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Broncos Sign RB McGahee, TE’s Rosario and Fells

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

I like the addition of McGahee, yeah he’s long in the tooth but just like in Baltimore he’ll have a limited role and we can take some pressure off Moreno.

The tight ends we signed are OK seeing as we need some depth there. Daniel Graham went to the Titans so that’s good, the Graham experiment in Denver was lackluster at best.

I’m not too happy with the way free agency is going, but if we can sign Ty Warren and he’s in decent shape then we certainly upgraded at DT. I can’t believe all the hub-bub over keeping Marcus Thomas, what has this guy done? A backflip in practice? The only one earning his keep on that D-line is Vickerson, he did manage to make some plays last year.

I expected Orton gone, a power running back signed and I expected one name player signed on the defensive line, not even the top tier, just a professional from the second or third tier of free agents… if we can get that Warren and he is able to play that will be OK. If we don’t sign him and we simply sign a Jamaal Anderson, that’s unacceptable. I don’t care about making the playoffs, I just want to compete in regular season games. We can’t get one guy, ONE guy on that defensive line who is a professional? Come on.

The Orton debacle is a disgrace. I don’t care how you want to swing that one. Carsonic commented earlier citing a glass half full story on the Orton saga–I wonder if the same people who don’t have a problem with Orton starting–I wonder if the same people would have applauded the Broncos keeping Steve DeBerg for another few years?

Steve DeBerg would have beat out John Elway in his second year in a fair competition. Perhaps even his third year. DeBerg was a pocket passing veteran who was steady, capable yet unspectacular. Elway was raw as hell but he possessed scrambling ability, a more powerful arm, plus he had intangibles and dynamic abilities that DeBerg couldn’t dream of. However, early in his career Elway was still raw as hell and Orton, I mean DeBerg surely could have beat him out–in practice. Timmy Teebs has a decent arm, he certainly has scrambling ability and he too possesses intangibles (leadership)–Teebs has upside.

Orton is gone after this year unless he accepts a backup role. He’s not the long term answer and having him start sets us back a year. It does. At the end of this year, instead of having a clearer picture of what we have in our first round QB, we’re back at square one. We could very well suck badly this year with or without Orton. What if we’re sitting there on draft day with the ability to draft Luck or someone else at QB? What a conundrum, what a disgrace if we don’t even know if Tebow has a future here, whether he seems capable or not. New coach, somewhat new system, new era (or it should be) move on now, find out now, find out this year instead of next year.

Some people think it’s a given that we’ll win more games with Orton. Well we sure haven’t so far, and what if, what if we come out of the gate losing? How terrible would that be? Can you imagine the fan response? This organization decided to give all the preseason snaps to this Orton character and it’s just more of the same? What a joke, there will be moral indignation over Orton as the starter and they Broncos brass will deserve it.

Not to forget the fact that it’s just plain boring to have Orton start again. I don’t know about some of you people, but what games last year were fun to watch, what games were exciting and interesting? The last three for me, by a mile. At least there was some hope for the future. With Cuckooman starting we’re stuck in bizarro-one-legged-goat-world and then it comes to a crashing halt (Thank God) when he hits free agency.

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Breaking: Broncos Sign DT Joe “Turkey” Jones

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

The Broncos signed the great Joe “Turkey” Jones to 5 years and 25 million.

League sources claim the Broncos contacted Warren Sapp of the NFL Network about coming out of retirement. They cite Sapp has shown more energy on the show than Louis Leonard has on the field.

The Broncos also had a press conference tonight about what to do with Kyle Orton, here are the incredibly articulate responses:

Did somebody just do a Joe Turkey Jones to Elway?
If not, maybe they should have. I heard we just signed a wide receiver.

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So Far, Broncos Flubbing Free Agency

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

From the King Burger Bill Williamson at ESPN:

The Broncos wanted to sign both players(TE Fells, DT Hatcher) on their visits Friday, but didn’t have the cap room to do it. The Broncos have other priorities and want to make sure they can sign those players first. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Friday that Denver agreed to terms with running back Willis McGahee. But that deal is not final because of Denver’s cap situation.

The Broncos have been handcuffed because a proposed trade of quarterback Kyle Orton to Miami didn’t happen. The Broncos still hope to trade Orton to clear cap room.

