About Horvil: I is the Horvil Tiki guy, I is fan of the Denver. I play defencive end in the high school. I care not about the offence then. I love the Denver Bronco since like 86 guy. My father and grandfather fan of Bronco since the Crag Morton Orage Crush time. My number was 85. I play for the in the Connetcut. Coach say put you favorit player in locker for to motivate. I put the Elway. Guy laugh at me, say the elway is weak. I not care, I know he strong. Have incredible propeller arm. He make all the throws guy, wheels to evade enemy player deception. I not care about any thing on field, I just want for to make big hit. I begin the football as sophfmore. I know not one thing about the x and o guy, no thing. No one teach me this. that was foul.

I go on field and cant wait to make biggest most devastated hit. I just want to hit guy with ball so badly. I have heart, I have the determinates guy, all of them. I did not have the head in then. I dont know what going on. what happen. I run at guy to hit like so hard. I get out of the positional. Coach yell at me. When play go other way I run all ways cross field to smash and crush. Stupid refree throw flag. Say late hit guy. That was real corny that happen a lot. I get so piss off. I say take off guy, take off that was crush hit like butkist or the atwater you know what I saying. They take me out of game, I so pissed off . Coach say got to break down, got to hone it guy. I not know what the hone mean? Not til later in year was to late to hone it then guy.

One time I was play the widham connetcut team and I was to put in latest in game cause we loosed that game. Guy come round end and I make the devastat hit guy. Total devastat guy, I fly in air, I land on ground on top of guy who get hit so badly. I look inside helmet other guy he so pist his face all mashed up he look hurt so bad. thats the truth guy. I saw it. I get up pump fist like the elway in divisonal champion win. slow motion yes. I was so happy guy, I ask friend after game if was biggest hit he said yeah. I said was it loud? and hee say yeah pretty loud guy. I was so happy guy. Coach take aside, say was crushed hit, proudest moment. Father and grandfather didnt come to that far way game I was so foul they didnt see okoye level attwatter devastat hit that I do.

Many year after I play the madden on the video games guy. I see the x and o. I learn what the eye formational, the off tackle yes. I learn all this. I learn to read play. The positionals. I wish I to go back and have wise head. I not get out of the positions. I make the wise choise and make all the the tackles guy. all of them,.Maybe different if I become the incredible player? I become Bronco and retire early with bronco cheerleader marry quick in the vegas live in the Idahoe. But I now in the Virgina and watch Bronco on the Directional TV Sunday Ticket. Panff make this cool site to which I write all the bronco wisdom I can have possible yes.

I is fan of the Denver.

About his Grandfather and the Giant Albino Bronco Crab: granfather know bronco albino crab in off seasonal water. I dont know when he become the fan of the denver but it must be like before the 70 when the orage crush because grandfather said he was around then. fiant albino bronco crab in off seasonal water he snatch clutch and never fumble guy. he pick at divisonal team enemy in off seasonal water with insiser claw and he steal you football guy. I hear he steal marshall fualk football guy oh he gon love that one guy. I gon do documentry on youtobe of him soon. I go to virgina beach but grandfather say if you look for he you will not find. you more like to see when you throw football in park because will ooze out of you ground and steal you football guy. he hoar them in cave under water. all of them guy. if bronco guy will honor the giant albino bronco crab then he will not fumble guy. grandfather say he can track crab with he ham radio. he get all kind of foul mystery radio from caribean and down there in island. he say crab was in turk and cacos last winter. he say there is bronco troll and alien too but I do not believbe this.

grandfather say you leave cola out at night without open and crab will ooxze out of ground and take and be please. Grandfather say giant albino crab find a cola oncwe and was like oh snap I cant get this any where what is this taste. he was like all mess up from cola taste and could not have because machine he have no money for cola machine. and he cant go in store cause person get scare or mad and try to bust up he shell with shotgun.but you cant break he shell guy none. Grandfather say even when test nucleer bomb could not mash bronco crab shell. it just disease he water real foul like so he leave there. so if you leave out cola you honor you albino bronco crab. night before game. I did tyhis in high school and I never fumble guy but I drop pass once. if guy fumble on feild grand father is like shake he head and say he did not honor you giant albino broncop crab guy. see what happen. fumbler is worse than lose ten yard guy. beter loosed ten yard then fumble you footbal;. guy say what happen why team go other way and guy say because you corny and fumbler it guy. worse happen.

grandfather also shoot invisble pea. he do this some time on extra pont and enemy team feild goal. it work some time. He make fists like shooter pea and say watch this I gon shooter the pea at kicker. He make sine of claw some time on thrid down when defence must stop. It strenthen will of defence to hold batter down you hatch. you know what I saying./ He say wehn you marry and have kid you life become over so i not do that yet.