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Prediction: Manning to Cardinals

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Manning leaves Bowlen, Elway and Fox holding the bag.

Bowlen: "I want a Super Bowl NOW... grumble grumble... fart."

Then what?

Trade our much maligned Tebow to the Jags and reach on Weeden or Tannehill?

Wouldn’t that be great? Especially if either failed to perform?

Or keep Tebow and expect fans to buy up tickets in droves since Tebow’s on the cover of the season preview?

What a joke. What a mistake this is.

Nice how we reward our young quarterback who showed flashes. More flashes than many other young quarterbacks in the league. Nice how we reward our young quarterback who led us to multiple come from behind victories, saved the season and won a playoff game. I bet Colt McCoy or Blaine Gabbert would have loved to pull out some wins in the fourth quarter. That’s not an easy thing to do you know.

This kid deserved a full offseason with little drama and the backing of our brass. He deserved a full offseason and deserved to start this year.

It’s the smart thing to do with a young QB who shows promise.

It’s the smart thing to focus on plugging holes in this recently 4-12 team, acquire a veteran backup and draft a mid to late round QB to push the kid and maybe even overtake the starting job if he fails.

Then if the kid fails this year it’s the smart thing to then draft a quarterback in 2013 when we’d have a much higher first round pick.

John Elway said he was going to work with Tebow in the offseason.

Source: John Elway prepares to help Tebow in the offseason by consulting Peyton Manning.

Some joke that is. I don’t think I’d listen to a word old horse teeth said after this debacle. Let’s be glad Tebow doesn’t have the spirit of P.P.

So much blind praise of this front office. How about a more objective look at it thus far?

Drafted Miller: Fine, Dareus or Peterson weren’t misses either. Drafted Moore: Not good. Drafted Irving: Didn’t see anything, we’ll see though. Botched the trade of Kyle Orton: Terrible. Should have traded him while his value was high, when it didn’t go down this FO believed we’d get to the playoffs with Orton. Goobers yelled “Career Year and Pro Bowl” while P.P. laughed and put up his impeccable Reality Meter. Traded a very good receiver in Jabar Gaffney for nothing. Threw a bunch of money at an injury prone Ty Warren who misses the season: Bad. Signed McGahee : Good. Signed Bunkley: Good. Gave the reins to the kid and try to turn him into Kyle Orton: Bad.

Finally, they come around to letting the kid do his thing and lo and behold we start winning.  While winning we endure week after week of snide comments leaking from the VP, which was unprofessional and unprecedented.

Overall it’s not all roses in Denver, it’s a mixed bag.

Now they want to sign a fourteen year veteran and kick the kid to the curb. For some reason the FO thinks we’re Super Bowl ready.

Maybe Tebowmania just got to Kyle Orton. Yeah, that’s why the pocket passer performed so poorly.

Actually our defense is top ten isn’t it? The way people are talking they’re really something. Well, they must be top fifteen right?

Actually no, they’re 20th.

They looked like 30th against the Patriots.

By the way, that defense needs about 5-6 starters.

I heard that Peyton Manning has video to prove he can throw fifty plus yards.

Did you hear that one?

I wonder if he has a video where he gets blindsided by a 300 pound lineman?

You know, like what happened to Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow behind our line?

More so the immobile Manning-like Orton. Funny how Tebow’s biggest hits came from inside the pocket when he tried to do an impression of Kyle Orton — like his coaches undoubtedly wanted.

Elway and Fox better get on their knees and pray. Pray that Peyton Manning chooses the Cardinals.

This is a mistake. This is a disgrace.

It’s not going to work.

The Denver Broncos will not win a Super Bowl this way.

I believe Manning realizes this. I believe he knows we’re further off from contending than Elway and Co. like to believe.

I believe Manning realizes there is a lot of pressure in Denver. Pressure to perform. If the Broncos fail to impress with Manning the backlash would be huge.


In Arizona?

Not so much.

John Elway and John Fox better pray that Manning chooses the Cardinals.

Or I, P.P. Dublinski will be there at every misstep. Every failure and every loss along the way I will be laughing and destroying these two and reminding them of their incredulity. I will ride atop a tsunami of devastation.

Jobs will be lost in such a wake.

I helped run Shanahan, Jay Huckdort Cutler, Scheffler and Brandon Marshall out of town.

And oh, when I turned on Orton, it wasn’t pretty. In fact it was even more devastating than I imagined.

