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Tom Jackson: Be Nice to John Elway’s Franchise QB

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Heard something unbelievable on ESPN last night.

I heard Tom Jackson tell the Tebow fans to stop being harsh to John Elway since he will be drafting a franchise QB this offseason and such criticism will be unfair to that franchise quarterback.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Trouble is, I don’t think he is kidding.

John Elway seems to be a bit of a blabbermouth and I’m beginning to understand why Mark Schlereth, Tom Jackson, Alfred Williams and Shannon Sharpe are so down on Tebow despite his success.

They all have Elways ear.

I’m beginning to believe Skip Bayless when he states Elway is disappointed after every Broncos win–not so much John Fox. Woody Paige claimed he interviewed John Fox, John Elway and Brian Xanders in July for a few hours each. He came away with the notion that these three guys were 1-1-1 in terms of belief in Tebow, one believed, one was on the fence and one didn’t believe at all.

I believe the foil is John Elway. I believe Xanders believes (because he helped pick him) and I believe John Fox was the one on the fence.

Fast forward to now and I believe John Fox has moved over to Xanders position: Here is the offense he’s always dreamed of. This is John Fox football no doubt, no mistakes, run the ball 500 times and play great defense.

With the success we’re having, we could do well to pick up a burner at WR in the future (think Willie Gault), a top-flight running back (think of a young McGahee) and perhaps a guard or tackle. We’d place this offense into overdrive.

With a few more personnel, this offense could kill big time teams by keeping a Manning, a Brady off the field, pounding the football, controlling the clock.

Instead, Tommy J says “it’s fun to watch for now” and that Tebow fans are “doing a disservice” to the franchise QB Elway will pick in this year’s draft.

You have to be kidding me.

As if it is that easy? You’re just going to pick a franchise QB off the proverbial tree?

How many teams will be drafting quarterbacks before us? We’ll be a shoe-in to draft a franchise QB?

What a joke?

What if we make the playoffs? What if we come close to the playoffs? Maybe we’re supposed to subscribe to Shannon’s not so sharp view that winning doesn’t matter?

We’ll just throw the progress away and go into next season with Brady Quinn and “some phantom rookie that Elway picks that will surely be ready.”

What a total joke.

What planet are you on Tom Jackson?

Planet Elway?

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Broncos 16 Chargers 13 I Will Demand Apologies

Sunday, November 27th, 2011
Tim Tebow Winner

Tim Tebow: Winner

The Tim Tebow led Broncos just stuck a proverbial dagger in the hearts of the San Diego Chargers.

Ready for the Brady Quinn era to begin?

What’s the criticism of the Broncos quarterback this week? eh?

This front office should have rallied around this kid in training camp and given him every chance to succeed this year.

Someone in this front office had the right idea, then they reneged — to their folly.

How about that Dave Krieger, Mike Klis, Jeff Legwold and that goon at ESPN Bill Williamson? How about your pocket passer playing for the Chiefs now?

“We’ll win more than we lose with Kyle Orton.”

“Broncos are credible with Orton.”

“The practice players are the real gamers.”

How bout that Elway and Shannon Sharpe, just cut bait with Tebow now and get Brady Quinn ready by halftime.

Meanwhile, this kid is absolutely killing our division rivals.

Don’t tell me he didn’t do anything today Merril Hog, Cris Carter and Stephen A. Smith. Yeah, the defense and the offensive line played well but this kid was moving the chains and throwing strikes when it counted.

This Broncos front office must apologize for their horrible mistake in the first half of this season. We went 1 and 4 due to their deficient tact and woeful handling of the quarterback situation.

This Broncos team should be 8 and 3 sitting atop the AFC West.

We should have beat Oakland and the Titans. Both were close games where dynamic play from the quarterback would have made a difference. Instead we had a goober out there who can “make all the throws” forcing the ball to a well covered Lloyd and getting picked. That Skip Bayless over at ESPN probably believes we’d be 9 and 2 right now and he’s probably correct.

