Hey guy, is so good be back able to writ the analyzes I cannot beleef the crappy hacker try to destruct the horviltiki guy. I thank the readers who tell hacker guy what time it is was. Tell to get life, hack the al qida guy, hack the bad guy why yous hack me? Probable philly river fan try to destruct the tiki. I thank panff for to get site back going.

Was most devastat loss to patrot. Devastat loss to the bellycheck. The Bellychack so full of self now guy, he laugh and laugh. He so the smug now guy. The espn people comparative the shanhan and bellyckeck tio who is master they each win many soup bowl shanhan could have has won that soup bowl in 2006 guy, that is why bellycjhek bungholio was mutter so poor loosed after afc play off game. He know what it meant to loose that game guy, they could have gon to soup bowl and won. The bellycheck would have won 4 the shanhan 2, but it look like shanhan could tie the bellychecjk so he was so scared of this. He probable laugh and laugh when the steeler beat the shanhan. We has all kind of able to pict off in that steeler game guy, couldn’t do it, cant do it. Guy with hooge chin send shanhan to honololu total disgrace.

I total unbeleef the effort I see in patriot game last monday guy, total unbeleef. The cutsper he get finger bang up but still guy. The Ader hall, what give guy? what give? yous not even touch by enemy player and cowff up ball like crazy guy? Ader hall look like the horvil tiki back when brother and I throw nerf football traditon at halfed time. I ated hooge hoagie guy, hooge hoagie and we go to throw football and I fall roll on ground. Stomach felt like football inside I could not do any thing hoagie so hooge. He laugh at me as ball donk off head and I roll on ground defeat.

The patrot verse bronco is new ribvalry guy, I not even care. Maybe team not think so, they dont looked like it at all they think that. But bellycheck verse shanhan is total rival guy.

The bronco was roll on ground defeat. Why you do this to you shanhan guy? You want get shanhan fire? Bowlen say shanhan is coached for life but the bowled is no stupid idot guy. He not gon keep the shanhan if he feild team respond like this all day guy. This is crap fart. Fart so long loud it end with crap in pant.

Bronco look like want to be home eat the macaroni and cheese put on cartoon. They is seem have no love for football guy, not that nite. I has used to not love the school guy. No love for school. I sneak stay home eat hooge bowl of macaroni. Kaft macaroni and cheese play the vid games put on cartoon it say casper ghost it say mighty mouse tom jerry, it say flint stone, banana split, it say all kind of cartoon guy. Megaton large plastic cup of cola fill with ice, I laugh and laugh at evry one in school do boaring thing wish they is watched the cartoon with macaroni cheese.

The defence guy, it in shambel. Total shambel. Now we loose the Chanp Baley I cannot beleef it guy. The bosst baley gon for hole year too. At least we not loose the Custper guy with mashed potato finger. My frend once say guy has have hamburg hand and sausage finger. I not know what this mean, but custler seem to have the sausaged finger that nite guy.

To be total blow out by bungholio lord of harvest. Bellycheck not even have the brady guy, he laugh at shanhan say shanhan has have the Custper and I not even have the brady but I uis beated smashed the bronco he say is good to beat the bronco he say this guy I knows it. he all kind of happy to put down the shanhan.

Was total wrong. WRONG!

Bellycheck beated the shanhan = WRONG

41-7 = wrong

Defence flat as pan cake = wrong

play calling = wrong

offence total mediocrate = wrong

loose the boost bailey loose the chanpf baley for many game = wrong

bronco look like want to stay home eat the kaft macaroni cheese = wrong

custler get pict off many time = wrong

ader hall fumbel like crazy = wrong

bench the marlod mkee play the Calvid Lowry look like chikken with head cut off rolled burnt smashed = wrong

I so disappont at the Marlond Mkee, this guy total smasht hit the Hooshmanzadda, total devastat the reggy wane. Shanhan probable say guy why you not crush hit any body for us? You sit an medtate on this.

every thing wrong. Just wrong, sorry look on denver fan face, face of total unbellef. Team seem not look to have any pride out there guy. What give?

