Hey guy what go on.

It unfortunat I cannot makey the Broncotalked the Mile Highest Report chats today guy. I am make cook foods today but can see watch the game.

The bronco offence is rolling guy, payted the HAMMER hillies is rolling guy, rolling down to first and goal get smash into end zone for six by the corey lictensteeger.

The dre bly say farfe, he say farfe what was that guy? What was that? That was corny pass. O take you corny pass pict off guy. I do this all day.

The marshals no call in end zone guy, I unbeleef the pass interfered should be up by even more.

The jet fan they is mean guy, not to mean to day guy/ I want see the hole stadiat quiet pin dropped. I want see bronco run up score let evry body know the shanhan is back guy, he come correct.

Come on guy pile on, must makey the takkles not lapse into mediocrat guy.

Evry body say oh snap, oh snap the jenkin gon mess you up guy, the casey weegman say guy, you is corny guy. I block you all day,. Beter go back to draw board in off seasonal jenkin you just get ball up guy by the weegmans.

Jet defence how you liked meeted the clady the weegman the harries guy.