This front office must pay for their insufficient tact. Someone early on had an idea of what a winner was, someone else rebuffed it. I will be making phone calls and sending letters this week.

I will be demanding formal apologies and or resignations.

Shannon Sharpe: Broncos Winning Doesn’t Matter

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Sharpe can see the future of Tebow's development

You hear that one, eh? Winning doesn’t matter, so says Shannon Sharpe on the “Vic and Gary” radio show. It doesn’t matter, because the way we’re winning now is unconventional according to Sharpe. The way we’re winning won’t ever amount to a championship so says Sharpe.

I’m glad he can see the future so clearly.

When asked about Tebow’s throwing ability and if it will ever get better: “When the pressure’s on and the linebackers are flying around he’ll revert back to what he always does.”

Are you kidding me? Was that supposed to be a joke?

Yeah he reverts back alright, when the pressure is on he reverts back to winning, running for big gains and completing passes. When the pressure’s on Tebow has been lights out.

Sharpe believes Tebow’s previous coaches have been unfair to him by only relying on his running ability.

Yeah, the kid never threw in college.

CMP: 661 ATT: 995 % 66.4 YDS: 9285

Mr. Sharpe claims Tebow is “disingenuous” because he won’t admit that the criticism from the Broncos front office gets to him. Sharpe was hoping to instigate,  stir the pot and get some candid comments from Tebow in their interview debuting tomorrow. Sharpe was unhappy with the kid’s “guarded” answers.

Which means the kid is smart.

Oh yeah, he should open up to his best buddy Shannon Sharpe, his big pal Shannon who always says such wonderful things about him…

What an absolute joke.

“Just cut bait with Tebow…” so says Hall of Fame former Bronco player, but wait a sec, now he wants him to give an earth shattering, ground breaking interview?


I want to set something straight here, I have been critical of Elway (and his ilk) in the past few weeks and he deserves it. Yeah, he did good things thirteen years ago as a player, but it’s totally different now. Elway is Vice President of the Broncos now, that’s a totally different job than playing in games.

I am loyal to the Denver Broncos — not John Elway.

These outspoken former players are loyal to Elway first. That Stink, that Mark Schlereth who pisses himself, he said good things about Tebow last December, that he deserves his shot. Fast forward to this August and Stink claims the kid is nothing but a fullback throwing balls into the dirt.

Who’s Stink picking to win this week on ESPN? San Diego? Just like he picked the Dolphins, Raiders, Lions, Chiefs and Jets recently?

Stink, stank, stunk.

That stink and Alfred Williams getting all cute on the radio, dissing that kid who had some sense to cut bait with Orton and start Tebow early on this season.

Hey geniuses, yeah you Schlereth and Williams, yeah you the Denver Compost with the exception of Woody Paige: Your boy is playing for the m*&%f)(^*g Chiefs now.

Not only did he stink the place up, he’s playing for the *&^*ing Chiefs.

Meanwhile the square peg they were trying to fit into a round hole is winning games and beating up on division rivals.

I swear, we better not win this game tomorrow. We win this game and look out.

I don’t want to hear about pocket passing, unsustainable offenses and whatever sewage they want to spew.

This kid keeps winning, if he keeps winning and the horse toothed jackass brigade wants to can him in the offseason? Talk about bedlam.

That’s why Mr. VP John Elway should watch what the hell he says and stop acting like he’s still playing. Radio shows every week — this needs to stop.

I wonder what the Chiefs VP had to say about Palko last week? What did the Browns VP say about Colt McCoy last week? Eh?

This criticism of our young quarterback coming from the front office is total BS. It better stop, it will if he’s smart.

What’s he gonna do anyways? What’s he gonna do draft a QB in the late first round or second round and expect that QB to start and win day one?

Maybe we’ll head into next year with “Brady Quinn” and a rookie?

