Hey guy I just get back from rib dinner. The pined apple barb q sauce it so the delishus I could roll in the barb q sauce. Beter yet the Bronco cheerleader roll in the pined apple sweet barb q sauce. Why do the sweet pined appel grow on ground not on tree like crazed monkee? I never know this, no one will ever kno guy.

The bronco is up 34 to 17 must keep the pressur up guy cannot go to sleep. Bronco score the 21 then go to sleep on kick off horrib terrib peh peh cant do this. The Chanp Baley steal shiny new footbal but then he gets burnted come on guy lets go must redeem in second quart.

I get on case of the jon eggnburger all times but guy is doing ok, keep churn the feet guy. The Bronco has have the incredibal high powredful offence, look at intensit of the litle genral he not mess around today guy look at all the crazy tag hang off him they is so many plays scriffted from hoar-farm bag.

I go now to broncotalk to mile highest reported blog chat.