This is dog Punjib, he pritty cool but he still try to piss in house sometime. They say dog with, they say chiwowa dog with the gonad still is hardest to piss trane. Punjib still have the gonad and try to piss damage my bronco sub woofer. I make the subwoofer real strong to so Punjib cant scratch or claw it. I throw punjib out of house when he piss on woofer. Tell him to go chew bitter weed. He come in final and not try to again since. He rader hater. He try and crush the rader squrrels that come in yard. He fly after them. He try to tell them what time it is guy. He piss where they are to make for to say hey guy this is my yard. He not catch rader squrrel yet in all tried but he catchest few birds and skink. He bite toad once. I had to rinss mouth out with water. It like he chew on bitter weeds guy. He never bited toad again. Lady say he is deer chi. Guy say he is apple head.  I say he is apple head deer chi.