What a load, he’s setting himself up for a drubbing if this kid keeps winning. Setting up his “new QB” with a ton of pressure to come right in and start winning games too.

One last thing, I hear a lot of grumbling about comparing the stats of Tebow and Elway. The only point to be made there? Young quarterbacks struggle in their first games. Compare Kyle Orton’s early stats, Colt McCoy’s stats they aren’t pretty and they’re loaded with game killing picks. That is why reasonable people aren’t overly critical of this quarterback right now, especially after only eight starts. Instead of a normal rookie that usually gets picked he’s protecting the football and winning games, bottom line.

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Happy Thankgiving guy

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

beaval and butt head


Hay guy what go on. It thankgiving I thankful for many thjing.

I thankful for bronco win/

I thankful for the tebote winning.

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I thankful for toad who go under ground now.

I thankful for giant albino bronco crab in hayday of running offfnese. Dont fumble magahee come on guy dont disrespecting you giant albnio bronco crab.

I thankful that pat Bowlend is still alive.

I thankful for the new john fox offence.

I thankful for stop sign to make arcade with.

I thank ful for the bronco defence and the dawkin who fly in air.\\

I thankful for the offence line mashing enemy team player.

I thankful for all these thing and more guy.

I thankful for dove valley compex.

I thankful for mile high filed at invescoe sport authoring.

granfather just come home with bronco gnome guy.

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Chiefs Claim Kyle Orton off Waivers

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Same old, same old

Well the dirty Chiefs snagged Kyle Orton before he could make off to Huckdort land.

Week 17 just got far more interesting, that is unless the Duck of Denver has his way and the great Brady Quinn is starting.

We just made a division rival a little better, smart move?

No matter, if our defense can’t get to Kyle Orton, we don’t deserve to win anything.

Broncos Cut Kyle Orton

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Fare thee well

This should have happened in early August. We could have gotten some sort of pick in return and we’d be at least tied for the division right now.

I wish Kyle Orton well, nothing personal. I hope he takes some team like the Texans to the playoffs.

So much for the “Orton package” that the Chin at CBS came up with, some joke that was.

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Time for John Elway to Shut the Hell Up

Monday, November 21st, 2011
John Elway Tebow

"I want pocket passer.... eh... um.... duhhhh" "Win with Kyle duhhh"

I’ve had enough of this unprofessional GM and his overly critical remarks about the Denver Broncos starting quarterback.

When asked directly by host Gary Miller if Elway is, “Any closer to feeling if you have your quarterback on this team,” Elway paused, and answered, “No.”

Elway then pointed to the Broncos’ third down conversion numbers under Tebow as a key area that needs to improve. The Broncos made only 3-of-13 third downs against the Jets.

“I think obviously he’s making progress week in and week out. When you look at our third down numbers, those have to improve. I mean, that’s the bottom line,” Elway said. “We can’t go 3-for-13 and win a world championship. Those are the type of things we have to keep improving.”

We can’t go 1 and 4 and expect to win the division either you horse-toothed jackass.

Time for Elway to act like a professional and shut the hell up. Stop talking to these idiots on the radio and stop making stupid statements about our starting quarterback who is carrying this team on his shoulders.

If anyone thinks you’re gonna plug in Orton or Quinn and this team will be the same, you better think again. If that happens we go back to vanilla offense, throwing picks and asking too much of our defense.

Can’t we be professional and let things play out this season? Can’t management talk about quarterback of the future after the end of this season?

What a joke. As far as I’m concerned this GM has no legs to stand on in this matter anyways. His terrible mismanagement of the Orton trade led this team to 1 and 4 out of the gate.

John Elway Tebow

" We were 1 and 4 now we're 5 and 5 because um, uh, duhhhh"

Any person, any reasonable person can see that this team would be leading the division right now if we traded Orton and gave the reins to Tebow in  training camp. Teebs would have had the entire preseason with the first team and we would have at least won the Raiders game. I believe we would have won the Titans game as well, both were very close games and we lacked dynamic play from our quarterback.

