Hey guy what go on it good to have site back to normal. I had crazy day I was at walmart with friend and panff call and say site under control and that was cool but then my freind say guy I need to go some thing for this lady firend I forgot to do but I be rite back so i was like ok guy. So I was in walmart just walk around and I go and get cola and walked around and I glad no one say any thing because what if you spill cola on some thing and then you have to pay for that would be foul but no one say any thing. I wait a while guy and I ate the macdonald for first time in while and it was horribel guy. like some times you get some thing at one of these place like macdonald and it like they just make it and some time even though it crazy fast food it tasted ok. But a lot of time it taste cold and foul and not cook right thats why I ont eat it a lot I try to make thing instead. I cannot bekleef I ate so many happy meal as kid. Some time the prize because of but usual it was not good. So I was still in walmart for long time and freind not even come back that was foul guy. I bet he was in fight with lady friend or they up to no good you know what I saying. Then I was in shorter line in front of store to check out and lady in frotn of me smell like burnt toast and that was real hoary and foulĀ  so I go to other line even though it was real longer.

Then I see other friend there and he just buy resident evil 5 vid game for xbox 360/ and he was like I can give you ride home but want to see this game first and I said ok guy and we play that game and it was pritty cool. It diffrent than usual resident evil because not so many inventory you have to do it more the action packed with action that is cool. You run around with gun and mash all kind of mad crazy zombie they real messed up and come after you. And he lady maked us brought us cola and thing to eat like mossarela sticks so that was cool I could not beleef he lady put up with the vid games she not play but she not mind they she did not get all foul about thay so that was cool.

I was think earlier when I was stuck in wal mart I think sherlock holmes. I think this because I try to figure why the cutper is all corny and disgrunted. I try to peice thing together you know what I saying cause now there is so much informations/

I truest beleef sherlock was the first holmes because wasnt he around when it was like black and whitwe pictures and they not even have cars I think he was the first holmes.

sherlock was first holmes I think

sherlock was first holmes I think

So I was think what give, what go on custper. And now we knowed that the patrots was were not call by any team about cutper trade. I remembered guy was like why they not take that trade when they knew but they did not know cause the bel;lychek said so he say no team contacted. And the cutsper was disgrunt when shanhan firey and disgrunt real bad when the jermy bates get fire. The cutsper is disgrunt guy. He real bad disgrunt/ Disgrunt like sea robin they become all kin of disgrunt when you take they out of water I know it guy, . I seen it guy. Guy say whatch this and he get sea robin on line and it come on dock and it was real pist off it say all kind of crazy thing it was so disgrunted.

it say throw me back guy

it say throw me back guy

This is how cutsper is now. I wonder if the giant bronco albino crab could understand the sea robin because I could not buty I knowed he sounded real pist off. at least. grandfather say they bite you toe if you get near in water always so dont go near it guy.

I wonder if the custoper is still mad about the patrot game. The new eggland game last year was real bad guy, real bad. I still mad about this. Evryone leafed the field but cutsper was sit there and this corny line back of the patrot stand over the cutsper jawring. That was foul guy, real foul, What happen. What give. Where was the clady. Where did offence line go. That was penalty worth take. Penalty worth take to grab that guy helmet and rip around make he look like that martain guy in bug bunny. I would get ejectioned from game guy. That was penalty worth take. If I was coach and my guy see this and rip helmet around head of that guy I would say after game I would say guy I knowed you get ejectioned from game but that was penalty woreth take. You know what I saying. Like stick up for you team mate so I would give this guy meat. I give he meat and beer not let any body know this though and be like guy all tjhios meat and keg of beer is for you family guy. to rewarded.

The elway say that who ever is give the Cutsper advice is corny. I think it he agent guy. I do think this because all time when they meet some one is leak source of informations and this guy never let the cutper meet with mcdanels alone the mcdanels try to tell the agented tio take off, he say take off guy but it not happen like this. I think he agent beleef the custper not like the shanhan go not like the jermy bate go so now he want to go cause he favroite coaches go and he can have reason but come on guy why you not want to be bronco that is corny if this. Come on, why uyou want to go to crappy team. this hole thing is real corny and foul. I think the elway is right I think the cutsper is listened to bad person speaking I hope that he can meet with mcdanels alone so hopeful mcdanels can say you agent is corny guy..

how bad does he hate this mcdanels. he listen for 15 minute to mcdanel talk and he want out trade from denver. he must real hate this guy or some thing. I worry because what if the cutper go and we are leaved in heap of pile with corny quart back guy. That would be real foul. Maybe we learn some thing soon cause the leaders of teams are meet this week end. I think bowlen is pist off now because he think how dare the cutper not want to be part of the organizational. They getted the clady for he and evry thing too. Life without you clady get you back is be real rotted guy. I not know guy, but if the cutsper is go we better get all kind of crazy thing in returned.

Guy say why you hate the cuspter, why you rank on the woodinald paige and I say guy what give then I see the hacked site and now I know what he think the hack guy was part of site and that foul it ruin reputation try to. That is foul, I hope littel kid not come to site over last weeks because the hack guy said real foul things all day.

There is like all kind of dark cloud over the denver guy. All the bronco fan just sit and wait under it wonder what go on with this crazy. where the storm gon hit us. will it gon hit us. I reminisc grandfather in connectcut before big hurricane come the wind was crazy and he take pear guy, he take pear and he throw so far we not even heared where it dropped it was so far because the wind was so crazy.