Thats rite guy. It come down to this. The Jay Custper, the Philly river. Shoot out in san deigo guy. Some body beter come correct or you is all done guy, all done.

the custper, the river show down

the custper, the river show down

This for all the marble guy, all of them. Who gon step up, the Norf Turnip? Offence Master Shanhan?

I look into magic bag.

I see the denver moved ball all kind of crazy on the charger. I see charger moved ball all crazy on the denver guy. It gon be shoot out you know what I saying holmes. Shoot out. Like old time movie some body gon get balled up in draw gun acton. Bronco done score 24 pont in one quarter last game guy, need do this. All kind of crazy ponts must score. Settel for three you crap in pant. Settle for three = crap in pant. The offence must be rolling it can will do this you never know guy. They shutted down the LT but the Sprole run speciate team touchdown was corny guy, that was real corny. no let ups.

Bronco give gift to the charger to the philly river by fall down not get up to the bills. They is say hear guy have this it present of another week hope for play off.

Grandfather knew guy. He knew dick Jaorod was the Grand wizard guy, he knowed it. I thought he was corny but he came into shanhan building and wave he hand around all crazy with foul black magics. He makey the shanhan, the custper dizzy with he crazy mad incantrations. the grand wizzard knowed all the foul magic words guy you know what I saying. This why the Bill people done give him contract for many year.

No tiki torch award this week guy. I still taste sour toad farty in mouth from this bill game guy, that was weak. Not strong. You know what I saying guy, that was corny. I could give to Clady, the clady showed up again. I watch him pan cake destruct enemy player with crash force. He always showed up. Custler get all kinf of pict off. Bill defence back say guy, what was that. What was that, that was corny pass I use hand arm coordinat snatched you corny pass steal it. in air.

Only hope, only hope is the Custper roll into san deego with accurat propeller arm fully upgrade. It could be the legend game or hooge megaton fart. What will be.

The selfin young go down in injured, the pj pope injure for season too. We have has hope, shanhan sined the Corey boyd again. Last weeks he say the boyt not ready. Maybe he like jedi darth vader siff, the yoda say guy, he is not ready. But darth vader swung he light saber around all kind of mad crazy and even though he was not mental sound he bust up all kind of fools. He say holmes, I done busted up all kind of you crazy fools I swing around Pow, I say pow with light saber action you know what I saying, and you say I not ready. That was foul, So this what you get. Maybe the boyd do this guy.

out of the mists come the boyt

out of the mists come the boyt

If the Shanhan, the Cutsper can lead to victorious. Oh how sweet. Oh how incredible. To makey the charger fan crap in pant rite on field guy, you know what I saying. To crap in right on they own field the quiet pin dropped stadiat. Evry one leave early beated the traffic and long face. Even nacho, soda guy leaved. Oh the giant albino Bronco crab in off seasonal waters would laugh and laugh. He clutch grip he new marhsal faulk autograpf football guy and laugh and laugh if the Denver winned. He send rain of disease toad over san deigo after shanhan Bronco plane leaved. It gon be on national tv in brite lights guy. Evry body gon see it. The Cutsper go down? Or the Philly rivers guy, this what it all come down to. All the marbles guy, all of them.