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Tebow Should Be Starting

Sunday, August 28th, 2011
Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is one hail mary pass away from beating a team that dominates the Broncos, but his throwing release is the story of the day. (01/04/11) Getty Images

That’s right.

I see the Denver Post didn’t write one single thing about Tebow’s performance last night. All I read about was a game winning field goal. Gee, I wonder how we moved the ball to get it? Was Kiszla in the bathroom blowing a hoagie out his ass in the fourth quarter? Was Legwold drunk and passed out by then?

Jeff Legwold: “Tebow came in at the 3rd quarter and played the rest of the game.” Wow Legwold, that’s some hard hitting reporting.

People saying this kid looked “lost” out there are seeing what they want to see. I don’t see a kid throwing floaters over the heads of his receivers and getting picked off. He’s not all wild eyed out there acting like a fool. The radio commentators on KOA last night got all stupid after one play that was supposed to be a bubble screen. Tebow ate the sack on that one and they couldn’t seem to understand why he didn’t throw it. Turns out, I watched the replay today and the defensive end flew up the field and was in position to bat it down or pick it off. The kid showed good poise there, wasn’t at all “lost.” Sorry.

I hope the “Thank God we have Orton crowd” hangs around after ten games. I can’t wait to hear these rubes then. What will their excuse be once again? The running game and the defense once again? It will be fun insulting such porous intelligence on this matter.

Oh the tail off will be long and slow this season. Ten games in and the narrative will have changed, big time.

We’re in for more of the same on offense this year. The Broncos just played three terrible teams in the preseason and confidence is running high.

The defense is better, but not great. The offense is marginally better. Orton and the offense that is similar personnel-wise played just as well last preseason.

In the last minute of the Seahawks game, Tebow did something Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn will never do: Take a team on their shoulders and win the game.

If the game’s on the line I know the quarterback I want out there playing. It ain’t the mighty Quinnby or Kyle “Cuckooman” Orton, that’s for sure. They’ve been around for years in this league in a starting role and they’ve never taken a team on their shoulders to victory. Average, ho-hum pocket passers.

Yes, Kyle Orton is the most polished, efficient quarterback on the Broncos. A seasoned veteran.

I don’t care.

A) He’s not the future of the team.

B) He won’t be here next year.

C) If he’s here next year, it’s a huge mistake.

D) NO intangibles, has never won the big games in the season when needed (never mind the preseason)

I blame the Broncos front office for not getting rid of Orton before we were on the hook for his paycheck this year.

We should have cleared the deck for Tebow like we originally planned. We’re not getting on with the future. What a mistake.

Here’s the sad truth: Tim Tebow is better than Cam Newton right now.

But at the end of this season, that will probably change. Cam Newton will probably be better because he is playing and getting every opportunity with his first string offense.

Herm Edwards is right though, we have to start Orton. When he crashes and burns it will be Tebow Time. If Tebow started the season and didn’t play well it would be a monumental failure to put Orton back in.

My point is, Orton shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Thanks Elway, Fox and Co.

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Broncos 23 Seahawks 20 Post Game Thoughts

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Von Miller to the rescue (Reuters photo)

The Broncos defense obviously had a good outing, the pass rush is much improved. All that’s left for pass rushing domination is adding a name player at tackle or defensive end. A player in the interior that teams have to worry about. Stopping the run will still be the weakness of this defense in the regular season.

The Broncos starting offense redeemed itself with the second half drive but in the big picture I’m not all that impressed. We’ll be inconsistent on offense and we will struggle to run the ball and pass protect against good teams.

If the Broncos are going to name Brady Quinn the second string quarterback, I’m here to say that’s a mistake.

In the preseason (I don’t care about practice) Tim Tebow has performed well given the offensive line acts like an absolute sieve when he’s behind center. Can anybody pass protect for this kid? Seriously, I got a feeling that Quinn has buddies he’s paid off on the second team offensive line.

Part of me would have liked to see Brady Quinn sub in halfway through the fourth quarter. I would have liked to see what Brady Quinn could do behind that constant in-your-face pressure.

Same goes for Kyle Orton for that matter.

