Reviews: “Written in a style that flaunts a loose grasp of the English language and more misspelled words than an Insane Clown Posse fanpage, Tiki’s posts are strangely alluring, informative, and pretty damn funny. Anyone can be a sports writer, as the Internet has proven—but in our hyper-paced cyber-age, Horvil Tiki is a shining example of how a hardcore fan, no matter how odd, can end up becoming a viable source for sports commentary.” – John Reidy  Denver Decider Article

Reader feedback:  “I was just reading about these Broncos fellers out of Denver there in Colorado on the horvil site.  Now this guy has the power to convert some fans. I am now a former Pats fan and will switch my loyalty to the Broncos!  If it wasn’t for Horvil I would still be watching the wrong football games on my TV, thanks Horvil.” -Dave   Chester, CT