Hey guy, what give? What give Custper? You is throw all kind of corny pass, corny pass get pict off run back for 6 guy. I total unbeleef we is down 16-7 to the mami dolphin. They not even has the real Tony soprano.

The offence is major dooky guy, major dookie. The defence is play real good. The defence is all can ask to play without the chanp baley. They is get job done pretty well only gives up the field goals.

The offence cannot move the chanes, I is total unbeleef at not move the chanes. Not move the chane = keep enemy defence fresh allow enemy offence to put up ponts. Beter team than the maimi would be up more ponts by now guy the offence is the unexcusive. I unexcusive the offence guy, come on lets go you defence is show up bronco must not throw the corny pass.

The Joey Ported is good luck with that dood aganst the Clady. When the Clady block the Ported the ported may as well sit down cross leg and writed a book he is total not factor, total not-factor when block by the Clady guy.