If Kyle Orton goes down in the regular season, if he does an ankle against some team–which is a decent enough possibility considering our offensive line–who are you going to put in there? Brady Quinn? A carbon copy of Orton who is duck soup against the rush?

Or Tebow? Who can pass well enough and do things the other two quarterbacks simply never will be able to do against the rush?

Something to be said about this kid making the plays he did under such a consistent in-your-face rush. It’s a friggen’ miracle he even has the decent preseason stats he has given the pressure he’s gotten.


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Broncos Offense Meets Reality Against Seahawks

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Kyle "Cuckooman" Orton (AP Photo)

The Seattle Seahawks offense stinks so bad that I really believe they absolutely cannot go with Tarvaris Jackson as the starter in the regular season. If they do, it’s 5-11, if that. Every terrible thing the sports media says about Tebow’s play is actually true about Jackson.

Nevermind that. The real story is the Broncos starting offense.

Do some  of you people seriously want more of this? Do you really want to go through another ten games of this Kyle Orton offense?

What a joke. I bet some rubes will point out our one good drive where we managed to run the ball like an average team. We did that last year.

The Broncos defense is giving the offense opportunity after opportunity and what do we have to show for it?

Ten points at the half.

A good team would put up at least 20 points. Instead, a truly woeful team like Seattle is still in this game at the half.

Get used to the Broncos playing better on defense, but get used to being inconsistent on offense and inconsistent as hell running the football in particular. Also, Brandon Lloyd will be double covered all year long. He’s not sneaking up on anybody this year. The “Orton to Lloyd” connection? Not gonna be easy this year.

You fantasy goons out there, you better go with Decker and this Julius Thomas, teams don’t respect Royal and they’re gonna be all over Lloyd at all times.

How bout that run by Orton for a first down? I mean three and out.

We can’t move this offense consistently against this bad team? With all these opportunities?

The first ten games of the Broncos 2011 season are going to suck.

This is what some of you people want? This is what you want? Good luck with that.

This offensive line isn’t good enough to run the ball with consistency, it isn’t good enough to run the ball against a good team. Never mind a great one.

This line isn’t all that great at pass blocking either. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mobile quarterback who can evade the rush,  one who can get those hard first downs and keep the chains moving?

Instead, we have a boring, inconsistent offense.

Not good enough, sorry.

The way we’re going, I’m predicting 6 and 10. I don’t see anything changing that.


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Congrats to Kyle Orton

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Congratulations to Kyle Orton and his wife on the birth of their daughter Olivia at 3 AM today.

In other unrelated news, the Colts signed QB Kyle Ort… I meant, Kerry Collins.

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Better slide or you're going to get killed... right?

The Carolina Panthers Cam Newton should probably hang up his cleats and retire from the NFL. It’s “obvious the kid can’t play,” “he relies on running too much” and “he doesn’t complete fifty percent of his passes.” If we are to trust these opinions based on the majority of the mainstream sports media’s analysis of Tim Tebow then clearly Newton doesn’t have a future in the NFL.

When Cam Newton runs it’s “electric.” When Tim Tebow runs “he’s an ignorant turd that’s going to get killed.”

ESPN’s Senior Writer, the great John Clayton claimed Cam Newton “passed the eyeball test” despite his bad throwing stats in the preseason. Way to be open minded Clayton and others, way to be glass half full you pencil necked loser.

I'm still waiting for Mark Schlereth to say this kid's too ripped to play QB

I expected to hear more criticism of Newton today, instead I hear a bunch of  crickets chirping. Gutless hypocrites. How about Tavaris Jackson too? Oh he’s just lighting it up I hear, nothing to report there.

In other news, kudos to Randy Cross for stating something that most in the press wouldn’t have the guts to say:

“People, especially the media, root against him because of what he stands for,” said Cross.

The 3-time Super Bowl champ added: “My personal belief is there are people in the media, people in the stands, who are predisposed to see a guy like that fail … Just because he’s so public about the way he feels.”


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Woody Paige Makes Sense (For Once)

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Unreal. I actually agree with Woody Paige. The dunce hat has come off Woodrow, for the time being at least. He warns the masses blacklisting Tebow and reminds us all of how awful Kyle Orton was last season (“stats” be damned.)

