Hey guy I sorry for th e kenny mckinney.  He leave behind little kid that is foul guy, sorry for little kid yes. the seahawk bronco game was real cool grandfather relaxer and enjyer he win guy. close game is hard on granfather but he enjoyer he win this week guy,

The tiki torch go to the Horton guy come on. Some one pist off the horton guy I know they did. he is spread ball all over you feild guy. he is honing it guy. In air. He done accurat throw like crazy. The clady is pan caking guy.  he fall on guy as get up. The demarial thonmas is weapon of the denver guy he say pow I catch and wheel up you feild yes all day like this guy. he wass is craxzy. but the Horton is win. he the win player guy. the aeriel horton feats over the invescoe. we need the aeriel horton feat this week guy.

horton is win