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The Broncos are interested in DE John Abraham but the Peyton Manning decision (or lack thereof) is paralyzing our front office. Sources claim this has bought enough time for the Falcons to re-sign the pass rusher.

To those who claim we were never interested in Mario Williams because we’re supposedly stacked at DE? You can never, I repeat never have enough pass rushers.

Mario Williams however, would have been a great signing. Yes it’s a lot of coin but he’s in the PRIME of his career. A great young player at a position like that demands a premium price tag.

Instead, Bucky Elway’s still waitin’ on his aging pocket passer… trying to make some sense.

John Elway Tebow

"I want pocket passer.... eh... um.... duhhhh" "Win with Kyle duhhh"

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Alert: S Dale Carter Headed to Denver

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

A source close to one of my cousin’s friends claims they saw safety Dale Carter on a flight headed to Denver.

Could this mean the beginning of the Broncos amazing 2012 free agency signings?

Or does the front office still have their thumbs up their asses waitin’ on Peyton?

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Things are officially heating up for the Broncos in free agency.

A source close to the Broncos reports RB Maurice Clarett, WR Marcus Nash and QB Jake Plummer were all seen getting off a bus at the Broncos Dove Valley headquarters.

These players still have tread on their tires and could fill huge needs for the Broncos folks.

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So Did the Broncos Sign Anyone Yet?

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

What’s holding up the show?

Elway Manning

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Broncos Waiting with Thumbs Up Asses for Manning

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

This is incredulous.

What do we have forty plus million to spend in free agency and we’re waiting around to throw almost half of that at some over the hill QB?


You know there’s a long list of players turned coaches and GM’s who ended in adjunct failure.

Beginning to think John Elway’s insanity about QB will lead this team into mediocrity and demise.

People getting scooped up left and right. What are the Broncos doing with all that cap space?

For now, nothing.

Manning Handcuffs Broncos Offensive Free Agents

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

The Broncos have to wait for Peyton Manning before they go ahead and sign offensive free agents.

Thanks Manning.

Imagine if he doesn’t sign?

What a waste.

If he does sign?

What a joke.

Manning is on the downside of his career.

Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne…

All of them are on the downside.

It’s “The Twilight Saga” in Denver. And it sucks.

Signing Manning will set this franchise back 2-3 years.

That’s if Manning manages to stay healthy.

The Broncos don’t have a good defense. They don’t have a great offensive line.

Our offensive line and our running game will not be the same with a pure pocket passer in there. The quarterback position will be upgraded (temporarily) with Manning, but the offensive line and running game will downgrade. McGahee and Ball flourished with the misdirection of the option. Our line seemed to pass block better because our QB was evasive and mobile. Mobile instead of a one legged goat (see Orton, Manning).

I don’t believe this move will work. I don’t believe that Manning will lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl in two or perhaps even three years.

And three years are about all he’s good for — if he can stay healthy.

We’re talking about a guy in his fifteenth season for crying out loud.

It reeks of Montana with the Chiefs, Favre with the Vikings.

This is a decent piece by that turd Michael Silva. You know the Broncos could have contacted Tebow and told him they were going after Manning. Perhaps if Manning signed the Broncos could have kept Tebow and pulled a Steve Young where he sits for 2-3 years.

If manning doesn’t sign I’m seriously thinking they’ll have “Brandon Weeden” become the face of the franchise.

But for now the Broncos are flailing and trying to become the Colts west.

Ain’t gonna work.

“You live in the past, you die in the past.” I think Ditka had something with that quote.


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Hey guy what go on did we get Payten Maning yet

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

I want the Dontarial Poe guy will he b e there for Bronco? I hope he will be there guy. We always miss guy who I want. I want the BJ Raji I want the Namdokah Su and I want the Darues guy and they always go to like some other place. I wanted the nick fiarly too guy and the lion get he. they get all are guys I want. Now they want th maro willams that is messed up. they take all my guy.

I saw the Dontarius Poe toad guy first sign of spring yes.  He was all kind of messed up under grandfather tire. spinning around. He not big yet he can get bigger even like the mike mayok say can tack on more pound to devatate the oppositon.

That is mess up that we gon like get the Payted mannign guy. Did he come back to denver yet. I check the roted world like all day when granfather say this. I cannot belief this guy the payted manning. He done smash Bronco for many year. Even when the Brandon Marshalls catch like 21 pass from Horton the manning still beated and juke the bronco. Juke so many time guy. Maybe this is good to get the payted manning so we juke other team yes.

I thing they did Tebote raw guy. That is raw. But the payted manning is like the best ever you knowed what I saying. It was all like Elways gon like working with the Tebote in the off seasonal but like he done turn around and say take off guy. Take off.

The elways is one cold dude guy. One cold dude yes. I did not knowed this. I did not knowed the elways was this cold. He want to betterment of team for all costs.

I think the elways is jelous of shanhan and the rg 3. He jelous of the shanhan guy have to one up the shanhan with the payted manning.

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My Prediction May Be Wrong…

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Manning will likely go to the Texans.

Think about it.

Everything is in place there for a Super Bowl run right now.

Same with the 49ers, but they’re more of a running team.

If I’m Manning, I’m going to the Texans if they’re at all serious.

Sorry Broncos fans, he ain’t coming here.

Now I demand we go out and use that wad of cash on defensive free agents and a wide receiver. Maybe a guard or center too.

I bet Elway begged Bowlen to free up that unspent money to make a run at Manning.

Sorry Charlie.

P.S. If this FO sits there with its thumb up its collective asses waiting for Manning to make a decision after the start of free agency… And we lose out on potential signings?

What an absolute joke.

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