ESPN analyst Merril Hoge is the engineer on this runaway locomotive, but so many others — inside and outside the Broncos — are traveling along for the ride.

I’m not jumping aboard.

Less than a month ago, Tebow was deemed to be the Broncos’ starter — the returning starter. He started the final three games last season. And Orton, for those who have forgotten, was about to be traded to Miami — at his own and the Broncos’ wishes.

Orton has lost eight of nine, 14 of 17 and 17 of his past 22 starts.

Much has been made of Orton’s lack of a running game and a miserable defense in such starts as Oakland (59-14), San Diego (35-14) and Arizona (43-14). Tebow had the same backs and defense at Oakland (39-23) and at home against Houston (24-23) and San Diego (33-28). In the 13 games Orton started, the Broncos scored touchdowns inside the red zone on 17 of 104 trips (one on a Tebow run). With Tebow as the starter, the Broncos scored touchdowns 6-of-8 times inside the 20.

Too true. More from Woodrow’s mailbag:

(C) Tebow, in his three games, last year outplayed Orton, with the same running game and defense that everyone talks about that restricted Orton from being the greatest quarterback since Johnny Unitas​; Tebow, in his first start and with a limited playbook, had the Broncos within seven points in Oakland, after Oakland had destroyed Orton, who was awful, and the Broncos in Denver; Tebow beat the Texans with a late touchdown run, and although people claimed the Texans were no good, they were still in the playoff chase at that point, and Tebow played San Diego closer than Orton did, in the finale.

In other news, someone knows the truth about Tebow’s “throwing motion”

“If you look at what he did in college, he played in one of the toughest divisions there was . . . He had success throwing the ball. He got it away in time. I don’t remember a lot of balls knocked down at the line of scrimmage . . .

“If you change the thing that really made the guy you take away from his ability to play the game, because now he’s thinking about his delivery as opposed to playing the game and throwing the ball on time, and that’s what it’s all about.

“If you can throw it accurately and on time, I don’t care what your delivery looks like. Don’t change his delivery. Get his feet right, because he’s never taken a snap from under center. Let’s work on that part and see how the rest goes.”

That someone, none other than Joe Montana. I also heard “Boomer Esiason” spouted off like the ignoramus he is and said “Tebow can’t throw.” Amazing journalistic integrity ain’t it? I won’t even quote the rest. Don’t need to hear anything more from that loser who never got a ring and won’t be going into Canton either.

A Thesis on Kyle Orton Starting in Denver

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

In 2009 the Broncos regular season record was 8-8.

Josh McDaniels wanted to trade him just after the 2010 draft.

The Broncos 2010 regular season record was 4 and 12.

A couple weeks ago John Elway, John Fox and Co. were willing to trade him.

Now on the heels of an incredibly accurate training camp and two mindblowing preseason games against the Dallas Cowboys (6-10) and the Buffalo Bills (4-12), Kyle Orton is once again the Denver Broncos starting quarterback.


The following is my most important scripture of this year.

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Denver Broncos: Piss Poor Management of Tebow

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Please vote for Quinn this time

The Denver Broncos won’t be trading Tim Tebow anytime soon unless they are morons.

Since they’re going with Orton (did you hear the news? Kyle Cuckooman Orton won the QB battle! Some battle that was, wasn’t it?) Since they’re going with Cuckooman, the real quarterback to trade right now is Brady Quinn.

Brady Quinn’s stock is sort of high right now because of his fairly decent preseason play and the fact that he “practices well.” Tebow haters in the press are also puffing up Quinn to buttress their stance that Tebow is a joke and doesn’t belong in the NFL. They desperately want to be right, because they are on record stating Tebow will be an unequivocal failure in the NFL.

Let’s get something straight here. Brady Quinn is inconsistent at best. He’s no starter in this league. Let’s pray that a team like the Bengals will think he really has something to trade for.

It’s unbelievable how some are praising the preseason play of a first round bust who’s been in the league FIVE YEARS. That’s right, five years.

