at least the bronco chearlerder look good guy

i tireing of loosing guy. this is mess up. WHAT HAPPEN TO HOME FEILD ADVANTAGE. what give. why do the bronoc lose all the time guy. I worry about grandfather. Real worry.,  granfather sit in corner all day after game. he sit in corner in wooden chair. no food no cola no say any thing. he tell me to get out. he eye have no light in they. he sit and look at coner of house guy. it messed up. he go out today somewhere he just walking some where guy.

the bronco was not mental sound. We get balled up and juked by the raider again guy. again. that is so foul. I is beaten so many time I not know what to say guy. what do you say. you know what I saying. THe offence is boaring guy. the defence get runned over so the badly guy that is mess up. the dawkin was brightest shinging star of game. He fly in air and bang guy with shoulder real bad when hitting. he come correct at first but then he like gone all game long guy. that is foul. I tired of bronco loosing guy. why is horton no the win player guy. I thought horton was win. what give. woe beaten juke. juke out of sock at home guy. that was mess up. no tiki torch guy none.

i feel like it 1985 guy. at least the elways was playing then

who does this guy? what do he do? maybe he can like play the middle line back positional you know what I saying.