HAY GUY what go on. The Bronco win this is good. Grandfather very drain after this guy. Emotonal drain after nail bited win guy. granftather say he can no take much more of the nail bited wins yes.

The horton aerial feats fly through air and come down like repeating shower of first downs. Horton is win guy he is the win player again. The bandon lloyds have another many good game yes. He off you chain guy where did he do last year guy? Where was the bandon lloyds last year maybe the marshalls take he place cause the bandon lloyd is coming correct guy. like mad crazy fool who come to work all day. all the bronco recieves are good guy all of them. this is good.

kyle horton


the bronco can no run football but titan can no run football aganst the bronco so that is cool.

the waine nunaly say no one done run on the bronco holmes. I belief this to be true guy. I glad we steal the nunaly from the foul charger. and steal the jamal willam he is hoge guy./

Horton say the titan defence guys was is corny and foul they very dirty like drunk chicken. they done punch the kris kuper in head guy. I see the clady get piss off many time I say what is piss off the clady guy and now I know this. beter not punch the clady or you is all done guy. beter not see titan in playoff time cause the clady will pan cake for this guy I know he will. very foul and dirty granfather say they titan defence coach guy make sign of one finger goat on TV but I did  not see this.

The titan was dirty and foul but bronco get they revenge like conand barabariat in crazy stick place he make at end.

The maroneys have many close call fumble guy come on don’t disprespect you giant albino bronco crab guy. guy pull aside and tell the maronys this because he is new player. some body email the maroney guy the giant albino bronco crab speak of this to he. Mcdanels put in the buckhalted guy probable because he done knowed the crab story guy. he have more respect for giant albino bronco crab adfter week one fumble guy.

brian dawkins broncos

the dawkin was is mauling guy

THE DAWKIN WAS ALL OVER YOU FEILD HOLMES. Oh yes guy many more of the dawkin rush in plase guy. We no rush in the dawkin enough guy come on that is cool when he rush in he say I done coming vinced young heared my footstep like the tomstone jackson guy. The dawkin makey numerable big play guy I seen it.it is real cool when the dawkin come running at quarter back guy come on do this more cause it is cool.

Some body need to scrpft the running play come on cause it no working guy. why not they run to the clady side all time cause he can do this I bet. other new guy have trying to run bloclk guy and it no working this is very sorry guy. I very sorry for our run blocking guys.

Tiki torch go to the robet ayers guy. I serious guy. granfather say robert ayer is under you radar guy. He say the robet ayers is no flahy but he get he job done guy. He come correct he stay in you positional guy. Oh yes. I seen it. I seen it too many time to not be true. the robet ayer done come correct and ball up the chris johnsond in back field guy. Oh yes guy all day I seen it guy. no small feats. He keep he containitive. He put pad under pad holme. He keep he shoulder sqwares/ he helmet up forward to sun. He makey the tackle guy. He do all of this. he make all of this and more guy. Robet ayer is you defence technical guy.

robert ayers denver broncos

the robet ayers is you defence technical guy.