So don’t give me this pocket passer garbage or third down ratio jazz when your supposed prototypical passer, your boy Orton led us to 1 and 4. That was pathetic.

This Elway jackass has a lot of nerve expecting “championship play” from a rookie quarterback starting only eight games. Furthermore this jackass traded away the circus catch go-to guy in Lloyd and traded away a competent receiver that gets open in Gaffney — for absolutely nothing. Way to surround your rookie QB with talent, ain’t it?

How long did it take Elway to improve his 3rd down conversion ratios? Years?

I wonder how long it took Elway to become a pocket passer? Eh?

How about his entire career. How about until the Broncos had enough offensive talent that allowed him to throw from the pocket.

Maybe these stats rubbed grandpa Elway the wrong way:

John Elway vs Tim Tebow
1st 8 Career Starts
Elway                          Tebow
W-L              3-5                               5-3
Pass yds     1,041                          1,281
TD-Int         3-10                           10-4
Rush yds     92                               550
Rush TD        1                                   5

What an asshole, seriously. Shut the hell up and act like a damn professional, you’d be absolutely nowhere right now without this kid and the new offense.

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Broncos 17 Jets 13, Tebow 95 Yard Game Winning Drive

Friday, November 18th, 2011
Tim Tebow Jets

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow rolls out against New York Jets Bart Scott (57) in the first quarter of their NFL football game in Denver, Colorado, November 17, 2011 (Reuters)

According to Stephen A. Smith, the Jets are officially a disgrace.

Anyone else notice how the great Darrelle Revis ducked Tim Tebow while the much maligned QB lowered his shoulder and charged?

He ducked.

What a punk move. Revis certainly talks a mean game about Tebow.

Now, the loud-mouthed fat-ass Rex Ryan Jets have to limp and lick their wounds all the way back to New Jersey. Ever ride down 95 through New Jersey? Eh? What a sewer.

Tebow shocks the world and wins the game with a 95 yard drive — mainly with his legs — unbelievable. Take that Cris Carter, Merril Hoge, Boomer Esiason and in-house fools Shannon Sharpe, Mark Schlereth and Al Williams. People can’t understand this quarterback, he’s a bona fide Terrell Davis trying to throw.

That’s right, he has patience, vision and a knack for recognizing the flow of the defenders. According to Dave Krieger of the Denver Post, Tebow only runs a 4.7 so he won’t be a successful runner. Terrel Davis ran a 4.7, so much for that Kriegs.

The Broncos couldn’t catch any breaks early in this game. Eric Decker couldn’t catch any passes either.

I know Tebows’ numbers passing the ball aren’t very good — yet again — but a few catchable passes were dropped. Also, he needs more help from his receivers, they need to come back to the ball when those balls are thrown low. That TE Rosario did a good job of this on the winning drive.

I’ll say this now and I’ll say it again: I’d rather have a quarterback overthrowing or under throwing into the ground rather than throwing a pick for a touchdown.

Three quarters into this game I was absolutely livid. I could not believe the playcalling. We got stuffed time and time again running the ball up the middle out of the I or single back formation with Tebow under center.

How many times did we run those plays up the middle and how many times did we get absolutely stuffed? That was awful. The Jets put their beef up front and we ran straight into them time and time again with that lousy vanilla I formation crap.

No matter, thankfully Tebow overcame the horrible playcalling.

Big win, I loved how the NFL Network goobers unanimously picked the Jets to win.

How about that 58? Big sack at a crucial time. The Denver defense played one hell of a game.  Tebow mounted one hell of a drive to win the game.

I don’t care how anyone tries to frame it otherwise: Tim Tebow played better than Mark Sanchez today.

Jeff Legwold and Stephen A. Smith are crying in their beers, Hugh Douglas is going to church and Skip Bayless just reached Nirvana.


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