Hey guy what go on.

I is have present, I get present it 8gb Fuze player. Sandisk makey it. It play mp3 it play littel movie, it do all kind of thig guy. It record, it record you voice pritty good guy. So this week I hope to do Jet magic bag this week on with speak into fuze. It makey WAV file, I use WAV file to makey radio analyzer guy. I hope do this real soon.

In meaned time, the Jet fall down, the clady fall on as get up. Bronco pile on they not stop for no thing guy. When the Custper is rolling, when offence is roll, hone they done score with beated any body in league guy, all of them.

I proud of the defence guy. They have has a few lasped where they lets all kind of crazy run, but they not fall apart in end of game time. They swat down corny pass, they makey the plays guy.

I do this, this week I give tiki Torch to PAYTED THE HAMMER HILLIES guy. Forget the full back guy, he is run back now. I not want to see any body in there guy at run back but the hillies,. Come on guy, this guy run with POWREFUL SMASH. Powreful smash guy let evry body know what time it is guy.