’ll be picking high.

Starting Orton sets this team back a full year. Besides, it would be the most boring decision this franchise could possibly make.

Just imagine the nightmare scenario where the coach starts Orton and we begin the season with a five game losing streak.

Bedlam in the stands I’m sure.

Orton don’t look right and he never did.

Do the right thing and let this bird fly like a mother who’s sick of her child’s parakeet yapping and crapping all over the place.