” Oh no, he’s changed this season. ” Yeah maybe he’s more confident, maybe he has a little swagger but to say he’s now worthy of his first round status? That is a joke. We’ve seen all we’re going to see out of him, he even did well with Cleveland for a little while and then he crashed right back down to earth. Cleveland made a big mistake shipping him off? Sorry, don’t think so.

Kyle Orton is in his seventh year, Quinn is in his fifth season. Yet we’re going to kick Tim Tebow to the curb in his second year? After three actual starts where he played pretty well? What a laugh.

Based on his limited time, based on his limited play, Tim Tebow looks every bit as good or better as Orton or Quinn did in that stage of their careers.

The reason I am pissed off? Let me count the ways. First off, we were all set to clear the deck for Tebow early on. We were going to clear the deck like they cleared Steve DeBerg out of Denver for John Elway. Steve DeBerg, a journeyman who was surely more technically sound than Elway. We cleared the deck and gave Elway the best chance to succeed.

Imagine if we resigned Deberg during training camp later that year?

“Oh by the way John, you’ll now be fighting it out for the backup spot.”

“And furthermore, it will be a fair competition, we’ll give you a quarter and some change to play in the preseason.”

What a laugh. The kid goes from the starter to possibly third string just like that. Doesn’t even get a whiff of the first team. I know, I know people will say “Wait til next year, Tebow needs to develop.”

Yeah, Tebow needs to develop: with the first team, he needs the snaps. But no matter. They’re screwing with this kids psyche.  This crap the front office is pulling doesn’t breed loyalty. Now the national narrative is Tebow the “Third stringer who could be cut or traded.”

What a laugh. It doesn’t help this kid’s psyche.

The unfairness to this kid is amazing. Tebow should stop before he even starts according to some sea cucumbers with half a brain in their heads.

Kyle Orton barely completed over fifty percent of his passes his first year in the league.  Fifty one to be exact. Tebow can’t play in this league though because based on three regular season games (where he played PRETTY WELL) he didn’t complete fifty percent of his passes. How about nine touchdowns and thirteen picks for Orton in his first season? Eh? That’s not pretty. He must be a total bust.

Total unfairness to this kid, it’s unbelievable. The front office’s mismanagement of this quarterback situation is partly to blame. We go from starter to (possibly) third string, what a joke.

Talking up a five year player Brady Quinn as if he’s incredible. He’s not dynamic, he’s not gonna make big plays with his arms or his legs. He’ll be inconsistent, throw picks in the worst spots.

People are banking on the Broncos offensive line to be one of the best in the league to bail out our top two immobile, unspectacular QB’s. Sorry, ain’t there yet.

Hopefully, hopefully the Broncos will do the right thing and let Orton walk after this season. Some people think we will resign him if he makes the Pro Bow–I wouldn’t. I’d quite honestly rather see just Quinn and Tebow battle it out next preseason.

Even if you were to build up the offensive line, you’re not gonna do damage in the playoffs with Kyle Orton.

Is that the offense you want? Do we want the Kyle Orton offense for the next five years? You’ve got to be kidding me.

A very astute Carolina Panthers fan told me this Fox plays not to lose. He doesn’t play to win. Tebow takes chances, he makes things happen, he plays to win. That may not bode well in his relationship with this coach.

Michael Vick plays to win. John Elway played to win. Vick threw three picks last week. That sounds like something Elway would have done.

Vick threw three picks but nobody is making a stink about it. They know his game. They know what he can do in the regular season. Running, gunning, making things happen. Vick is one of the top fantasy football players because of his ability to make things happen. Some homeless man with no computer won the ESPN Fantasy Football Challenge. He chose Tebow the last three weeks.

Smart guy.

Quarterbacks like that will throw picks, but with their dynamic ability, with their intangibles they will win the games despite the errors. They make up for their errors with incredible plays. They do more to help the team than hurt it in the end.

If you were to ask me what I think Tebow’s ceiling is, I would say it’s Michael Vick. Some compare Steve Young to Tebow, but I don’t think Tebow will ever be the passer Young was. Vick has gotten better passing from the pocket, but he’s still not incredibly accurate.

