I want the Dontarial Poe guy will he b e there for Bronco? I hope he will be there guy. We always miss guy who I want. I want the BJ Raji I want the Namdokah Su and I want the Darues guy and they always go to like some other place. I wanted the nick fiarly too guy and the lion get he. they get all are guys I want. Now they want th maro willams that is messed up. they take all my guy.

I saw the Dontarius Poe toad guy first sign of spring yes.  He was all kind of messed up under grandfather tire. spinning around. He not big yet he can get bigger even like the mike mayok say can tack on more pound to devatate the oppositon.

That is mess up that we gon like get the Payted mannign guy. Did he come back to denver yet. I check the roted world like all day when granfather say this. I cannot belief this guy the payted manning. He done smash Bronco for many year. Even when the Brandon Marshalls catch like 21 pass from Horton the manning still beated and juke the bronco. Juke so many time guy. Maybe this is good to get the payted manning so we juke other team yes.

I thing they did Tebote raw guy. That is raw. But the payted manning is like the best ever you knowed what I saying. It was all like Elways gon like working with the Tebote in the off seasonal but like he done turn around and say take off guy. Take off.

The elways is one cold dude guy. One cold dude yes. I did not knowed this. I did not knowed the elways was this cold. He want to betterment of team for all costs.

I think the elways is jelous of shanhan and the rg 3. He jelous of the shanhan guy have to one up the shanhan with the payted manning.