If this is true, why they hell were we in on the DeAngelo Williams bidding? The Charles Johnson bidding?

What, did we offer them each 2 mil? They probably laughed and farted in our face.

What the hell is going on? If Orton really is screwing up our free agency to the point where we can’t even sign some role players, then why the hell is he still on the team?

Cut his ass. Get on with the future.

I’m sick and tired of living in the past. For all those morons who cry, “But Orton’s better in practice!” well what do you think we did with Steve DeBerg?

We did the right thing back then.

DeBerg was handed the starting job mid season after the awful rookie Elway’s first season.

We sent DeBerg packing that offseason.

In his second season, the still green Elway wouldn’t have won the starting job from the journeyman Steve DeBerg.

Tebow’s our first round pick and it’s time to see what he’s got, Orton’s not our future, period.

What the hell do we think we’re going to get for Orton anyways? Kevin Kolb compensation isn’t happening. No way, no how.

Is all this crap, is all this handcuffing of our finances really worth it over fourth round pick, a third round pick at best?

Cut Orton and get on with it. Whatever happened to us restructuring Dawkins deal too? Why is Renaldo Hill still on the team?

Front office, get your heads out of your asses for crying out loud.

What a mess.

In other news, Ty Warren is in the building and Amobi Okoye just got dumped. Both are worth a shot, but who knows, we probably can’t do anything with Cuckooman’s contract in the way. What a disgrace.

P.S. Cullen Jenkins is an Eagle, 5 years, 25 mil. I’ve about had it.

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The Kyle Orton Trade Debacle is a Disgrace

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Eh Cuckoo, Eh Cuckoo?

With each passing minute I’m beginning to wonder about this front office…

This Kyle Orton saga crap is a joke. What a mess.

Orton must go, Cuckooman must fly the coop. If they can’t get rid of him they better show some stones and bench his ass.

Seriously. Nobody can justify Kyle Orton starting for us this year. This is insane. Inane and insane. For all those “Orton’s our best chance to win,” goobers, do you think Orton will be starting for the Broncos next season?

Didn’t think so.

We are NOT signing Kyle Orton to a long term deal. He is gone after this year anyways. Can you even fathom keeping him as our starter for the next five years? Can you even imagine that loathsome reality? Cringe as you watch this update hit the wire: Broncos give Kyle Orton 5 year contract for 50 million

Turd-ridden insanity for sure. He better not be starting and stinking in the regular season. I don’t even want him starting in the preseason either. He’s hurting the development of our rookie quarterback.

“But he’s our best chance to win…”

I don’t care. Neither should you.

I don’t care if the Broncos go 9 and 7 with Cuckooman this year. We’re effectively set back a year with Cuckooman starting. It’s time to see what we have in Tebow, we know what we got in Orton, he isn’t going to magically change overnight.

Of course Orton practices better, looks more smooth out there, he’s a veteran and he has a good command of this offense. I don’t care though, he’s not the Denver Broncos long term solution at quarterback.

The Broncos want to trade Orton but he won’t restructure his contract to meet the demands of the Dolphins.

Fine. Business is business.

If it becomes clear that they can’t trade Orton in the next couple of weeks, then they should inform him he is the number 2 quarterback.

If he don’t like that and if he wants to cause anything resembling a ruckus, then fine–they better show some stones and have him running the practice squad in the regular season.

That’s right, the practice squad.

Get him gone or sit him on the bench. Nothing against Cuckooman personally, but I will be furious if this guy is starting week one. He’s not the answer. What a joke. What a botch. He better not be starting.

That said, I’m not too happy so far with free agency. When is this front office gonna do something, anything?

We chase a *^*(&)in overpriced running back who we don’t need, then we chase a sack specialist defensive end that we really don’t need and we can’t get the guy we really need for 5 years and 25 million?(Mebane)

Get your heads out of your asses “EFX.” Which is a stupid name by the way.

I want Aubrayo Franklin. The Chiefs want him bad. We can use him and it hurts them. I want Franklin or Cullen Jenkins. Hell I want anybody available at this point who resembles an actual defensive lineman. Marcus Thomas? Are you kidding me? We’re bending over backwards to sign this guy back? Give me a break. Get Shaun Ellis for crying out loud. I want a name. I want someone proven on that defensive line. I don’t care if it’s only for a year or two. Get Ty Warren for crying out loud, it’s worth a shot.