Last straw for me guy, I get so pist off. So the angry. I wish could jump thru tv set I serious guy, total serious.

Patrot guy, patrot line back who just smash the Custler stand over cutper talk all kind of smack in Custper face as the custler sit defeat with hand all mess up hurted. Guy stand there over the cuspter and talk all kind of trash.


even the announced guy say look at custper, look at him he lonely player last player off field, evry one, evry one bail on the custler guy then I could not beleef this crap, total disgrace.

I reminisc grandfather long long time ago watch the boston bruid hokkey. He say caoch of the Bruid get so pist off he throw crap on to ice, say I has have enough of this crap. I wisht shanhan take gator ade, take helmet big fan heater and throw on to field say what give bronco, what is this crap it makey the statement player see this and fight like mad then unless they hate the shanhan. Total embarass. wrong.

refriggerator perry

refriggerator perry

Long time ago I was fan of the gi joe. I take and buy gi joe guy with swivel arm acton. Not like the jack willam who has have the incredible hand arm coordinat this is diffrent guy. The swivel arm acton of the gi joe guy. I collect many and send away for special figure. He was the refriggerator perry. The Refriggerator perry was giant of the bears long time ago in 80s. They even give bawl to him to run over enemy player on offence. The ditka say try and stop this guy I throw refriggerator at yous what you gon do guy?

The frig perry come as special figure to send away get from send away to get the friggerator. I do this. He final come in mail with incredulous hooge beater club. I wonder always how the frig perry deflection the bullet? gi joe cobra dont mess around guy. They is have gun and bomb they total bomb you howitz machine gun like crazy. Maybe the frg take and deflective the bullet with improssible large metal beater football club? I medtate on this.

Frig perry incredulous beater club

Frig perry incredulous beater club

This not matter guy. What matter is I beleef the ryan Clady is new giant he deserve the beater club now. Friggerator perry is old news guy, he so old news the Clady deserve the beater club for to destruct field when bronco is sub par performant.

Shanhan say I has have enough of this crap send in the clady the clady take beater club and smash field. He not even mess around guy he smash you field makey throw hole game. Say I is tired of this crap I smash you field what you gon do guy? I beleef the clady could destruct entire enemy defence, offence, special team by swing the beater club in round motion constant. he take all out all that left is crazy fan crazy enough to swam,p the clady over come only in hooge numbers would defeat the clady.

I beleef the shanhan should run the clady too. He should run the clady at enemy team I beleef always count on tthree or four guy run over every play. They begin fear the clady use as decoy like the terrel davies in soup bowl game he say guy I cant see but shanhan say just line up to fake out team we do this with clady they say oh snap they gon give to the clady but then play acton pass and 6 guy. You not has have to worry about clady as run back pass protect he would the pan cake force.

Tell the clady to line up and makey all kind of yell at enemy team, say guy here I is come, heared my footstep guy, yous all gon pay when I get this ball. Yous all beter go home now guy, I gon pan cake you then come for you famly. I is not stopping me guy, I gon run like this over you all day, all day.

I just total loose trane of thought now guy.

I want see the ryan torain I never see this guy I want see if he is player.

I want see the jack willam take and pict off ball run back for 6. He say I take corny pass from cardinal, was super corny pass I take is my football I run all way back he ball up cardinat offence line man, hooge line man he balled him up guy he say I take this corny pass all way to house.

The defence is so super terrib horrib. We need draft eddy royal on defence line next year steal draft players on front seven, bolstr with the free agented. But forget this now guy, bronco must score many pont they can does this guy. They must score 30 pont a game offence must roll to lead then keep pound football keep defence off feild keep fresh if bronco offence still keep play mediocrate then is become sorry year guy, sorry.