I float on raft. I is all done guy. defeat beated juked. Juked like guy who get benny tift rookie card in pack of 20 dollar card. guy probable out of league before season begin.  so juked deflated guy. Bronco is all done. another year no playoff guy. team coolapsed what happen. Where is I. What do I do. the bronco show spirit in phildelphia and come up short guy. I was like go for it guy on 4 and 2 cause I just knowed they was gon get a field goal with field positionate.

That is foul guy. so many thing have to happen next week for bronco playoff time. it corny and foul. foul degenrate toad is laugh somewhere guy.

Grandfather no speak for two day now. I worry about he mental sound. He say too many year this happen. He food have no flavor.Punjib lay down put hand over eye like toad.

Bronco probable 9 and 7 record. but probable no play off guy. so foul coolapse what happen guy. why we coolapse again. 6 and 0 then 2 and 7 what give guy. That is corny. real corny.