I has not much to say guy, not much to say about Cardinat bronco game I is the happy it on tv but is not the happy it is last pre seasonal game no starter guy. I will still looks for the rooky guys to step up. Cardinalt is the weak bird, it not fear at all.

I will look see hope see the jarven mosst and the chowder come on guys lets pick it up. So much is importent on the pass rusht rooky. I think the Montare Hollad trade was not cool guy but maybe guy is not reddy to play now after he become the burger. I want see pakkaged pakkage trade trade corn back, wide receives the deep positonal for to get guy to rusht the quart back. Need help the elfis, evlies go down we in the deepest dooky guy. Somethig guy, maybe there is no passt rusher out there for to makey the trade.

It was the unfortunat to see the mallad sent into wastes at least guy can get to quart back we need guy get to quart back quart back must go down.

I make incredibul bronco subwoofar it woof bass I hope to have operate for to the first game. I happy to that the brandon marshall is goig to play aganst the ridiculat philly rivers.  Hooge bombed deep for six all day guy, all day with the marshalls.

I want see the jack willam makey the play, the josht barett makey the plays. I hope for to see the incredulat abiltees of the allen Alrigde guy can fly is faster Bronco on team lets go dood makey the touch down make evrybody miss the takkles.

Grandfather call up guy to see if can bust up tree in way of the satellit directional tv sinal.