hey guy what go on. It real dank and dour outside yes. I find the new toad it the nick fairly toad. He was under tire he not gon live long if he keep acting the fool like that. I wonder why we no get the bomber toads guy. the bj raji toad the namdokah suh toad evrybody steal take the big toads on defence line guy. it hurting bronco not to have big toad there on line you know what i saying. where is all are biggest toads the ryan mcbean sanwich dont count guy.. I watch the nick fairly toad eat daddy long leg like three of them I not even kidding guy. one of these day we have the big toad line man that will be cool. the skilled hand arm coordinat pad under pad player. Nick failry taod is stay at home player the lon gleg spider come to he he not even moved. granfather say dont touch poison. the stay at home run stuffer player guy.  I still glad we have the vond miller guy.

nick fairly

the nick fairly toad

foul degenrate toad was real pist off high on top of the invescoe sport authoritate last week cause the bronco win.

foul degenrate toad