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Or Sanchez .I’d prefer Kaepernick or RG III, hell even Nick Foles. Whoever they get in free agency they’ll also need to draft a QB.

I’m hearing Brock signed for 18 million per year. Desperate teams–what a laugh riot.

You know what, really ain’t no ill will, but I don’t even think he’s gonna be that great for them.

Broncos 2016 Free Agency – PP’s Want List

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Well Peyton Manning’s finally gone, we hardly knew ye. Wasn’t a fan of the Peyton Manning era except this year when the gung-ho pass happy offense was aborted.

So Brock Osweiler’s gonna test the open market? eh? I really don’t see a team shelling out a ton of money for him, we’ll see I guess, some of these teams are stupid and desperate. Let them pay if so.

Brock looked good at times, especially when the Broncos ran the football but he’s certainly no elite superstar. In my opinion Osweiler’s absolute ceiling is Joe Flacco. Not bad, not great either. I wouldn’t shell out a ton of money to keep him. If it’s true that he signs somewhere else –as Adam Schefter says is possible– then the Broncos should probably look at picking up a RGIII, or a Kaepernick and drafting a quarterback high this year.

I doubt some team is willing to shell out a ton of money for largely unproven Brock Osweiler, but if they do the Broncos would be OK without him.

Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan are gone, it sucks developing talent like Jackson and losing him but then again…

It was a contract year.

A year ago we were barely talking about Malik Jackson.

Will he be the same monster when he gets paid?

I’m optimistic on this loss, you never know who the Broncos could plug in there, they could draft somebody this year or pick up a cheaper veteran that may give us the same production.

Whoever they plug in there will be surrounded with talent, I say you can get by with cheaper. Same goes for Trevathan’s spot. Sometimes it can work out, Malik goes off to some crappy team who overpays (hopefully the Jaguars or Atlanta) and he plays ho-hum, while the Broncos draft a big-time player–or simply his equal to replace him. It can happen like that, let’s hope it does.

I believe the Denver Broncos should still have a top five defense this year. If the offense can get a little better then there you go: a potential contender. This offense needs to get better at running the football, imposing their will.

On the offensive side of the ball I want to see the Broncos address offensive line and running back most of all. I laugh when I think about reading opinions how Montae Ball, Juwan Thompson and Ronnie Hillman were some amazing stable of backs… I will say that Hillman surprised me a little this year as he didn’t get injured but a lot of the magic happened when C.J. Anderson was out there.

C.J. Anderson is a very good running back, but the Broncos need a player with C.J.’s toughness and Hillman’s speed. Wouldn’t mind it at all if the Broncos drafted a running back high–even in the first round–seeing how important it is to this offense. This team needs home-run hitting ability there when a hole opens up, there needs to be danger there that defenses must account for. If you want to help the new QB you bolster your defense, running back and offensive line. I would like to see the Broncos grab a proven running back in free agency, hell even if it’s a guy who is on his last legs like Arian Foster or a facsimile thereof–that type of aging player could fit well in the Broncos rotation. If they come cheap enough, get it done. Even if they grab a proven veteran I’d couple that with drafting a running back in the mid to late rounds.

To summarize my pontificates, I don’t mind losing Trevathan and Jackson. Osweiler too for that matter, don’t overpay. Replace them in the draft and with cheaper second and third tier free agents. I believe the defense is good enough overall that a veteran player may give us equal and cheaper production. I could see a Kaepernick or RGIII doing a decent job in this offense where they aren’t asked to do so much. Bolster the offensive line through the draft, but most of all I demand new talent at the running back position. It’s been years since Denver had a real threat at running back and I demand a running juggernaut capable of great destruction.

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