I’ll do the same to John Elway and John Fox if this goes down. We ain’t winning a Super Bowl with Manning. It’s not a good fit. Smacks of pure bone headed “pocket passer” delusion and desperation. I suppose Elway has to have a pocket passer at all costs. He’s stuck on stupid with this crap. Manning in his eighth year? Fine. In his fifteenth? You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Better get in line with this FO.”

“Elway knows.”

“It’s John- freaking – Elway.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care about John Elway the VP. I don’t give a rat’s ass quite honestly. Elway the player did us a great service — one of the greatest ever. Elway the VP can take a hike any time as far as I’m concerned.

Especially after this asinine move.

When Peyton says no, you damn well better sign Mario Williams.

That’s a smart move. Young, in his prime. Helps our defense.

Get Brandon Carr and Williams. Throw the money at them.

And oh yeah, it might be nice if this FO did the smart thing like keeping their mouths shut about our quarterback until his performance in the games dictates otherwise.


Peyton Manning in Denver: Disaster in the Making

Friday, March 9th, 2012

What a disgrace.

This proves to everyone that (like him or hate him) Skip Bayless was and is correct in stating the Denver Broncos brass have zero faith in Tim Tebow.

It’s more apparent than ever.

Count P.P. Dublinski as one of the voices of dissent in this issue of Manning joining the Broncos.

I am not excited by this at all.

1. Manning likely will not choose the Broncos. It’s not a good fit for him.

2. If we don’t land Manning, we’ll have driven a proverbial stake in the heart of our starting QB. (Is there any wonder why Jay Huckdort Cutler wanted out of Denver?)

3. If, for some odd reason, if the Broncos did manage to land Manning:

a. He is immobile and he will be duck soup behind our offensive line. Much like Kyle Orton was.

b. Our running game will suffer. Forget the 600+ yards Tebow tacked on, our running game won’t be as good without the misdirection of the option. Lance ball was running free in that option offense.

c. With 36 year old immobile Manning there’s a great chance the Broncos regress or stay the same for the next couple seasons.

Was it worth it?

There’s a potential disaster in the making here folks and I’m sick of it. I’m sick of these tired clowns:

Manning is the answer... we're Super Bowl bound.

“It’s Peyton freaking Manning.”

“This would make the Broncos an instant contender.”


Has anyone chewed on the thought of the Broncos going 7-9 this year with Manning?

Entirely possible.

Peyton Manning would be Duck Soup behind our line. Duck Soup throwing to our stellar receivers (maybe add an aged Reggie Wayne into the mix ‘golf clap’) and duck soup with a very average running game.

Mark Kizsla at the Denver Post made a genius remark that Peyton Manning would have been amazing to have in that AFC playoff game against the Patriots.

I’d wager Manning would have lasted the first half. How badly did our quarterback get smashed in that game? He wasn’t trying to run much in that game either folks. Most of those hits came in the pocket.

And they came quickly.

Kyle Orton was duck soup out there behind our line. All of a sudden that offensive line became one of the “best in the league” — some joke that is. Oh I don’t know, maybe having a mobile quarterback is just what the Broncos needed to get from 6-10 to 8-8?

If Manning had mobility, I wouldn’t be upset at this move.

He doesn’t. He won’t have the system and weapons here that he’s used to. The fans would go insane if we started losing games. It’s a bad fit.

He’s better off in Arizona throwing to Fitzgerald.

Even then, I don’t see any of these teams on his short list going to the Super Bowl any time soon with Manning.

This is a potential disaster in the making.

"We'd like a pocket passer at all costs," said John Elway "Even if it means less money to spend on our crappy defense." - John Leyba, Denver Post photo

“It’s Peyton freaking Manning”

Oh, I’m gonna remember that one.



Manning to Broncos: Idiocy Abounds

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I’m starting to see just how many individuals have a skewed sense of the current Denver Broncos team. They seem to think we’re a Super Bowl contender with a great defense and a great running game. They fail to see the significant contributions of our quarterback and they fail to realize this is a team with many holes and a poor fit for Manning.

For the last time:

1. Manning isn’t coming here.

2. He would get smashed, he would be duck soup behind our line (just like Kyle Orton).

3. It’s time for the Broncos to look ahead to the future. Time to sign YOUNG players. Not to pay sky high rent on a dinged up 36 year old QB in the twilight of his career.

Want to throw money at somebody? Throw it at Mario Williams. That’s a player in his prime that the Broncos could possibly lock up for the remainder of his career.

Shame on that Adam Schefter. He’s been hit by the snake-oil sensationalist bug.

