Litel Genral Shanhan vs the incredulous great Bungholio Lord of harvest

Litel Genral Shanhan vs the incredulous great Bungholio Lord of harvest

holiday tv legend

holiday tv legend

Long time ago in the year 90s there was Bungholiote lord of harvests. Was incredulus guy, I could not beleef it was real happen. It come on mtv I watched just to sea the beavist and butt head. Was incredibal hallowed ween special. The bungholio he steal eat all kind of candy and become the lord of harvest. He go all over nayborhood mess evrything up. He bust up you lawn, bust up you house. You call police but they take 45 minute to get there and the bungholio guy he is gone by then, just forget. he on to new house to bust up they lawn.

I beleef the bungolio was gigantis holiday classic. I beleef it deserve to show evry year right after the chalried brown great puntkin. The great Pumtkin Charlie BRown father has watch since the year 60s evry year it tradional. I beleef the firm bungholio should be the tradionate too. Right after charlie brown guy.

was my neyborhood guy

was my neyborhood guy

The neiyborhood the beavist and butthead walk in I cant beleef how amaze I was it look just like palce I used to trick treat when I the young. I take and get egg, banana, orage, yogurt to throw. Kid say why you has have orage banana yogurt? I says guy I says I not have too many egg so I get these to throw. I never foregts look on enemy kid face when he see he just get hit with banana in leg, he could not beleefs it, he run yell warn I just is was destructed with banana guy, he could not beleef.

We have hooge wars guy, hooge war in southern east new eggland. The older kids war with us we stand firm guy. We has have all the produce throw at them. Kid get hitted bad with yogurt all down back guy, he was so sorry guy we laughed and laugh.

I is need tp for bungedhole guy

I is need tp for bungedhole guy

We smash puntkin guy, all kind of puntkin. One frend he was had lady come to door as he take puntkin she say young man what you do? He say lady I is takey you pumtkin, here you candle, we laugh and laugh run away.

We throw all kind of crap guy, next day crapt and puntkin is evry where, all over place mess. Kid take lit smoke bomb shooted with sling shot into guy through window of house hole place become purple smoke, He destruct evry thing person work all life for, all purpled guy I unbeleef it.

We mess all around, makey all kind of mess. I is fan of the crazy mess hallowed ween. But guy, just dont steal littel kid candy guy, not ever do that. Littel kid wait all year for the hallowed ween, wait all year for the hooge bagged of candy stay out all night to makey a hooge bag of candy dont steal it guy, dont do it. Throw egg, smash pumptkin, throw banana at leg, throw toylet paper shooted the smoke bomb ruin house guy work for all his life but dont steal the littel kid candy.

I cannot beleef when person take and put crap in little kid candy guy. Who do this guy? I serious, who do this? Who possib think funny laugh to put bad cut pin object in littel kid candy? Is total disgrace guy, I total cannot beleef that crap. I HOPE THE CLADY COME TO ANY BODY HOUSE WHO DO THIS AND BOX YOUS EARS GUY< THE CLADDY DONE BOX YOU EAR>

Shanhan is to the bellycheck, is to the Gunter Cunnigham is to shanhan. Shanhan has have the bellychecked number guy. Bronco has have long historil of defeated the Patrot the shannon sharped call in air raid of natonal guard to save patrot.

I is need tp for bungedhole guy

I is need tp for bungedhole guy

Bellycheck beleef he is the incredibel power Bungholio. the great Bungholio stand up to any body guy, he has have no fear at all. he win against evry team. He stand up to older kid todd in lord of harvest special. Bungholiote have incredible power guy. Bellycheck try to become him with hooded sweat shirt. It almost work last year guy, almost. The patrot was almost the incredulous unstopped force. The great bungholio eat yous candy guy, all of it. It just like when lady put out hooge bowl of candy on hallowed ween has note say take one. All of it gone guy, all of it.

I beleef in latest years the bungolio bellycheck have wirey device he plant all over stadiat to heer the defence calls of enemy team. He try steal all the candy guy, he try steal all the calls too. He listen in on littel genral.

Littel genral shanhan not stupid idot guy. He is have magic hoar-farm bag where he scripft the plays. I truest beleef shanhan take and destruct the bellycheck plant device before game with power of the haor-farm bag.

I was so distrout guy, so distrout when the John Lynsh go to patrot. The bellycheck he take the Lynsh and intergate him under britest lights, try to discovered the secreted place of shanhan magic hoar-farm bag. It eludest the Bellycheck, he cannot find. He so distrout he so angry guy. No one beated the Bellycheck in play off but the shanhan guy. The patrot fan, when shanhan out of play off they is so happy guy, they rejoyce they say the shanhan is gone now we can win. They is said this guy I heared it.

