Hey guy what go on. This how I seen it.

First I gon say what I think is the good.

Dumervile is on he game in new system. He make orlando pace look corny out there. he make you full backs look corny too Dumervile should wear good knee cap potection cause run backs will try to roll on he from now on.

Our first defence play good all pre season. Guy say cutsper have last laugh but one drive is no thing guy. Big deal he have one good drivbe and we make earn whole thing it was not easy drive. before this he look real corny out there cause we get good pessure.  he throw to tight end all day just cover tight end guy of chicago cause they wide receives not so good. they make big deal out of cutsper one drive guy big deal. what ever guy I dont see big deal of this in pre seasonal.

Our run game is good. It will be better with morenoe. Come on morenoe get heal. Cause like if this guy is real deal. then he gon do so much for us guy he make easy to pass if he real deal morenoe rookie rise to ebay in the mint conditional.

Tom branstated wnet from deer in head light to mountain lion. we gon see more of the brandstated next week so that is cool. he look good tonite even against the bears frist defence. what diffrence a day make guy. This guy is like night and day to last week.

Brian dawkins is the for real player guy. Oh snap this guy is good player even with beater club fist. I watch and if guy get burnt he right there to make you tackle guy./

chris baker is one big giant powreful guy. ryan mcbean is too. I still say they gon make the ryan mcbean sandwich.  the dawkin is too with he crazy arms.

And not so good guy. these thing are the bad habit guy. Reggy River say win or lose game not matter you make you habit in pre eason guy.

Horton is just like ok guy what ever. We not score too many point guy first team. This is bad. Horton need to score point. We not score points guy. I not care how guy play we need to score point and we not do this. you cant win if you not score ponts.

stop use the peyten hammer hillis so much guy it time to rest. Hillis on punt return kick off was corny guy. This guy is like huge weapon value of offence yes. Dont tire out you payten hammer hillis guy. Respect you hammer hillis cause he good player real good.

the penalty was foul. it kill drive many time tonite after we move ball good that was awful guy./ But this first game it happen so much. The clady was all mess up I jhope he just have bad dream last night or some thing,. I hope it not like the sofmore jinx guy that would be foul.

still no pick ball off run back for 6 guy. It like three game now and not do this. DJ willam have chance to do this got to turn around and swivel you head guy cause that was easy pick off.

more that I think guy it gon be knowshion morenoe who is x factor of Bronco this year.  If he real deal then we can do good even with bad schedule. But if no it gon be hard on the Horton guy.