Kudos to Mike Klis and Woody Paige of the Denver Compost for their even-keeled reporting during this inane fiasco. They are reporting the truth.

Can you imagine this scenario? It’s not out of the question. Hell I’d say its reality: The Broncos acquire Manning, $&^tcan Tebow and the Broncos end up 7-9?

How bout them apples?



And some of you people who think you know, better get over it.


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Broncos to Inquire About Peyton Manning – Idiocy

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Just when I give the organization some credit they turn around and do this.

“A source close to the situation” claims the Broncos will inquire about Peyton Manning.

First, he’s not coming here.

Second, he’s not a good fit. He would get smashed behind our offensive line.

Third, there is someone, some idiot in the Broncos organization that HATES Tim Tebow.

Why leak this? What good does it do?

Isn’t that a bit like Josh McDaniels taking a call from the Buccaneers about the availability of Jay Huckdort?

Worse? Since it’s the Broncos doing the calling? (supposedly)

Why leak a half-assed attempt at replacing our starting quarterback?

I suppose we should be glad our starting QB isn’t known for piss poor character concerns.

There’s someone in our organization who either hates Tebow, or perhaps even hates John Elway.

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All Quiet on the Broncos Free Agent Front

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

I think EFX have learned from their past PR mistakes.

The Orton “trade” in August was a debacle. McDaniels phone call with the Bucs was a debacle too.

Last August I’m thinking to myself holy hell this crap about Orton and the Phins should be kept in-house only.

All these reports going around about teams wanting to sign this or that player.

No real mention of the Broncos yet. That’s a good thing.

Hopefully we’ll play it cool and then sandbag one or more of these teams looking to sign someone.

That’s the way you do it.


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Snake Oil Salesmen: Manning to Denver

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Amazing to see some of these polls today that have Denver fans wishing for the Broncos to acquire Peyton Manning.

I don’t believe for a second the Broncos have any interest and the people claiming Denver is a “good fit” either just don’t know or are purposely out to get website hits.

“Denver has a running game.”

“Denver has a defense.”

Not really and not really.

The Denver Broncos running game is vanilla in the extreme without the misdirection that option offense provided. Defenses would play us straight up, attack our runners without fear of a QB breaking a run for a first down and we’d become a very average, if not a below average running team without it. Outside of McGahee our offensive line and backs haven’t changed too much over the last few years. We’re still not good at running the football in a  straight up formation against better teams.

Denver needs 5-6 starters on defense. We’re not a great defense yet. Our defense was opportunistic, played well in spots and benefited from the new run oriented option offense (when it worked, and it did for the most part).

Manning isn’t a good fit for what our team is doing. He’s no good fit for John Fox’s Foxball style of play.

What are we going to do? Throw a bunch of money at Peyton Manning and do a 180 to try and become some type of big-time passing team?

Not only is Manning a bad fit for the Broncos, he’s probably smart enough to not want to come here. Who are his weapons? Is our pass blocking stellar?

See Kyle Orton in the beginning of last year. Immobile and in some ways a poor, poor man’s Manning.

Not a good fit.

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P.P.’s 2012 Denver Broncos Free Agency & Draft Want List

Monday, March 5th, 2012

I go on a vacation to Florida and that gooned out Tiki can’t even muster one damn post. This site would be utterly derelict without my greatness spewing forth all over the page.

I’ve heard a lot of crap out there about some “Mystery Team” with an eye on trading up for RG III in the first round. Sorry Rotoworld and friends, you do good work most of the time but you have at least one goofball on there who manages to spout a bunch of lies and distortions. That Mystery Team sure as hell ain’t the Broncos. No way no how. Bankrupt this year and next year’s draft picks to fill one hole on a ship springing leaks all over the damn place? Ain’t no way, no how.

McGahee's been poppin' off

I’ve heard about enough from Willis McGahee too. This recent crap about his contract don’t sit well with me. I remember when the Broncos were on that skid late in the year and he started poppin’ off then too.

McGahee did well for us, but he sure as hell spent a lot of time on the sidelines nursing those 30 year old hamstrings. We’re not gonna overpay to keep him around. Maybe, just maybe he deserves a little bonus coin, but that’s it.

It’s an exciting time to be a Broncos fan. Free agency is about to begin and we may see some surprise releases from all these crapped out capped out teams.

I’d like to see the Broncos get about six new players on defense and about four on offense.


