Offence master Shanhan versus Iron chef hermy Edward

Offence master Shanhan versus Iron chef hermy Edward

The chef is hungry guy, hungry. No easy win guy. Even when chef is the dooky team they play Bronco hard want to hurt the bronco. The chef hungry they say we need feed family or starve in wastes of 0 and 4 guy, 0 and 4.

But what you gon do chef?

Double the marshal?

Double the royal?

Scheffer down middel hooge bomb for 6?

Iron chef hermy edward gon attack guy. Attack like crab box into corner it try snatch clutch you with grip claws. He try mess you up with rollig pin guy, he throw evry thing in work space at you onion beet he take the kichen sink try throw at you.

I expective the chef to be desperat, they is have problem pass game I expective the heavied run skeme. Try to attack pound football on Bronco. Try to punce on bronco with the heavied dose larry jonson.

What you gon do chef defence? You show up this week? How you gon stop the bronco guy? The cutsler hooge megaton bomb to marshalls for 6.

I beleef the Chefs will blitz rush like crazy guy. Why not guy, cant stop the cutsler, cant do it. Just throw evry body try punce on the Cutsler.

the larr jonson say oh snaps

the larr jonson say oh snaps

Is time for bronco defence to makey the high lite real hits aganst run attack, aganst the larr jonson come on guys is was spirit of atwatter come on lets see the hooge devastat hit on the larr jonson. Is time for bronco defence to bawl some body up guy. It gon be there for taking guy. Who step up? Mkee? is you game to bawel some body up?

DJ Willam? You gon bawl some body up?

Nate webter?

Who step up guy? who gon step up an make evry body say ooo that was the crusht hit guy that was is the devastaton.

The chef no easy win desperat for food at home. They hates the bronco guy. I reminisc I not like the hyouward. The damont hyooard he is hoary competetiv I feared him worst than any chef starter quart back he seem play beter aganst bronco in past that why the hermy edward pict him to play I bet. The people say thrid string quart back, secon string quart back no fear but give the dooky quart back times to throw he becomes the hall of fames guy, hall of fames.

I not fear the Chef defence but they destruct the brady they must be pan caked by the clady the harries the pitmann he knock down the guy try to smash cutsper.

Pile on guy, rake helmet with foot as get up, come on guy you think enemy team wont do this if could I seen it. Reuter image

Pile on guy, rake helmet with foot as get up, come on guy you think enemy team wont do this if could I seen it. Reuter image

The bronco defence it time to show up guy every down lets go must be the competetiv the consistment. If not, guy is long year for bronco defence. I can only hopes they has have horrib start and become the stalwart later in year. Two year ago they has have the incredible start and coolaps like rotted green bagel after 6 game.

I still wish see weird skeme with the jarven moss the bosst baley. Haves them rush from out side the incredulous speed. Guy say ooo oo the baley must cover tite end come on guy get a corn back to cover why we pay monies to boss baley to just the cover come on I want see crush hit on the quart back more.

I want see the bronco come in to arrow head, eat they pizza, eat they wing and rib, drink they gator aid. Throw all the rind, the crust the eated bones throw all over parking lot hooge mess and laugh ride away laugh as shanhan ride to glory of 4 and 0.

I want see the ironed chef serve up hooge duck. Hooge duck pict off run back for 6 all day guy, all day.