Come on guy, got to GRAB CLUTCH football guy what is this. You can makey the big play on chefs but they is always try to rip bawl ALWAYS ROYALT MARSHALS COME ON NO ROOKY MISTAKKES. Is dishonor to shanhan dishonor to albino bronco crab to cawff up the rock guy. can’t do it, shoot self in foot.

The defence not too badly guy I know they move football on bronco but hold to 3 pont stupid fumbel is has what cause the awful crap.

Got to break down, got to hone it guy. Cant for to make the rooky mistakes. I expective the shanhan to be jawring at half to say hey guy get with program dont put rock on ground.

The spence larson come to play guy. He is now the incredible sepciate team disaster megaton force. He makey the DEVASTAT HIT GUY MAKE EVRY BODY SAY OH SNAP GUY EVEN THES CHEFS FAN SAY OH SNAP WHAT WAS IS THAT GUY. Two week in row guy two week in row.

Matt prated he is super crazy he miss littel chippy but makey the hooge 56 yard feild goal. What give guy, come on dont miss the chipped shot.

I expective the bronco have faith in bronco to win but cant put rock on ground guy grab clutch football.