The Pittsburgh game should be the template for the Broncos offense moving forward. We’ll run, run and run some more and occasionally hit a receiver on a mid to deep strike. It’s “Foxball” and I have t0 believe John Fox realizes Tim Tebow may be a perfect quarterback for it. If Tebow can continue playing like he did in that Pittsburgh AFC playoff game, then he’ll be alright. If not, the Broncos will be drafting or signing a big name quarterback in 2013.

This talk of the Broncos taking a Ryan Tannehill in the first round is just to get website hits and cause controversy. What the Broncos need this year is a veteran backup and a later round QB who “may” be able to contribute down the road. I believe Tebow deserves his shot this year and if he fails the team will fail. If the team fails the Broncos will be in a better position to draft or trade up to acquire a quarterback in the first round of the 2013 draft. Then and only then will the talk of the Broncos drafting a quarterback in the first round hold any water.

Tim Tebow Jets

Carolina, Broncos won't find backup QB's who can run between the tackles

I hear talk that the Broncos need an athletic quarterback to run the option if Tebow goes down. I don’t believe that at all. Cam Newton and Tim Tebow are different than most of the “running quarterbacks” who have come before. They are different because they can legitimately run between the tackles. You’re not gonna draft another Tebow or Newton in the late rounds. I believe the Broncos will still run the option –it worked more than it did not– but hopefully in a more limited role this year with better balance and more passes thrown in. The guy we draft can run our offense minus the option plays.

So quarterback is a need, but stick to a veteran backup and draft one in the late round. It’s the smart thing to focus on building this team and then you can  think about making a switch at quarterback if Tebow doesn’t make progress running the show.

I P.P. Dublinski demand a running back in at least the second or third round this year.

They have to see it. The Broncos coaches have to see the gaping holes we created with our option misdirections.

Earth to McGahee: Even Lance Ball was running like mad in this system.

Time and time again last year I saw gaping holes created by this option offense and we didn’t have the legs to take true advantage of it. I’m sorry but a 30 year power running back with old multiple surgery knees isn’t my idea of burst. McGahee played well and I respect him, but this Broncos team needs a true home run hitter at the running back position.

I’ve heard talk of that Tolbert from the Chargers or Michael Bush from the Raiders — that’s fine and all — but we better not overpay if we did go that route. If you’re talking about Tolbert or Bush taking Lance Ball’s spot and splitting carries I’m fine with that, but this team needs more than that.

Willis McGahee has power and decent vision, he doesn’t have the moves that Knowshon Moreno does in the open field. The Broncos need a combination of McGahee and Moreno in one running back. I’m not talking about someone on the practice squad who can run a 4.3 either, I’m talking about a first, second or third round pick in this draft who runs with some toughness, has the moves and above all has the ability to burn and take it to the house.

Do you think the Steelers were worried about Tebow, McGahee or Lance Ball ripping off 30 plus yard runs? How about the Patriots? No, no and no. They were only concerned about stopping our runners for first downs. We don’t have that dynamic runner who can fly and make people miss big-time in the open field. That type of runner would force opposing defenses into respect mode. They could not afford to play up so blatantly all the time. Countless times I watched those safeties playing up and there was only one or two guys left to beat beyond those holes. Like I’ve said, this team can get so much better running the football and it will start with a top-flight take-it-to-the-house running back.

Robert Turbin

Robert Turbin - P.P. Approved

We can’t get this RB in free agency or trade and we shouldn’t. It would cost too much. It would not cost too much to draft one in the first, second or third rounds.

I, P.P. Dublinski, I will be downright shocked and offended if we do not pick a running back in the first three rounds of this draft. I don’t care if we acquire Tolbert, I don’t care if we acquire Bush. They are not home run hitters, they are not dynamic enough.

We have to have it. We have to have a dynamic home-run hitting running back. Whether they think that is Lamar Miller, David Wilson, Doug Martin, Chris Polk, LaMichael James or my personal favorite Robert Turbin — I don’t care who they think it is. It better be one of them or a facsimile thereof. Gotta have it. It will instantly upgrade this offense and help our defense by keeping them off the field.

You see that Turbin, eh? very impressive. Size, speed, ridiculous. Imagine that monster wreaking havoc and ripping off 50 plus yard runs. If the Broncos really do draft a DT first and a CB second like Klis seems to think, we damn well better trade up to get that Turbin or Martin or such in the third round. I demand a back with some power, moves, vision and home run hitting ability. A total package and they should be there in the second or third round.

I envision this Broncos offense running like mad, eating up the clock, lulling our enemies to sleep and I envision more big plays. I hope the Broncos lead the league in big 30+ yard plays this year. Occasionally through the air and even through the ground. A big time home run hitter is what we need to help the ground game more than anything.

