WHat go on holmes. The Brandon loyd is hrovil tiki golden TIKI AWARD WIN.

Brandon Lloyd

Bandon LLoyd GOlden Tiki Award WIN

The lloyds done come correct. The loyd done step up he game yes. He resserecting the career yes. The brandon lloyds was all kindo fcrazy with hand arm coordinat catching motor skill guy. The huge bomb catch for 6 the spider man hand. Guy down the street have hamburger hand sauasage finger but not the brandon lloyds guy. He have the psider man finger he swepft hand across eye. He say no can cover this yes. No can see this I will come correct and make all you corny defence backs look old and slow. Cant catch me you know what I saying, cant see me you know what I saying. The brandon lloyds make enemy team corner make like corny old man with bifocel lensing. Bifocel lensing can see no things guy. Like toad in winter wake up by mistake.

I make golden tiki award for to send to bandon loyd guy. I make with hand. I know he will get it. Must resigne the lloyd but dont be corny lloyd and brake bronco bank. DOnt make the bronco pay out hind quart guy come on. I know the lloyd deserve the win contract but not the pay out of hind quart directional tv premere package to hurt bronco.

THe peter king say the Elways say the Tim Tebote is no good quartback guy. WHat give. The peter king like crazy old man in desert eat the payotee sandwich mouth full of sand yes. The peter king all kind of crazy to say such thing. The elway smack down on he twitter guy real fast like yes. I friend of the elway on twitter now. I friend of the karl meckenburg on facebook too but I forget password. He say what you talking about holmes I do not say this what you beef peter king. You is corny old man peter king so it no mean any thing.

WHo is the bronco new coach guy. It unrest in the Denver. It civil unrest in the denver no coach. No shanhan. No mcdanels. no magic hoar farm bag scrift teh first fifteen play. Can new guy scrift the plays. We need to scrift the plays again guy come on. Champ bailey might can leave. Where is Bronco guy. what will the coach be. Maybe it the perry flewew. Who is the perry fleweww guy is giant guy maybe he know the pass rush or some thing. Grandfather want to draft prince aknomura cause he name is real cool like.