As you may know, I distanced myself from the Broncos once they acquired Peyton Manning and predicted that they would not win a Super Bowl within three years of his signing. I came back to the team this year, here is why: Peyton seems humbled and the offense no longer revolves around him.

In March of 2014 I wrote a missive directing John Elway to change the offensive scheme or else. It didn’t quite take until November of that year–which is nigh impossible to do–to change your scheme mid-way through the season rarely works. It needed an entire off season and Manning clearly struggled with it.

Manning struggled period, with everything and I think it finally humbled him. No more throwing the ball fifty times a game Colts offense crap.

So I’m on board, even though I realize this offense ain’t quite there yet. We could get much better on the offensive line, at running back and third receiver.

But here we are in the AFC championship game as the underdogs at home. I don’t quite understand it.

If the Broncos play reasonable offense in the first half and reasonable offense in the second half–they should win this game. Just like they did when they beat the Patriots earlier this year. I don’t care who was injured or what the refs said: if your team gives up 174 yards on the ground then they deserve to lose.

I don’t want to hear about Brady getting the ball to Edelman in 1.7 seconds… so what? How many yards downfield can he get in two seconds? Tackle him, which the Broncos defense is capable of doing.

Then again, I do know my team.

This team has failed to show up in entire halves, especially the offense. Blown coverage on defense left and right, not to mention stupid roughing penalties for hundreds of yards. You never know what you’re going to get with this team. One week it’s fumbles, the next it’s drops, the next it’s picks. Let’s just hope they put in a good effort tomorrow, if they show up and play–especially the offense–if they play reasonably well for both halves they should win this game.

Play defense, run the football and game manage instead of bombs away–that’s a recipe for beating the Patriots. I have a feeling after the last game the Patriots will focus on stopping the run so Peyton Manning better be serviceable.

Now that we’re done with the Peyton Manning offense, now that we’re doing things differently and running the football I wish him well out there. Just as long as he’s playing for another team next year (if he wants to come back)

Broncos 23 Patriots 19

Denver is better than the Chiefs, better defense and more dynamic offense. Hearing all the pundits, the goobers, the knowitalls, sea cucumbers and the charlatans like Mark Schlereth–you’d think the Patriots won 40 to 10 last week. Instead, the Chiefs were driving to tie the game and fumbled it away. Denver at home should be formidable, let’s hope they put in a good effort instead of these farts they’ve been cutting every other week.