Fullback can be upgraded, I respect Spencer Larsen, but if we cut him loose… does anyone pick him up? Lance Ball? Matthew Willis? These are all positions we can upgrade. A blocking fullback in the later rounds or in free agency wouldn’t be bad.

As for the O-Line, I’d like to see us bring in a guard and a center in the later rounds or free agency. They don’t have to be any huge names, we mainly need depth and more competition in the interior of our line.

We need to bring in at least one, maybe two wide receivers. I’d like to see Eric Decker in the slot and someone else, someone with some real speed take his spot. We don’t have to break the bank for that, just someone capable of burning down the field and catching occasional bombs. We actually need to find a Brandon Lloyd.

RB (maybe two), WR, C/G, FB

That’s all I ask for the offense, I believe it needs less work than the defense does to be effective. A home run hitting running back and a speedy receiver would be tremendous for “Foxball.”


I’m hoping there’s a surprise release somewhere at safety. Dawkins may retire and I’m not a believer in Rahim Moore. Just didn’t see the flashes of greatness. Quinton Carter showed flashes. With all the franchise tags on safeties it leaves Laron Landry out there as a big name and a risk, but I’m hoping a veteran safety becomes available due to contracts and the Broncos pounce. A lot of teams needing to clear cap space and somebody is going to get Peyton Manning, and it will cost them a pretty penny. If we don’t get a name, we should at least get someone serviceable to compete there.

George Iloka

Iloka: 6' 4" 222 lbs. of Safety

Interesting that the Broncos talked with that S George Iloka who has the size to play linebacker. Fox has turned safeties into linebackers in the past, so there could be something there. I’d imagine if there are no stellar defensive tackles left at pick 25 we could trade down and maybe add a running back and that Iloka in the second round. That trade wouldn’t bother me none if they don’t believe in the DT’s available.

The Broncos sorely need one more impressive defensive tackle. I don’t care if we draft or acquire one in free agency it simply has to be done. No waiting around for Ty Warren. I don’t want to hear Ryan McBean’s name any more. Marcus Thomas can walk too. Bunkley’s fine and should be re-signed.  I’d imagine the Broncos are going to take the best available DT in the first round. If we don’t draft one in the first round the Broncos better grab a couple decent mid-tier defensive tackles in free agency.

Mario Williams at defensive end? Wouldn’t bother me none. John Fox would have his Julius Peppers back. I doubt we’ll get him, it would be a surprise, but that’s a player worth breaking the proverbial bank for. You can never have too many pass rushers.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post seems to think the Broncos will draft a DT in the first round and a CB in the second. I’m not a fan of CB in the second. Better off getting someone in free agency at CB. I’m not a fan at all of drafting a corner in the first or second rounds unless you know he is the second coming of Champ Bailey or Neon Deion Sanders. It better be a pretty sure thing. Rather see DT, RB, CB or better yet DT, RB and a corner in the fourth or fifth round since we signed Brandon Carr in free agency.

I didn’t see anything from our rookie middle linebacker Nate Irving. According to, the Broncos are high on Irving becoming the guy. If that is true, the Broncos will bring in a serviceable veteran. If that is not true, the Broncos will draft or acquire a name at middle linebacker (Stephen Tulloch for example). We’ll find out soon enough.

If Nate Irving is “the guy” then 2 DT’s, CB, S (maybe 2 if Dawkins is gone) , MLB

If Nate Irving is not the guy, I’d place MLB second on the list, it’s a very, very important position to upgrade from Joe Mays.

My demands are as follows:


2 Backup quarterbacks

At least one every-down caliber home run hitting running back and maybe another upgrade RB over Lance Ball

One fleet of foot wide receiver ( we did get a fast guy from Jacksonville who may be a project)

Depth at guard, maybe center

A capable fullback


At least two new defensive lineman.

A cornerback, preferably in free agency.

A veteran safety. Maybe two.

A serviceable middle linebacker if Irving’s the guy, a much better middle linebacker if not.

I believe the biggest needs are running back, defensive tackle and we need someone to take over at middle linebacker.

Safety could be a mess. That’s why I’d like us to at least grab a serviceable veteran or two at the position if no bigger names are available.

As for our own free agents? At least the ones who manage to make it on the field:

Matthew Willis

Spencer Larsen

Brady Quinn

Eddie Royal

Jason Hunter

Joe Mays

Lance Ball

Jonathan Wilhite

Marcus Thomas? Only if he’s cheap.

They can all go. Thanks for your service.




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