The Broncos are sitting on a kid who’s ceiling may be greater than Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn. Tebow’s performances in games haven’t been disasters. He’s played pretty well when we’ve given him the chance. He looked decent in preseason, he played well in the last three games and he had a good outing in the Dallas game. Last week was a so what performance at the end of the game, but Tebow did something there that both Orton and Quinn could not.

Let’s say the Broncos were pinned down on their own twenty, only up by a field goal with only a couple minutes to go. Third and eight. Hell, third and four. Who’s gonna get that first down? If Orton or Quinn is in there, you better damn well hope somebody gets open. If nobody’s open they’ll either take the sack or throw it in the stands. Timmy Teebs would bootleg, throw it or run for it like he usually does. Orton and Quinn ain’t gonna make those plays. Neither are elite NFL quarterbacks either. Sorry.

Wouldn't that be more exciting Monday Night?

8-8 with Orton or 6-10 with Tebow? I don’t buy it. I’d say 6-10 Orton and Tebow 8-8 because he can throw well enough, make some things happen and rattle defenses in hard spots with his running.

Tebow has played well when he’s actually been able to play in games. All I hear about is how he doesn’t look good in practice. Some joke that is.

Some say Tebow’s situation may be Steve Young’s situation. That’s a possibility. If this coach really doesn’t like Tebow and loves the steady mediocrity of Kyle Orton they could very well trade Tebow in the future. That Panthers fan may be correct, that Fox’s offense simply plays not to lose behind a good defense. Fox may not want any part of Tebow, it’s possible.

It’s absolutely stupid, but it’s possible.

Tell me how anyone can truthfully say, based on his play in games, how anyone can say Tim Tebow is a bust and a bad pick?

I don’t give a rip what he does in practice.

I said around last June, I said if there’s some strange turn of events, if we’re thrust into some weird stasis, some awful bizzaro world and Fox starts Orton… I said Fox, you better win with him.

Kyle Orton is Tom Brady

Give me a break...

Nothing that this rookie QB has done on the field points to him being terrible and out of his league out there.Plus, I don’t believe we have the team to carry Kyle Orton into ten plus wins. Yeah, we’ll start off 2-0 this season, maybe, and then the dropoff will be huge. Sorry to burst your bubble, but get ready for more of the same: The Kyle Orton Show. Are you happy season ticket holders?

Kyle Orton was great in preseason last year.

Top five in passing, top seven in total offense. Yeah he was killing it like the Broncos version of “Tom Brady.”

We’re stuck spinning our wheels, like Bayless said we’re spinning our wheels, the future be damned.

Credit to Woody Paige, Paige who predicts absolute woe and disaster every year Kyle Orton starts. He’s been right on this one.

“Cut Tim Tebow,” “Sign Orton long term,” “Brady Quinn is God.”

How did we get here? It’s nothing Tim Tebow did or didn’t do. It’s piss poor management, that’s what.

Doesn’t help this kid’s psyche either does it. Now word is he’s not as good as “Brady Quinn.”

What a friggen joke.

Yeah, we could trade Tebow after this year, and it would be absolutely stupid.

That would likely be the work of some pigheaded coach who plays not to lose.

John Fox better win with Kyle Orton. God forbid he has to put in Brady Quinn in the regular season too–I’ll be laughing my balls off.

Tell you something, when the losses start piling up, I will demand an apology for squandering the season. Squandering it on journeymen. I will demand resignations for this piss poor management.

The future is Qwinn.

Piss poor. And that’s the bottom line, cause P.P. Dublinski said so.

As I’m writing this, I hear Merril Hoge will debate Adam Schefter on whether the Broncos should get rid of Tebow. Hoge actually made one good point, if you pay a rookie QB 8 million that QB should be the starter in year two. Instead, he’s riding pine. We were about to do the right thing at the beginning of the season. Instead we got a promising kid getting bashed, trashed and probably losing his confidence.

Thanks front office, you created this debacle. This mistake. I suppose they’ll blame it on McDaniels?

Maybe they’ll just blame Tebow.

Everyone knows Cam Newton “isn’t ready.” But guess what? Newton will be starting.

Thanks for the fiasco Fox and friends, and in the end, you better be the ones who are right when you switched gears on a dime. You better win with this Orton, that’s all I’m gonna say.

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