In 2006 afc matched up Bronco and Patrot, The bronco beated the patrot guy. The Bungholio was so angry guy, he seethe. He seethe and stomach twist, he could nots beleef the power of shanhan, the power of the hoar-farm bag led chanpf baley to pict off ball run back for 6 without the bungholio heared the calls. Chanpf baley say guy this is my football I is take this to house guy, forget this brady score touched down crap I is total take off with yous ball, forget you guy. You throw corny pass, you get bawl pict off by the chanpf baley guy.

The bellycheck lord of harvest was destroy. He sink in to depfs of deprave man. Depraved man in desert eated hooge bag of payottee eye twist, stomach twist all kind of crazy mouth dry from sun. The people say mediate after game say hay guy why is yous loosed game? The bellychecks guy, he mumbel grunted, he cant say word, cant makey a sentenced he is so incredulous losss to master shanhan. he total destructed never forgets this guy.

The great bungholio look acrosst feeld at littel genral shanhan. Proud littel genral fierced competetive. Genral pont with finger he know the winds guy. he know the winds when come to fight the bungholiote. Bellycheck cannot beleef this crap, he cannot beleef the incredibal powreful force of the littel genral. The littel genral game plan is unstopped like greasy litning. Last week the bellycheck bunholio say all kind of good thing about shanhan, he not mean this guy, come on is yous crazy? He try to takes diffrented appoach to try butter up the shanhan. Shanhan not fall into tricked, he know the winds guy when face the bellycheck.

Bronco must pessure the quart back. I say this all year, I for to say again. Must bust up the cassel, he has have too many weaponed guy, the total pesky Wes Welked. I total unbeleef the wes welked guy, he always open guy he always opened for short pass guy all day. I cannot beleef this guy, he kill you hole team, thrid down and 10 this guy makey you pay like crazy guy. I want see some body total destruct hit this, yard sale ball up in air fumbel wes welked cannot beleef he just get hitted so hard he not want to play any more this game.

The randy moss is other weapon, cannot gives the cassels the pokket to sit back makey all the throws laugh as all time in world. Must fire storm the cassel. Fire blitz. Guy I alway see the bronco lined up three lined man one lined back the lined back he never blitz guy. Come on where is guy run free?


RUN FREE BLITZ!!!!!!!!!!



Blitz the lined backs guy come one, they is have incredulous wheel, evry body says the brionco line backs is fast guy send at quart back come on lets do this. Makey the quart back panic throw pict.

Jay cusfler guy, come on you has have to stop all this crappy rooky mistake. Father when he go to super market store, he get all kind of bolicky, he buy thing on sale when not needed it, he get all kind of giddy bolicky in store it same with Custler guy, come on stop be so bolicky settel down makey the perfected throw. Yous line is give you all kind of time guy, all day. Protect ball bronco come on enough fumbel crap. Jakksonville game should have has hooge lead in first half but get all kind of ridiculate.

Is monday nite guy, evrybody watch. Come on bronco defence show us you is can do something guy. Is mix bag never know what give this year yet guy. Even offence is be the mediocrate lately guy, cant be the mediocrate must executive the shanhan scripfted plays.

Bronco must be the road warrior in secon half of seasoned

Bronco must be the road warrior in secon half of seasoned

Is big game for both team, one team loose this game they is look at downered spiral in record, not good guy. Must win, must win the road game. is time to becomes the road warrior the mad max he all kinds of crazy guy, he come at you with hooge mack truck. Wont stop guy, wont do it.

I hopes to see the eddy royal back in active, he is our wes welked guy. Come on bronco evry body watches the monday nite, do not be the disgrace to shanhan. Must continew dominant of Bellycheck total destruct him. The bellycheck has have all the success but for to go aganst the black mark on record mighty OFFENCE MASTER SHANHAN GUY. THATS RITE SHANHAN GON WALK INTO YOUS STADIAT AND LAY DOWN THE LAWS GUY< ALL OF THEN YOU CANNOT DEFEET YOU CANNOTS DECLEET THE SHANHAN GUY YOU IS NOT ALL PWREFUL BUNGHOLIO LORD OF HARVEST ANY MORE WHEN SHANHAN COME INTO TOWBN AFTER AFC CHANPONSHIP THE BELLYCHECK TRY TO THROW HEAVIED FLASH LIGHT AT THE SHANHAN CAR AS HE IS RIDE OUT OF STADIAT THIS NO CLASS GUY TRY TO BANG DENT THE SHANHAN CAR WITH HEAVIED FLASHLIGHT>


Guy say you is degnerate you smasht kid puntkin, I say guy, is life lessoned. Keep you pumtkin close to house inside if yous has to have it keep good. Grandfather teach me this. One year I was littel and get pumtkin smash all over. Grandfather say you sees the stone wall over there? Litteled troll he come out of under wall and smash you punpkin. Next year, we take and catched all kind of yellow jakket sting bee wasp they is still around in the october. We take and put in littel glass jar poke hole for air hide in puntkin. If Troll smash this time, troll never smash you pumptkin again.