Oh yes. the brandon loyd done make pro bowl. He pro bowler guy, no mess around. The tim tebone resurect bronco. The brandon loyd resurect he career yes., for real guy for real. he was like nowhere guy now he flying high above the invescoe stadiat. I hope we sine the bandon loyd ugy. I wan the see the bandon loyd make catch all over you field huge bomb for six all day like he do. You cant see this guy. he say he dione say you cant see this holmes you know hwat I saying. He is the bomb receive tebow need. I happy for the loyd guy.


Chanp Bailey get diss real BAD guy. he no make pro bowl. what give. I bet it because bronco have dooky record. but the chanp bailey have good year. they done diss the baily in madden too every year they drop he ponts that is foul guy. real foul. CHanp baley shut down you hole field? He shut down you hole side of feild holmes what give? wehere is the respect for you bailey guy. Bronco need to win if the chanp bailey come back restore honor to you baiely yes. dont be corny and ruin mad rep of the chanp guy come on.

time tpo vote for the tim tebone crazy never say player of week.