is total disgrace guy

is total disgrace guy

come on what was that guy  Reuters Image

come on what was that guy Reuters Image

Bronco defence make eat word at halfed time. They was is total un able unstop the larr johnsond. The Jay custper throw up hooge duck guy, he throw like crazy person just get out of crazy people home. Try to force throw to the bandon marshals the scheffer run down middel wide open guy, wide open come on guy get with program.

The cutsper you cant do this with you defence guy, they is bad enough cant make them even more tries to have stop the chef the Iron chef hermed edward serve up bronco Goose the custler serve up ducks all secon half guy is disgrace to shanhan.

I forgetted the chef has have the gunter Cunnigham he is arch nemisis of the shanhan. Gunter is what to shanhan is shanhan to bellycheck he has have the shanhan number guy, he always seem foil the shanhan.

Evry body play crappy guy evrey body except the offence line. The receives dropped bawls they cawff up bawl put on ground cant do it guy. The defence line never get to quart back when they do has have the penetrat the guy throw to wide open every time. Defence guy cant seem to cover defence line cant seem to pressure only good is short yard defence some time at least.

I total unbeleef this crap Reuters Image

I total unbeleef this crap Reuters Image

WHy cant yous stop them defence? what go on? you knows the Larr johnsod is coming guy, you knows it. You know they gon run him all day you cant stop this guy? You cant stop this? You know it coming guy, come on.

The last run by the larr johnson intop end zone poor takkle was total disgrace, I UNACCEPT THIS.

The duck throw by Custler was unaccept total weak crazy throw. That throws was corny guy, so corny. Guy say you throw corny guy I pict this off, thats what I do to corny bawl thrown in air I pict off.

I was is all ready for bronco to leave in busses from the arrow head stadiat they throw trash in parking lot and do donut around and around evry body laugh and laugh. But no way guy, they is disgraced by loss to the chef the hermy edwad. Cant stop the chef guy who you gon stop defence? Who you gon stop?

38 32 33

Last three game score by enemy team guy. Total unaccept, bronco must score 35 pont to win game this crazy guy.

Hole team coolapse, I know the spenced larsen almost catch the kicked off but come on guy this crazy, this crazy way to play you need put team away not all this who get ball last makey the wins.

First half grandfather take out imaginery pea shooter. He say watch this, he pretend to shoot the green pea when the chef try to makey the field goal it worked guy. He try this a lot and it work some times.

total disgrace to shanhan  Reuters Image

total disgrace to shanhan Reuters Image

At end of game grandfather turn off tv when larr johnsond run in for touched down after poorest takkle, total crappy dooky try at takkle. Grandfather turn he chair sit and look at wall for hour after game. Total disgraced, could not match the motivat of the chef. Father not say anything he go to prepare meal. Evryone silent at food time.

The custler was is jinx by the bills cowherd the shannon sharp they say custler is the bestest before game. I beleef the defence need motivat. The incredibel motivated. Is time for the amaze change. Time for drastic masure. I unleash what I beleef is the masure on tuenday. Until then I sit, I sit mourn.