chef fan

I is corny

Dung beetle curse on chef guy. Granfather puller out all of they stops. He shooted cermonial pea even to ruin chef kick. Now chef is corny. THey defence backs make look corny and slow. Our guy knowshond morenote run even the spence larsen breaker he runs guy. the zaned beedles is working guy. THe Horton was is crisp. Horton is win today. Bronco must win out from here yes. the jason hunters scoop up run other way. come on darcel mcbaft got to clutch grip ball holmes and pick off to stump enemy team. Dont be corny and drop pick off ball. Bronco is honing it guy/ They hone they game in bye week yes. Break down got to hone and come correct. pad under pad yes keep helmet up keep leg move and through. Wrap and keep leg move through guys yes. THe bronco is honing it guy. Must hone. Many good player this week. The Horton the lloyd the zaned beedle. I know the horton deserve the lloyds deserve but the knowshond morenote was big guy. I cannot beleif our guy run. We run today guy like firs time all year. Holmes was toting rock yes. that how we does it guy. Take you pessure off the horton guy mash defense with runing ball. Morenote say juke, he say juke spin jump and run for frist down many time yes. That was cool guy first 100 yard over game. Holmes say word. He say word the morenote get to he second level yes and juke guy out of sock so badly guy. word. Got to get to three level next week. You is corny chef, take off you is all done granfather dung beetle curse is potent guy. It the potent curse. laugh.

knowshon moreno