I didn’t mind picking Von Miller over Dareus. I figured we had a plan. Figured we’d draft defensive tackles in the early rounds.

We didn’t do that, so I figured we had a plan for free agency.

Doesn’t look like they have a plan so far, does it?

Ya'll ready for this?

I suppose neglecting our glaring weakness on the defensive front–something that’s killed us for years–I suppose neglecting that is a recipe for success?

Suppose neglecting that (or lowballing it) really helps Von Miller and Nate Irving, don’t it? Oh that’s just great for their rookie development, since we ain’t got jack at defensive tackle. We don’t have guys to take on double teams and keep guards off our linebackers.



This free agency period sure as hell ain’t inspiring confidence so far. I better hear that we’ve made a splash at the defensive tackle position. Yeah let’s neglect d-line yet again. Let’s bring in a bunch of cast offs and also rans and see what happens in a run heavy division. Suppose most of us will wonder what the hell happened when we got running backs ripping off 6 yards a pop on us all game long. First down, first down, first down–HELL THAT LOOKED EASY. Won’t that be great? Yet again.


How old is he? Shameful.


Time to Trade or Release Kyle Orton

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Yeah, I suppose we’ll sit tight until August 4th when teams have to get under the cap, we won’t release Orton until then. It’s time to trade this guy though, if it’s a fifth rounder so be it.

We’re not gonna pay Kyle Orton 9 million.

Other teams must know this, that’s why the trade talks are lukewarm at best.

Broncos fans might cry, “Well how come you couldn’t get anything for him?”

The answer is a) he’s making too much money and b) we’re not gonna pay him c) everyone knows this. He’s also not interested in a pay cut or a backup job. The Phins probably offered us a sixth rounder or something, we probably don’t even want that, that’s why we are sitting tight, maybe some QB out there gets injured and we get a better offer… maybe.

If we release Kyle Orton, so be it.

He’s a good starting regular season QB in this league and that’s about it. He is not the answer for Denver.

He may take another team to the playoffs, but based on his performance in big games he will get hit, he will get flustered, he will get picked and that’s that.

He’s a good regular season starter, a good journeyman QB.

Some other team will pick him up and soon, perhaps after a playoff run they will start looking for another long term answer at quarterback.

I don’t care if Orton looks better in practice, we know what he can do. We know what he does in the red zone and on third downs. We know about his limitations and his inability to move in the pocket. We know he ain’t the answer. It’s time to find out if the kid is.

Lastly, we better take his money and sign someone big on the defensive line. You better do something good with his money, I want Mebane, Franklin or Jenkins. I figured maybe these guys were too high priced for us, but not anymore. We haven’t done squat to address the defensive line and we better start now.

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Dolphins, Redskins Commit to Losing

Friday, July 29th, 2011

I’m sure you know about the Dolphins debacle today where they signed the great Matt Moore, supposedly ending all trade talks with Orton. I heard the Broncos wanted Kevin Kolb type compensation and the Dolphins wanted to send us some Donovan McNabb ham sandwich in a bag compensation.

If  that’s the case, both sides were wrong. A third rounder, a good player or a fourth rounder and a player would have been fair compensation for Steve DeBerg… I mean Kyle Orton.

Chad Henne and Matt Moore? That’s a commitment to mediocrity.

So too are Rex Grossman, John Beck and Ben Chappell.

Honestly, I’m surprised the Redskins haven’t made a run at Kyle Orton.

Hell, I predict that if they don’t upgrade their QB situation this year, Mike Shanahan’s head coaching job is toast.

You’re gonna bank you’re career on a Grossman? Beck? What a laugh riot. At least Kyle Orton could save your job for a year or two while you draft a rookie quarterback.

Should be something to think about there Shanny.

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Broncos “Might” Sign RB Willis McGahee

Friday, July 29th, 2011

This wouldn’t be a bad signing to complement Moreno and take some of the pressure off him.  Now can we please sign some burgers for the middle of our defensive line? “Derek Landri” doesn’t count, neither.

Is this guy gone yet?

Eh Cuckoo, Eh Cuckoo?


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Broncos Sign S Quinton Carter

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

And just like that, the rookie signings are a wrap folks. All the big ones anyways.

Is Orton gone yet?

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